LifeSpan Europe makes health and wellness part of your daily life! With the right fitness equipment in the right place, you work on your fitness step by step. We have products for everyone: of course for home use, but also on a semi-professional basis for hotels and companies or for professional use in physio and rehabilitation practices, personal trainers and gyms. Go for quality with the products of LifeSpan Europe!

So keep yourself fit, get in shape, cycle healthy or recover from an injury with our beautiful range of fitness equipment. Do you also want flames in the office or your home workplace? We offer interesting options for this. Because, as the founder of active workplaces, LifeSpan also has desk treadmills, balance boards and desk bicycles in its range.

This way you can make the most of your scarce time and you can prevent some health problems. As our name implies, we are active throughout Europe. We like to think along with our customers and work together with local partners to provide the best possible service to everyone.