The Benefits Of Training With An Elliptical Trainer

The Benefits Of Training With An Elliptical Trainer

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While doing cardio you train your heart- and lung functioning, in other words your stamina. With cardio you exert your body for a long time and burn calories, slim down and get healthier. Almost all crosstrainer are equipped with one or more heart rate control programs. Training in your ideal training zone gets you in your so called fat burning zone and enables you to burn a lot of fat and lose weight. The fat burning zone ideally lies between 60% and 70% percent of your maximum heart rate range. You can calculate your ideal heart rate range. Males take the number 220 minus their age and woman take the number 226 minus their age. Subtract 60% or 70% from this number to reach your ideal fat burning zone.

While you're training you can measure your heart rate using the contact heart rate sensors at the crosstrainer. This way you can check whether you're in your ideal fat burning zone. But don't worry too much over this. It's not such a big deal if you step out of your ideal fat burning zone. More importantly you listen to your body and follow your gut.

An elliptical crosstrainer is the perfect piece of fitness equipment for an effective cardio endurance training. You're standing in an upright position and move yourself forward or backward by moving your feet back and forth. Because you can train both forwards and backwards you train both your upper leg muscles (forward) and your glutes (backwards). Thus you keep your training varied and motivational.

Elliptical crosstrainers feature handle bars so you can move your arms back and forth while you're training. Because of this you train your whole body and no less than 80% of your muscles, namely your abdominals, biceps, triceps, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and leg muscles.

Since you use both your arms and legs and strengthen your muscles, you combine cardio and power training. Research has shown that this stimulates slimming down and muscle strengthening. Most elliptical crosstrainer allow you to set a resistance level, sometimes even up to 20 levels. If you train with a high resistance level you seriously train your muscles and strengthen them.

Training with an elliptical trainer is very accessible. The training motion is very easy to do so everybody can do it. Your body doesn't have to cope with intense shocks so your workout isn't straining to your joints at all. An elliptical crosstrainer even prevents you from getting injured because the imbalance in your muscles is corrected during training. If you're already suffering from injury you can still keep using an elliptical crosstrainer and heal up even faster.

Ellipticals also help to prevent and remedy back problems. If you train with a low resistance level and use your arms you train both your back muscles and your stability. Your back hardly gets strained at all so most back problems don't have to stop you from using your elliptical crosstrainer.

Crosstrainers are very safe to use. Your feet are placed at oversized pedals and you can hold on to the handle bars to stay perfectly balanced. Your legs don't have to take in huge shocks making you lose your balance. This can happen during treadmills workouts. Because of this you can entertain yourself during your workout with for example a movie or series or using the internet. Your training gets a lot nicer and will be over before you know it. A lot of contemporary ellipticals are compatible with tablets and smartphones and equipped with a media holder. Our elliptical crosstrainers are as well. Thanks to these nice options your training never gets dull and monotonous. This is important given you're going to use your elliptical for long-term training for a long time.

You don't have to go to the gym to train with an elliptical trainer. It takes some space, but if that's not a problem, you can easily use an elliptical at home. You save yourself the cost of gym subscriptions and you can train wherever and whenever you want without busybodies.

Crosstraining is very beneficial to your health. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease because your heart rate goes up during training which strengths your lung and respiratory muscles. Your heart is better able to pump blood through your body. You're in complete control of the intensity of your training. Even if you suffer from dyspnoea (shortness of breath) you can keep using an elliptical crosstrainer. The training motion is easy and runs smoothly. Crosstraining reduces and prevents stress and is therefore good for your mental health. It also keeps your blood sugar level to the mark and counters Diabetes Type 2. All in all crosstraining keeps your body and spirit healthy and helps you to live a longer and healthier life.
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