Start moving while you're standing - the health benefits of a standing workplace

Start moving while you're standing - the health benefits of a standing workplace

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Standing work is a smart and healthy choice because it prevents the harmful consequences of prolonged sitting and a sedentary lifestyle. It might look like the standing workplace is just a temporary trend but nothing could be less true. There's lots of research studies out there that show standing workplaces are more popular than ever.

To improve your standing workplace even more, you can use a anti-fatiguing standing desk mat or even better a balance board to put underneath your standing desk. This makes your standing work even more healthy.

Adding movement to your standing desk

Are you already convinced to get a standing desk to create a real standing workplace? Awesome! It's the first step to take to a better welfare at your office job. A recent study has shown that employees who moved their feet around while they were seated increased their metabolism with about 17% comparing to when they were sitting still. This means you'll burn more calories when you add movement when you're seated.

The advantages of balance are clear; your goal doesn't just have to be standing while working but also to move more and better during your standing work.

A simple standing desk pad can be used without attachments to reduce the load on your legs and feet with prolonged standing. But a balance board can do so much more. A balance board stimulates movement and enables you to stretch your lower limbs during your standing work. This helps to combat backache and postural weariness.

A standing/balance board for your standing workplace

Balance boards for standing desks are the newest members of the LifeSpan Workplace family. Thanks to their unique design you can stimulate your muscles even more by moving sideways while you're standing at your desk. The Airsoft Balance Board has been especially designed to use at an office space to improve the health benefits of standing desks. In addition to the nice aesthetic look of the balance board you can also adjust it 100% to how and how much you want to balance. By placing the rubber feet to the outside corners of the board you can only make small micro movements without much body effort. But do you place the rubber feet to the middle of the board it gets wobbly and your body needs to work harder to keep its balance.

AirSoft Balance Board

✔Rectangle with round corners
✔Wood with rubber feet
✔You can choose your own level of effort depending on where the rubber feet are being placed
✔Enhances your body strength, coordination, stability and balance, reduces backache and joint complaints and even assists in relieves artritis in your knees

Your health at your standing workplace

You don't have to take trouble finding research stating the health benefits of standing desks. We've sorted them out for you:

Benefits from standing work

✔ Reduces the risk of obesity
✔ Reduces the risk of diabetes type 2
✔ Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
✔ Reduces the risk of getting cancer
✔ Reduces the risk of backache and neck-pain
✔ Lower mortality risk long term
✔ Increases your productivity

Benefits from standing and moving work

✔ Reduces the risk of injury
✔ Improves the coordination and awareness
✔ Improves your posture
✔ Helps with rehabilitation
✔ Helps you to stay alert
✔ Improves your mood

Get started at your standing workplace 

Trouble finding the right balance between seated, standing and moving work? Standing work with a balance board can take some time to get used to. We advise you to spend 20-50% of your workday in motion, like balancing on a balance board, walking on a treadmill or cycling on a desk bike.

Allen Hedge - director of the Human Factors and Ergonomics program at the Cornell University indicates to alternate between 20 minutes being seated, 8 minutes standing and two minutes movement and stretching in a period of 30 minutes.


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