4 Wellness Initiatives to Help Overcome Burnout at Work

4 Wellness Initiatives to Help Overcome Burnout at Work

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Nowadays, health and well-being have become an often overlooked concern among workers and professionals across different industries. According to a survey of over 17,500 employees across the globe, 47% of employees report feeling stressed in their everyday life. Different factors can impact an employee's likelihood of experiencing burnout, but findings from the survey indicate that the top three factors are work pressures (54%), poor leadership (39%), and toxic work culture (37%).

Fortunately, employers can address these risks to help alleviate feelings of stress or overwhelm in the workplace. By working to improve aspects of work, employees know they are valued in the organization and are less likely to move to a different employer. Below, we'll look at four wellness initiatives that can help employees overcome burnout at work:

Implement a yoga program

Suggest a group yoga program that employees and employers can participate in weekly or monthly. Many companies today promote yoga in the workplace as an effective means of addressing stress and burnout because yoga requires low investment and minimal equipment. Organizations such as Forbes, HBO, and Apple are just some of the many successful companies that offer on-site yoga classes for their employees. On top of burnout and stress, yoga can also address low energy levels while promoting relaxation. Studies suggest that certain yoga poses can effectively reduce fatigue and anxiety. Yoga also incorporates meditation, which can help boost awareness and presence of mind among your employees. You can look into hiring a certified yoga coach or practitioner to help guide workplace yoga sessions or ask your employees if anyone is willing to take the lead. This not only increases engagement, but it may also motivate others to participate as well.

Promote an ergonomic workplace

Providing your employees with an ergonomic workplace keeps them more engaged and increases their productivity. As mentioned in our introduction, employees who feel that their employers are interested in their well-being have higher morale and can even think more creatively. Given these benefits, it's well worth investing in ergonomic office chairs in the workplace, at the very least. An ergonomic chair encourages the correct position and posture, minimizing pains or discomfort that would otherwise affect work productivity and overall health. Most ergonomic chairs also promote lumbar support for improved spine alignment, and some people prefer their breathable mesh backs for more comfort during work — as opposed to leather chairs that don't handle sweat and heat as well. Poor ergonomics can strain or injure employees, dampening productivity and increasing stress levels, so it helps to invest in better products.

Encourage active work

Besides yoga, you can also encourage more physical activity to integrate into your employee's work time. Physical inactivity can be unhealthy over time. Research shows that the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease increases when you lack exercise. More studies have shown that people's daily steps have fallen because they work from home more often. As employers, you can help stimulate active work by incorporating fitness tools in workplace areas. Investing in under-desk treadmills like our LifeSpan Fitness series can help employees get their daily steps while working undisturbed and without taking up too much workspace. A table tennis table in a common area in the workplace can also help employees boost their physical activity during downtime and stay energized throughout the day. Active and vital employees are more productive and will enjoy working more.

Offer professional coaching

Finally, aside from physical activity and ergonomics, investing in your employees' mental well-being is just as important. If your employees feel unmotivated or burnt out, look into coaching opportunities that benefit them. Coaching unlocks a person's potential to maximize their performance at work, and offering a personalized coaching experience can increase the likelihood of your employees following through and achieving their goals. Coaching can help employees tap into new sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership by reflecting on their goals and what they hope to achieve. If you want to improve employee engagement and motivation, coaching can help them nurture their growth and development so they continue to find meaning in their work.

Written by Ethel Edwards for lifespaneurope.com


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