Fit & Healthy With LifeSpan’s Active Workplace

Fit & Healthy With LifeSpan’s Active Workplace

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UK citizens spend 8.9 hour seated on average daily.

[1] This so-called sedentary behavior comes with a great risk to your health. For example, a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes type II, depression, cancer, untimely death

[2], less productivity, creativity and brain activity and physical complaints to your arms, neck and shoulders.

[3] According to Dutch professor ‘sportgeneeskunde’ Frank Backx we should move 5 minutes every half hour and if that’s not possible, at least 5 minutes every hour.

[4] Ideally that’s a total of one and a half hours a day and a minimum of 40 minutes a day!
40 minutes a day doesn’t seem that much, but according to Matthew Smith, Head of Data Journalism, a quarter of Brits don’t do a single 30-minute exercise session in a week!

[5] Are your students or employees being seated all the time during their school- and workdays, and is the only change a short walk to the coffee machine, moving around from classroom to classroom and to the canteen or a quick pop into the loo? Then it’s high time to make a change. But how do you do this with a workspace filled with static desks and chairs?

At LifeSpan Europe we have the perfect solution. We offer active workplaces to use at home, at the office at school or at a flexible workspace. This way your students or employees keep moving while working!

The active workplace

We offer a variety of active workplaces:

Under Desk Treadmills

The single treadmill can easily be placed underneath a normal desk or a standing desk. A standing desk is adjustable in height so you can alternate between working seated, standing and walking. This reduces back complaints, prevents sick leave, increases focus, stimulates the immune system and prevents cardiovascular disease.[6]

Treadmill Desks

This is a clever combination between a treadmill and either a manual height-adjustable or an electronic height-adjustable desk. Walking while working improves the condition of your cardiovascular system, stimulates the blood circulation, encourages weight loss, promotes the immune system and increases stability, balance and coordination skills.

Under Desk Bikes

A great alternative to cycling to work. Cycling while working pumps blood and oxygen to the brain and keeps your students or employees more focused and alert during the day. It also stimulates the blood circulation in the upper leg muscles, improves the level of fitness and enables your students or employees a 30% faster reading. Like the treadmill this bike can be placed underneath a traditional or standing desk.

Desk Bike

As the name suggests, this is a combination between a bike and a desk. We offer desk bikes with manual height-adjustable desks and electronic height-adjustable desks. Alternative desk bikes are the Under Desk Bike Solo and the Desk Bike Unity.

Balance Board

The LifeSpan Airsoft Balance Board helps you to work safely and healthy. It prevents you from getting tired of standing work and enables you to hold on longer. Another plus is that you train your back, abdominal, core, leg and foot muscles because your body constantly has to keep its balance. This reduces tension in the neck and shoulders, improves stamina and prevents arthritis in the knees.

Obviously, you want your students or employees to be healthy and happy. So don’t wait any longer and order your LifeSpan active workplace today!


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