Stimulating Brain Activities With A Bicycle Desk

Stimulating Brain Activities With A Bicycle Desk

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Sitting still for long periods of time is difficult, especially for a child. It's not something that comes naturally to us, we need a brain teaser to keep us alert. The fidget spinner craze showed that especially children, but also some adults like to move. It's something our bodies are made to do. Not to sit still in a classroom all day long.

With the concept of the fidget spinner, the fidget desk (bicycle desk) was born. The concept is simple. With the desk you can perform your daily tasks, which you normally do at the desk, but with the addition of movement. By adding activity to a desk and offering brain teasers, you can burn calories, improve cardio performance, while increasing productivity through extra energy.

Advantages of the bicycle desk

Like its workplace counterpart, the bicycle desk (aka pedal table) in front of the classroom is good for a child's physical health and for the learning process.

Health Benefits:
  • Improves circulation and enriches heart health
  • Burns calories and supports a healthy body weight
  • Increases oxygen supply to the brain
Learning benefits:
  • Provides an outlet for extra energy, reducing unrest in the classroom
  • Supports kinesthetic learners
  • Increases blood flow to the brain, increasing creativity and productivity
  • Movement helps to develop social skills
  • Increases attendance and participation in class
  • Reduces stress allowing the brain to retain information more easily
  • Makes learning more fun

Brain teasers

A brain teaser is a break in the brain through physical activity. This is to help students stay focused and attentive during the school day by increasing oxygen supply to the brain and re-energizing the body. Brain teasers in the classroom are often short periods during which the children move and/or do physical activities.

Most tasks can be performed while pedaling, with some tasks you will find that it is more difficult to combine.

The brain and exercise

We all know that exercise is good for us. Exercise improves health, reduces the risk of certain diseases, helps prevent depression and burns calories. But what you may not know is that it also has a powerful effect on the brain. Exercise decreases insulin resistance, decreases inflammation and stimulates the release of growth factors. There are studies that even show that people who exercise regularly have bigger brains than people who don't exercise regularly. Especially with regard to the size of the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for memory and spatial navigation. This is a result of the increase in oxygen levels in the brain, which is achieved through exercise.

Bicycle desk options

LifeSpan offers a wide range of bicycle desks, treadmill tables, standing desks and pedal tables. However you choose to move and work, there is always a desk for you!

For the classroom, the LifeSpan Unity kids bicycle desk will be the best fit. It is specially designed for use in schools and brings movement to the classroom without losing time in learning. The desk has a unique shape with the low height adjustable range and the wireless control, so the desk can be placed almost anywhere.

Who can use a bicycle desk?

The bicycle desk is not only for children or in the classroom. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of pedaling while working, reading or learning. Whether you are a student, work in an office or work from home, a cycling desk offers the same health and learning benefits for everyone.

When purchasing, consider whether the desk is adjustable in height. If so, pay attention to the range of the height adjustment. Beyond the height, you have to remember if the desk is self powered. If so, does the desk run on batteries or does it need a power outlet nearby? In addition, you should also think of questions such as: Does the desk have a variable resistance or adjustable speeds? Does the agency provide a report of your movement data? Are there bluetooth capabilities to transfer and store movement data?

With so many different desk options in our range, you're sure to find your perfect fit.


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