More Movements At The Office, 10 Ways To Do It

More Movements At The Office, 10 Ways To Do It

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During office days, there is a lot of sitting. This is not good for your health, even if you regularly participate in sports outside of work. We have found ways to exercise more in the office and have listed the ways below.
Moving in the office

There are plenty of opportunities to move around in the office building, there are even plenty around your own home workplace. We have written down some ideas below.

1. Walk & Talk

You want to discuss something with a colleague instead of sitting in a meeting room together, you can also walk around. The same is possible with a meeting with a small group of people, but beware that you do not have to take notes. If you do want to take notes and/or are with a larger group, think about a standing meeting. Another tip is if you make a lot of phone calls for work, every time you are on the phone, walk away from your desk and use the phone while you walk.

2. Office exercise app

Do you find it difficult to create moments in which you can move around in the office or do you not know what to do, let an app help you. For example, an app can tell you when to stand up or give you a 1 minute desk workout. You can also, for example, set a pedometer with a target number.

3. Climbing the stairs

Almost every office has stairs and climbing stairs is super healthy. Climbing stairs increases your heart rate, and you also use more muscles than during a normal walk. A fun, easy exercise that can be performed almost anywhere.

4. Get a drink

Let everyone get their own drink! Very social that someone gets drinks for everyone, but only one person is moving. In addition, it is also a nice mini break, so that you can continue working fresh afterwards. Another way to take mini breaks is to move the trash can further away from your desk. For example, you are obliged to get up to throw something away. In this way you also exercise more in the office.

5. Contact with colleagues

We will quickly send a message or an email to a colleague for a small question. In the future, walk to that colleague, it not only improves the social contact between colleagues.

Unfortunately, this is not possible at home, but make sure that you make video calls with one or more colleagues every day to maintain the connection and social contact.

Moving (in the office) behind your computer
Keep moving while sitting at your desk. For the employer it is very important that you are productive, but the vitality of the employees is also important. In addition to healthy business catering, it is also important to be able to move around in the office.

6. Workouts at your desk

If you don't have a standing desk, there are other options. For example, instead of sitting on your office chair, you can also sit on a large sitting ball. You have to tighten your body while you are sitting and working. You have to alternate this with your chair, you cannot keep it up all day. If you don't think sitting on the ball alone is enough, you can also do extra exercises. We have listed a number of them for you.

7. Working standing or moving

You no longer only have to sit on your office chair as mentioned above, but you do not only have to sit. You see more and more offices with modern workplaces with standing desks, treadmill desks and bicycle desks.

Besides the fact that working in a standing position is very good for you, it is important that you alternate it. Standing up takes a lot of energy and therefore you can hang at a certain moment, which is of course not good for your posture.

A good solution for this is a sit-stand desk. Moving outside the office.

In addition to exercising at the office, you must of course also exercise enough outside the office. We have come up with some ideas.

8. Cycling to work

Do you live within cycling distance of your work? Then take the bicycle instead of the car or public transport. It's better for your health, but also better for the environment.

A nice tip for when you work at home, use your usual travel time as exercise time. So in the time that you would normally spend on traveling, you can now go for a bike ride or a walk.

9. Parking at a distance

Can't cycle to work? Then instead of leaving the car in front of the office, try to park your car a bit further. This way you still have a walk. You can of course also apply this at home.

10. An office dog

A dog forces you to go out several times a day, even when it is raining or very cold. The dog provides the necessary exercise and also ensures that you can clear your head.


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