A New Way To Train With The LifeSpan Cycle Boxer

A New Way To Train With The LifeSpan Cycle Boxer

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We're all familiar with cycling and boxing. But a lot of people don't know you can also do it simultaneously. Apart from each other, cycling and boxing are very good to your health. But combining the two provides you with even more health benefits! In this blog we tell you about the LifeSpan Cycle Boxer, a multifunctional piece of fitness equipment with which you can both cycle and box.

The Benefits Of Cycling

With cycling you train a large number of muscles, namely your quadriceps, glutes, calves, back muscles, abdominals, biceps and triceps. The quadriceps is one of the most important muscle groups in your body and enables you to move smoothly and well, also while climbing the stairs, running and hiking.

Of course you also use your glutes when cycling. The Gluteus Maximus is the largest of three glutes. With cycling you activate these gluteal muscles and train them so they get very tight. Your legs are also in full motion during cycling. Cycling is a good way to train your calves because you tighten them to add power to the pedals. Your calves are constantly stimulated by the force you exercise on the pedals to move forward.

With cycling you mostly train your leg muscles and glutes. But this doesn't mean you don't train your upper body at all. Although you don't use the muscles in your upper body to use force, you use them to keep your balance and to stay seated upright.Being seated upright is necessary to avoid a wrong posture and joint complaints and injury. The biceps and triceps are also not used to add power but are needed to hold steering wheel and to put pressure on your arms which are trained and strengthened by this.

Apart from training a lot of muscles, cycling is also very good to your health. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. During cycling your heart pumps more blood through your body than it would normally do while it keeps beating at a low and regular pace. Because of this your heart has less beatings per minute while your blood circulation increases. This changes the composition of your blood and makes your veins more flexible so they are less likely to silt up. It increases your lung capacity and makes you more energetic so you can keep on cycling for a longer period of time. Cycling also reduces the risk of Diabetes Type II.

It's relaxing to body and mind because you can clear your head. Because your upper body doesn't move during cycling your body and breathing settle down. Cycling reduces stress, surely because your body produces agents such as endorfine and serotonine. These substances are known to bring you a feeling of happiness.

Cycling makes you burn a lot of calories, approximately 97 kcal per 10 minutes of cycling and 30 kcal per km. Since you cycle 10 to 20 km per hour on average you can see how this gets you a great calorie consumption. A bike is a great mean to slim down with. You can also keep cycling for quite some time because it barely strains your joints. Because you're seated there's no pressure on your knees and ankles at all. The supple, evenly and shock-less cycle movement you make is also not taxing on your joints. This makes cycling a great way to train for more heavy-bodied people.

The Benefits Of Boxing
With boxing you have a full body workout because it's both cardio and power training. It strengthens your body, stimulates your cardiovascular system and improves your balance, coördination, reaction and agility. Boxing is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). With this type of training you alternate between periods of high intensity and periods of rest. According to boxing instructor Antionio Valverde boxing is both an aerobic and anaerobic training. The more intense you train the more energy your body needs. The required energy level gets soo high that your aerobic metabolism can't provide your body with enough energy anymore, making the training anaerobic. This way you built muscle mass. Boxing makes you burn up to 13 calories per minute so it's definitely a sport with which you can slim down effectively.

Slimming down is not your only possibility with boxing. You also get a lot closer to building a serious sixpack. During boxing you use your abdominals intensively because of the way your hips rotate to be able to way in more powerful strokes and because of the way you turn your body. Valverde states that the abdominals have a tough time during boxing because they have to work very hard. Boxing will quickly make the abdominals visible for you to show them off.

Boxing has a stress-reducing effect because it's a safe and effective way for you to abreact. Your body produces endorphines which gives you the aforementioned feeling op happiness. It's also a good way to train your eye-hand coördination since boxing forces you to take actions that require both your eyes (sight) and your hands (movement) at the same time. A good eye-hand coördination is indispensable by fulfilling a lot of daily activities so it's very important to develop this. Boxing also increases your level of concentration because you have to keep focused while punching a punching bag or to avoid your opponents punches so you won't get hit. This also improves your ability to react. Boxing is a great way to train both your upper and your lower body because your body is in motion all the time, to punch opponents or to skilfully dodge punches from opponents.
Add up all the benefits of

cycling and boxing and image you can combine them with only one piece of fitness equipment and one workout! How does that work? You might think. With the LifeSpan Cycle Boxer. The LifeSpan Cycle Boxer is an innovative piece of fitness equipment that consists of a bike and a punching bag. It offers you a total body workout to improve your endurance, coordination skills, muscle strength, reaction skills, concentration skills and balance. You also get very good at multitasking because you have to do two things at the same time. Because you really have to focus on where to hit the punching bag you train your eye-hand coordination and your memory. Have we triggered your curiosity about the LifeSpan Cycle Boxer? Check it out here!

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