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How To Pick The Right Treadmill?

How To Pick The Right Treadmill?

, by Joris Lans, 7 min reading time

Lifespan offers different types of treadmills. Buying the right treadmill can be tricky because we're all different and we have various desires and needs when it comes to our training. How to pick a treadmill that suits all your desires and needs? No worries. We'll give you a hand with this overview about what to look for when buying a treadmill.

What are your training goals?

Burning calories, losing weight, training and strengthening your muscles, getting fit, training after an injury, slowly walking, jogging or intensive running? It's important to set training goals and decide for yourself how you're going to use the your treadmill. If you want to burn calories, lose weight and get fit, you best to choose a treadmill with a high maximum speed, for example the Lifespan TR5500iT. This treadmill has a stunning maximum speed of 13.5 MPH. If you want to train your muscles, a high angle of inclination is recommended.

The Lifespan TR3000iT has an angle of inclination of no less than 15%. If you have to train to recover from an injury the Lifespan TR8000i is the best choice. This treadmill has a speed between 0.1 and 12 MPH, so you can use it to walk very slowly and train without straining your joints. This treadmill also has a reverse speed of - 0.1 - -3.0 which means you can walk backwards. This is less straining to your joints and helps you to train your calfs, quadriceps, shin muscles and balance.

What training programs does the treadmill have?

Training programs are important to achieve your training goals. If your goal is to burn calories and slim down you're going to need a treadmill with a heart rate controlled training program. This way you keep your heart rate within your optimal heart rate range and reach your training goals more effectively. If you wish to improve your fitness and become fitter, you're going to want a treadmill with a training program for hill training or interval training. With hill training you simulate going up and down hill which is very realistic and helps you to train your calfs, hamstrings, glutes and core muscles. With interval training you alternate between training with high intensity and with low intensity. Some treadmills have customized user programs so you can set your very own training program. This way you can set your own terms of training. With training programs you can train more effectively and your training gets more varied, personal and fun. The Lifespan treadmills are equipped with multiple training programs.

Who is going to be using the treadmill?

Is the treadmill only going to be used by you or by family members as well? To be able to train safely and without hickups you have to assume the weight of the heaviest user with a margin of approximately 33-44 pounds. For example, if the heaviest user weighs

220 pounds, your treadmill needs to have a maximum user weight of 253-264 pounds, etc. Our treadmills have maximum user weights of 297, 299, 348, 350, 396, 401 and 500 pounds making them suitable to even the heaviest of users.

Isn't a treadmill workout straining to your joints?

Obviously you don't want to fall victim to nasty injuries from a treadmill workout. Luckily there's a way to prevent this by choosing a treadmill that's not stressfull to your joints. For this you need a sufficient shock absorption system. The treadmills from Lifespan are equipped with no less than eight compression shock absorbers to ensure the impact of shocks on your knees, back and joints arising during walking, jogging or running become minimal to non-existent.

How much space does a treadmill require?

Treadmills can be quite large. Make sure the area in which you plan to place it is large enough to freely position the treadmill and to be able to walk around it, and get on and off. You're also going to need a high ceiling so you won't bump your head while training. The right height of the ceiling can be measured by assuming the height of the tallest user and add another 15,7 inch. The average treadmill has a width of 19.7 inch so you best place your treadmill in an area which is at least 78,7 inch wide. The length of the LifeSpan Treadmills ranges from 70" to 80.7 inch and are best placed in an area with a length of at least 118 inch. This way you're sure you'll have enough space for your treadmill.

Can the treadmill be folded and stored?

If the space you've available for your treadmill is limited you should look for a treadmill that can be folded. This way the treadmill only takes up space when in use. The LifeSpan treadmills TR1200iT, TR2000iT, TR3000iT, TR4000iT and TR5500iT are equipped with an easy-to-use EZfold folding system. To fold these treadmills just lift the running surface in an upright position. If you want to use these treadmills, all you have to do is lower the walking surface until it hits the floor. If you want to be able to move and store your treadmill, you need one that has transport wheels. Our treadmills are equipped with transport wheels so you can easily move and store them in a space-saving way.

Does the treadmill have additional features?

Treadmill workouts can be monotonous and boring. If you get bored easily and fed up with it quikly you best choose a treadmill with some nice additional features. Our treadmills are equipped with Bluetooth to synchronize your workout results and to wirelessly connect your treadmill to your smartphone, or to connect your treadmill to the LifeSpan app, Bluetooth speakers, a media holder so you can use your tablet, surf the internet or read a good book while you're sweating it out and various nice and challenging training programs.

The weight of the treadmill

The weight of a treadmill comments on its stability and quality. A high weight means a sturdy steel frame and a robust treadmill. It goes without saying that a heavier treadmill is a lot more stable than a less heavy treadmill. Because a heavy treadmill is very stable and doesn't wobble at high speeds and high angles of inclination you can train much more intensive and ultimately more effective. A heavier treadmill is off course pricier than a less heavy treadmill so you should determine how you're going to use the treadmill and whether you need a heavy and robust one or not. Our treadmills vary in weight from 90 to 185 kg.

A treadmill for home fitness, semi-professional use or professional use?

It all depends on your personal situation and charachteristics which treadmill fits to your usage. If you want to train for an hour once or twice a week a treadmill with a 2.5 HP Continuous Duty DC motor will suffice. Make sure the maximum user weight, length and height of the treadmill are tailored to the tallest and heaviest user. If you want to train long-term and intensively several times a week you best choose a treadmill fit for semi-professional use. If you're going to use the treadmill long-term and very intensively on a daily base and you want to be able to run at high speeds you best pick a treadmill suitable for professional use. At LifeSpan we offer several treadmills suitable for home fitness, semi-professional and professional use.

With this overview we hope to help you out picking the right treadmill. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Good luck and have fun with your new treadmill!


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