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Crafting a Home Office for Optimal Eye Health and Wellness

Crafting a Home Office for Optimal Eye Health and Wellness

, by Joris Lans, 3 min reading time

Vision issues are brewing in Britain, with 250 people beginning to lose their sight daily and 7.5 million ophthalmology outpatient appointments taking place annually. Today, the UK is the work-from-home capital of Europe, with 44% of UK employees working remotely in 2023. Eye health should be a priority, not just in corporate workplaces but in home offices as well. Here are a few things you need for your at-home workstation to be conducive to eye health and wellness.

An ergonomic chair

You might wonder how an ergonomic chair, which primarily benefits your back, can also help your eyes. But a good office chair promotes proper posture, which reduces the strain on your neck and shoulders and keeps your head in a properly aligned position relative to your computer. Thus, the right chair reduces strain on the eyes. Responsive chairs like the Humanscale Task come with a counterbalancing Gravity Mechanism, which adapts to the user's body without requiring manual intervention. It lifts when you recline, making your body a natural counterbalance so that it's firmly supported. When your chair fits you properly, your workstation is optimized for comfort, reducing the likelihood of awkward positions that strain your eyes. However, an ergonomic chair cannot directly address specific eye-related issues like dryness or strain caused by extensive screen time, which is why you need other tools.

Blue light protective gadgets

Brits spend nearly three hours each on their desktops and mobile devices daily. These modern devices expose us to more High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light. Because blue light flickers more than other wavelengths and creates glare, blue light glasses act as a protective shield by reducing glare, bringing visual comfort to the wearer. Single-vision lenses like the KODAK UVBlue Lens filter blue light and minimize reflections for improved color recognition and depth perception as users work from home. You can supplement eye protection with screen protection. ZAGG Glass XTR3 blue light screen protectors, made with Hexiom technology, also help filter HEV blue light, but they won't change the colors on your screen. It has anti-reflective technology that enhances the depth and vibrancy of your smartphone display. These items reduce overall eye strain, which could dampen your productivity, especially when combined with proper lighting.

Multiple light sources

Home office lighting is vital to your eye health. If it's too dim, you may not see clearly, and your eyes may tire more quickly from struggling to see. On the other hand, intense overhead lighting can result in glare, especially if it's positioned directly above your line of sight. This results in eye discomfort and even headaches or migraines that affect your eye's sensitivity to light or cause visual disturbances. So, aside from your standard desk lamp, natural light from windows, and more subdued overhead lighting, you can simulate sunlight in your home office with solar-powered lights. The IKEA SAMMANLÄNKAD LED solar table lamp diffuses soft yellow light from a half-sphere shape. When fully charged, the lamp's battery can charge your mobile devices if you want to work from the garden or porch. Yellow light is less harsh than white or blue light, producing less glare. Having multiple light sources helps distribute light more evenly throughout your home office, which reduces shadows and dark spots for your eyes.

The home office is here to stay, so we've discussed the benefits of making yours more fitness-friendly with standing desks, balance boards, and more. This time, investing in a few eye health tools can make your work-from-home experience comfortable for the eyes and visually appealing. Your surroundings influence your mood and productivity, and when your eyes are primed for the right environment, you can look forward to peaceful remote working.

Written by Ethel Edwards for lifespaneurope.com


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