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Working Actively For Employers

There are countless headlines about physical inactivity, such as 'Sitting is the new smoking' and 'We are European champions of sitting.' Yet many people still believe that working through is more efficient than moving in between. A pity, because you can no longer make up for a day of sitting by exercising after work. As an employer, how do you ensure that employees take control of themselves to exercise more during the working day?
We not only move too little, but also less and less. How do you start a conversation with employees without it coming across as patronizing?

Fewer Steps By Working From Home

As an employer, you facilitate your employees to exercise more. But you are not there with just a standing desk. International studies show that the number of steps people take in a day has fallen even more because they work from home more often. And that throughout Europe. Because having breakfast in the living room and going to the office in the attic with a cup of coffee in between, does not result in a step number of 10,000 at the end of the day, but at most 2,500.
But why aren't we doing anything about this? Because it is simply very difficult to change habits and behavior. The same applies to employees who know they need to exercise more, but don't. Research shows that the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease increases with too little exercise. But the actual complaints often come later and that is why little is done about it until then.

To Work

Do you want to get employees into action and build exercise into your culture? Then it is important to tell both the (possible) seriousness of the situation and the solution. Make it clear that you can really change your movement pattern with small steps. After all, employees can always do something during work and they will not get there with only their own direction.
3 tips to get your employees moving more:

1. Discuss it

While many offices have an adjustable desk and a ditto office chair, many employers know nothing about the workplace of their employees. This is very important for their well-being and productivity. Ask, simply start the conversation. Are you comfortable? Is your desk high enough? Do you move enough in between? It sounds very obvious, but like many problems, it remains dormant until you bring the subject up for discussion (or it's too late).

2. Appoint ambassadors

You cannot force employees to exercise or play sports more. And imposing something on an employee from management is often received differently than from the team. Therefore appoint a number of ambassadors in the workplace who encourage other employees to exercise more. For example, have them set an alarm for each other when you have to stand at your desk or if a meeting is taking too long. And as management, also immediately set a good example.

3. Shortened meetings

An average meeting lasts an hour. This time is often blocked on autopilot in our agenda, when it is not necessary at all. Research shows that our attention already goes downhill after 30 minutes and after 45 minutes already 27 percent of the attention is lost. With meetings of up to 45 minutes, in addition to stretching your legs and getting a glass of water, in addition to 15 minutes, you can avoid wasting precious time and energy.
Moreover, sitting passively does not always bring out the best in brainstorming sessions and important discussions. You can also always do the meeting standing up. And why can't 1-on-1 conversations be conducted over the phone during an afternoon walk?

4. The new way of working!

There are various aids that can stimulate active work. Think, for example, of desk treadmills, with which you can take steps and continue working undisturbed. In the new way of working after Corona, many employees are only at the office a few moments a week or month. Make it something special! Furnish your office with standing desks for meetings, desk treadmills at flexi places or think of a table tennis table. An active and vital employee is much more productive!
Everything counts for your health
Exercise, relax, eat, sleep, enjoy work, but also where you live. We believe that everything counts when it comes to your health.



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