Will Covid-19 Definitely Change Our Workplace?

Will Covid-19 Definitely Change Our Workplace?

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First some facts:

  • Between 40% and 60% of home workers indicate that they want to work from home more often after the crisis than before the outbreak.
  • About half of the Dutch employees worked from home some of the time during the epidemic.
  • Higher educated people and public transport travelers in particular switched to working from home during the corona crisis.

The knowledge institute has analyzed various studies of working from home before the corona crisis and working from home after the corona time. Most people who started working from home during the corona crisis are satisfied with it. As mentioned above, a large number of them would also like to partly continue to work from home after the crisis. This group of people has increased in recent months. Most employees prefer to alternate between working from home and on location.

As a result, there is a great chance that the location, the office, will also change. It will be more quiet workspaces with flexible workplaces, instead of the open-plan office with conference pits or sleeping chairs. In the coming years, employees will not escape: no fixed workplaces, no rows of desks and no more exchangeable meeting rooms.

The ratio at office floors is now: 70% workplace, 30% shared spaces such as meeting rooms and coffee corners, says Wouter Oosting of real estate consultant CBRE. That mix is unsustainable. Some companies are already moving to 50-50, with many more flexible workplaces and meeting rooms.

It is predicted that by 2030 will have a ratio of 30-70, 30% workplaces and 70% communal. The individual work goes home for those who fit it.

Functional work

We will go to the office much more often in the future to discuss, meet and share knowledge. There will be spaces that can be freely arranged, with work zones in which you respond to the wishes of employees and teams. These spaces are then for two or three days a week because working at home remains. In the long term, a situation will arise in which both the office and the home workplace become an integral part of our new work environment.

There are many questions from larger companies and government agencies about how they can make employees work from home in accordance with their duty of care in accordance with health and safety guidelines.



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