Overview well-known fitness metric reports by week, day or in real-time as you walk, run, and ride, It will not only show you time, calorie, distance etc., but also show each heart rate zone and more achievements in detail.

With the user's permission, LifeSpan Club can sync data of workout summary (steps, calories and distance) to Google Fit.

Frequently asked questions

How do I connect the app with my underdesk treadmill?

Make sure you have the retro console with the bluetooth symbol. If your console does not have the bluetooth symbol, please contact LifeSpan Support at info@lifespaneurope.com

Can I sync my data to Apple Health?

With user's permission, the LifeSpan Club app can sync data or workout summaries to both Apple Health and Google Health.

What does the app track?

The LifeSpan Club app tracks all of your workout performance. It does a fitness report weekly, by day, or in real life time as you walk, run, or ride. It shows you time, calories, and distance. The app will also show you your heart rate zone and more achievements in detail.

My LifeSpan login isn't working, how do I fix this?

Your LifeSpan login that you used to register your machine is different from this login. In order to use the LifeSpan Club app you must create an account.


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