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  • LifeSpan silicone spray

    LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill Lubricant - Silicon Spray treadmill maintenance

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    With the LifeSpan Treadmill Lubricant you can optimally lubricate and maintain your treadmill. The silicone spray is safe and easy to use, odorless, non-toxic, colorless and non-flammable. The content of the bottle is 118.29 milliliters, enough for four maintenance intervals per year. Safe and easy-to-use lubricant to optimally maintain your treadmill for a longer life Obviously you want to enjoy your LifeSpan treadmill to the fullest for a very long time. This can only be done by maintaining it properly. With the LifeSpan Treadmill Lubricant you cab lube the bottom of the treadmill to prevent friction and overheated parts. This ensures the drive motor, electronics and the running surface will have a longer life. The lubricant is free of harmful solvents, colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-flammable. The bottle is easy to open and use and designed so that you can't spill any spray when lubricating the treadmill. The bottle has a volume of 4 ounce which is sufficient for four maintenance intervals per year. Lubricating your treadmill is very easy to do. Just follow the steps below: Turn off your treadmill and unplug it from the power outlet. Start lubricating the front, where the drive motor is located, of the treadmill. Pull the running surface loose of the treadmill. Put the silicon spray underneath the running surface and squeeze the bottle while slowly pulling it back out from onder the running surface. Repeat this on the other side of the running surface. Slowly move the bottle from the center to the edge of the treadmill, while applying gentle controlled pressure to the bottle and apply about 1,5 ounce of the bottle to the bottom of the treadmill. Plug in the power cord, start the treadmill and use if for three to five minutes to evenly distribute the silicon spray across the running surface. With the LifeSpan Treadmill Lubricant you will definitely enjoy your treadmill for a very long time.

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  • LifeSpan Workplace Bureau Loopband - under desk treadmill TR1200-DT3-Product_1

    LifeSpan Under Desk Treadmill TR1200-DT3 GlowUp Walking Pad

    LifeSpan TR1200-DT3-BT, Under Desk Treadmill. Silent treadmill for under your desk with a monitor. Place the office treadmill under your own desk. Stay fit while working in the office and/or working from home with LifeSpan. Exercising while you're working for a better physical and mental health With the TR1200-DT3 Treadmill for under your desk you can walk while you work. Just place the treadmill under a standing desk or your normal (high) desk and start walking. Whisper-quiet 2 HP Continuous duty motor and shock absorbers to work and walk in peace We know we have to exercise to stay healthy. Unfortunately due to long working hours at the office we hardly ever get around to it. With the TR1200-DT3 Treadmill for under your desk you can combine working and exercising in the most efficient way by placing the treadmill underneath your desk. Won't walking and working simultaneously affect your work? Not at all. The treadmill is equipped with a whisper-quit 2 HP Continuous Duty motor and therefore extremely quiet during use. It is designed to ensure the highest shock and vibrance resistance. You can get all your work done without any interruptions. The TR1200-DT3 is fully designed to make your working life as comfortable as possible. Get healthy with the TR1200-DT3 Treadmill for under your desk  The running surface of the TR1200-DT3 has a width of no less than 50.80 cm and is 160 cm in length. This allows you to keep walking comfortably and balanced, even at the maximum speed of 6 kmp/h, and keeps you fully focused on the job at hand. If the maximum speed of 6 kmp/h prevents you from getting any work done, you're also able to set the maximum speed of the treadmill to 3.2 kmp/h. Easy to use console with a pedometer to count your steps  The included console is very easy to use and equipped with large buttons to easily and quickly adjust your settings. It's got a pedometer to count your steps with, so you can keep a close eye on whether you've reached the minimum number of required steps of 10.000 on a daily base. This way using the TR1200-DT3 Treadmill for under your desk will make you a lot healthier. Walking has a positive impact on your day-to-day operation In addition to the many health benefits, physical activity also improves your day-to-day operation. It stimulates your productivity and creativity and bootst your stamina and energy levels. You'll work faster and more efficient than ever before. Physical activity also help in the development of new brain cells and it makes your mind function more quickly. It helps you to relax and offers a great working atmosphere and conditions, both at the office and at home. The TR1200-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill is the best-selling LifeSpan desktop treadmill. So do yourself a favor and start using it today. Working actively and healthy The TR1200-DT3 features a long and wide running surface and a low maximum speed for you to work comfortably. Active working prevents you from suffering physical complaints and keeps you fit and healthy. So it's about time you get out your lazy office chair! Small footprint and transport wheels The TR1200-DT3 has a small footprint and two front-mounted transport wheels so it can be easily and quickly moved. You can place the treadmill anywhere you like and also store it in a space-saving way when not in use

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  • LifeSpan Workplace Bureau Loopband - under desk treadmill TR1200-SC110-Product_1

    LifeSpan Under Desk Treadmill TR1200-SC110 GlowUp Walking Pad

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    The LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR1200-SC110 with the NEW and improved SC110 console!  Work better and healthier with the LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR1200-SC110 with the renewed and improved SC110 console, compared to the LifeSpan DT3-BT Console. Optimal and active working at the office, at your home office or at your flexible workplace The best way of working active is working with the LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR1200-SC110. The treadmill has a nice and compact design with a maximum speed between 0.6 - 6.4 km/h. So it's easy to integrate in your office, home office or flexible workplace and makes sure you can walk at your comfortable speed and also get all your work done. You can set your favourite walking speed easily and fast at the renewed and improved SC110 Console. The console is very compact and will fit on any desk. It has a nice look and features handy touchscreen buttons. The console has an easy-to-use- interface you'll get the hang of in no time. Because of this it only takes you a few pushes at a button to get your walking starting. Thanks to the 7 cm TFT-screen with big white letters on a dark background the bright display shows you all your training stats in a glance. Easy-to-use console with a clear overview of your training results The console helps you optimally to improve your level of endurance and your health. You can pause the console to view a summary of your training results. This way you'll know how much longer and further you'll have to go to reach your daily required 10.000 steps, how much calories you're burning, your speed level and walking time. Thanks to the preset memory buttons you can save your favourite settings so you won't have to set your settings again after a short break or the next day you decide you want to take a walk. The console is compatible with Bluetooth so you can download your training stats on your smartphone using the LifeSpan Fit App.  This way you'll always have them at hand. The LifeSpan Workplace TR1200-SC110 Under Desk Treadmill for a much better health Active working with the LifeSpan Workplace TR1200-SC110 offers you lots of benefits. The treadmill has a whisper-quit drive motor so you and your colleagues won't be disturbed while working. It's very robust and sturdy and can be used all day by multiple people. Thanks to the high maximum user weight of 159 kg also heavier users can safely use the treadmill. Active working is very good to your health because it prevents you from being seated too much and it lowers the risk of nasty diseases such as cardiovascular disease, dementia and Alzheimers. With the TR1200-SC110 both you and your colleagues/employees will get sufficient exercise during the day and will stay more energised, more productive and more creative. With this treadmill you don't have to leave home after work to go to the gym or buy fitness equipment for home use. At least 30 minutes a day of active working with this treadmill will suffice. So start walking today! Active and healthy with LifeSpan The TR1200-SC110 is a robust and compact treadmill that can be placed optimally in an office, your workplace at home or at a flexible workplace. The treadmill has a fine design and is delivered with an advanced console at which you can set your training stats and keep track of your step counting and calorie burning. Lifespan Europe paves the road to a better health! Compact treadmill with handy transport wheels Don't worry, the TR1200-SC110 will never be in your way! Thanks to its compact design it barely takes up space and transport wheels make it possible for you to relocate the treadmill easily and store it in a space-saving way if you wish to do so.

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  • LifeSpan Fitness Crosstrainer Elliptical E3i+ Product_1

    LifeSpan Fitness Elliptical Cross trainer E3i+

    LifeSpan Fitness E3i+ Elliptical Crosstrainer for intensive home sports with a large LCD monitor, tablet holder for tablets or smartphones, speakers and USB port and a holder for your water bottle. The LifeSpan Bluetooth 4.0/ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor with chest strap is included. The unique CoreBalance Technology for a symmetrical and safe cardio trainingThe LifeSpan Elliptical Crosstrainer E3i+ is a unique elliptical with the patented LifeSpan CoreBalance Technology. This technology registers irregularities in your training movement. Special sensors in the foot pedals measure the amount of pressure on the foot pedals, exerted from your legs and display this directly on the console of the elliptical. This ensures your training movement is always symmetrical. It's very important your training movement is well balanced. A varied and challenging workout  The elliptical offers you a challenging workout with 20 resistance levels and a gradient level up to 20%. Because the E3i+ has a frictionless magnetic resistance brake system you can automatically adjust the resistance and train exactly how you want to. Training with a high gradient level effectively trains your calf muscles, quadriceps and hamstrings. You can train with 21 different training programma's, consisting of 17 pre-programmed training programs, including five weight loss programs, five Healthy Living programs and seven sports training programs, two heart rate-controlled training programs and two manual user programs, which you can use to create your own training programs. This way your training remains fun and varied. Elliptical crosstrainer with a long stride length and a small pedal distance   The elliptical has a long stride length of 50 cm, to enable exercisers with a length between 170 and 200 cm to comfortably train with it. The distance between the pedals is just 10 cm, which makes the way you exercise very natural and friendly to your joints. Flywheel at the front to make the way you exercise very natural and smooth The flywheel is placed up front which makes your steps long and flat, feeling natural, like normal walking. The crosstrainer has double rails, making it very stable and your exercise movement very smooth. It has a strong foothold up front which also ensures the elliptical is very stable. The tablet and smartphone holder and speakers make your training a lot more fun  The elliptical is equipped with a handy holder for smartphones and tablets and is tablet-compatible, so that you can view your training data on your tablet, or entertain yourself on the internet, with your favorite movie, series or music. The built-in speakers provide you with quality sound, so you can immerse yourself in your film, series or music. You'll almost forget that you are actually training and you'll have completed a tough training program before you know it. Thanks to the handy USB port you can charge your devices while you're training, so you'll never end up with an empty battery. On the 7.5 inch LCD display you can keep track of your training data and results. This way you'll always be up to date about your level of training. The elliptical crosstrainer for home fitness  The LifeSpan E3i+ Elliptical Cross Trainer is a perfect elliptical for intensive home fitness. With its compact dimensions, Length 193 x Width 61 x Height 175 cm, it fits in nearly any room. It has a high maximum user weight of 170 kg and can be used to train intensively for a longer period of time by various users. And should your training make you thirsty, you just grab your water or favorite sports drink out of the bottle cage. With the LifeSpan E3i+ Elliptical Cross Trainer your ideal workout is always within reach.

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  • LifeSpan Workplace Bureau Loopband - under desk treadmill TR1200-DT3-Product_1

    LifeSpan Under Desk Treadmill TR5000-DT3 GlowUp Walking Pad

    LifeSpan Workplace whisper-quiet Treadmill TR5000-DT3-BT for under your desk with monitor for working at home or at the office. Does not vibrate so that you can continue to read the screen of your tablet and laptop. The treadmill to use at the office and at home With the TR5000-DT3 Treadmill for under your desk you make sure you get enough exercise during a long day working at the office or at home. You can place this treadmill under a standing desk or a normal (high) desk and start walking while you work. The TR5000-DT3 is perfectly suited to use at the office or at home, due to it's whisper-quit motor and its small footprint. You can place it anywhere you like and you won't disturb your colleagues or family members while walking on the treadmill. Walking comfortably while working  The treadmill has a maximum user weight up to 181 kg and is designed for long lasting and heavy duty. With this treadmill you will certainly meet your daily exercise needs. To stay healthy you need to take 10.000 steps a day. While walking you can use the enclosed console to count your steps with so it's very easy to reach the minimum number of required steps. The TR5000-DT3 has a long and wide running surface so you can walk comfortably and without having the risk of stepping off the treadmill. Because you don't have to focus on your gait, you can fully concentrate on your work. Walking and working simultaneously saves time and seriously benefits your health A major advantage of walking and working simultaneously is that it saves you a lot of time. You save the hours you would otherwise spend on exercising and you're able to take time out to enjoy life's little pleasures. In addition to saving yourself a lot of time walking on this treadmill offers you many health benefits. It reduces and prevents physical complaints, improves your mental capacity and makes you more creative and productive so you get more work done. It wil also makes you feel more vibrant than you ever did before, helps you to stay in perfect shape and concentrate on your work and it reduces the risk of disease, dementia and Alzheimer's. Last but not least it stimulates your brain and smartens you up. Anyway there are plenty of reasons to start using this wonderful treadmill. Work effectively while you walk  Walking slowly and working at the same time go very well together. The TR5000-DT3 Treadmill for under your desk doesn't vibrate, so you have a perfect view of your desktop, laptop or tablet. You can also easily make notes. Because the motor is nearly silent you can also call and consult with your colleagues. Walking and working at once makes you quite the multitasker. It takes some time to master it, but in the end you won't even realize you're walking and working concomitantly. Be sure to step on the TR5000-DT3 today, your body and mind will be grateful to you.

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  • LifeSpan Equipment Mat vloermat foto 1 kopiëren

    LifeSpan Fitness Equipment Mat TMM100

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    The LifeSpan Fitness Equipment Mat TMM100 offers optimal protection during workouts and working. The floor mat measures a stunning 201 in length and 94 cm in width, so it optimally protects both your fitness or workplace equipment and the floor underneath and next to it. This is because the mat keeps dust and carpet fibers from getting into moving parts of your exercise or workplace equipment and prevents your floor from being scratched, stained or otherwise damaged. The mat offers protection of every kind of floor including hardwood, tile and carpeting. It also reduces static electricity. The LifeSpan floor mat had been made out of recycled rubber and is therefore very durable and long lasting, unlike mats made of vinyl. The floor mat is very easy to use and you can conveniently fold it if you're not going to use it. Thanks to its thickness the mat has a very strong shock and sound absorption, even when you walk, jog or run at maximum speed. The mat has an anti-skid surface which is easy to clean. Go with the optimal protection for your fitness or workplace equipment with the LifeSpan Fitness Equipment Mat TMM100!

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  • 1.Amazon-Stretch Machine

    LifeSpan Fitness Pro Stretchmaster Exercise Bench SP1000

    The LifeSpan Stretching Machine is perfect for stretching exercises to keep your body supple, flexible and strong. You can use it for various upper and lower body stretching. The exercises and techniques are clearly displayed on a built-in placard. This placard also has a QR-Code you can scan to watch a helpful video tutorial. This way you make sure you stretch the right way. Stretch machine for the best stretching experience  The LifeSpan Fitness Stretching Machine is ideal for stretching exercises. It has a thick, comfortable seat cushion with an oversized knee pad for deeper stretches. The seat cushions moves forwards and backwards so you can do various exercises, like hip and hamstring stretches, quad stretches, hip and groin stretches, back stretches, shoulder stretches and abdominal stretches. Stretching exercising do lots of wonders for your body. It keeps your body flexible and strong, it helps to improve your posture, it can be used to combat chronic pain, it reduces the risk of muscle pain, it accelerates injury recovery, it enhances athletic performance, it calms the mind and relieves stress and it regains and maintains full range of joint motion. There's every reason to get right to it. Convenient built-in placard with illustrations and explanation of the stretching exercises  The Stretching Machine is fitted with two handy wrist straps at the multi-grip handlebar for deeper stretches and added safety. You can hold the multi-grip handlebar in various ways. If you hold the lower handles you can go for a deeper stretch. If you hold the upper handles you go for an easier stretch. This is especially fine for beginners and athletes who use the stretching machine to recover from chronic pain and injury. The built-in placard offers you an overview of stretching exercises you can do, complete with illustrations and explanation. If this isn't clear enough or you are visually oriented, you can scan the QR code in the middle of the built-in placard to watch a video tutorial. This way you can make sure you stretch the right way. Suitable for stretching exercises in the comfort of your own home The LifeSpan Fitness Stretching Machine has an all-steel frame and a maximum user weight of no less than 136 kg. It's built for heavy duty and deep stretches. Thanks to the small footprint of L 124 x W 72 x H 96 cm it's ideally suitable for intense home use. It weighs a mere 28 kg and is equipped with transport wheels. So you can easily pick it up and place it anywhere you like. When you're done training you can store it in a save-spacing place, where it will be waiting for your next stretching routine. Intensive and effective stretching on our stretching machine User-friendly and easy to use. The LifeSpan Stretching Machine is perfect for stretching exercises to keep your body supple, flexible and strong. You can use it for various upper and lower body stretching to steer clear of joint problems and injury

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  • lifespan hartslagmeter + borstband

    LifeSpan Fitness Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap Bluetooth 4.0 - ANT +

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    With the LifeSpan Bluetooth 4.0/ANT + heart rate monitor with chest strap you can accurately measure your heart rate during training to train goal-oriented and accurate. The heart rate monitor is compatible with Bluetooth/ANT+, waterproof and can be used with our LifeSpan fitness equipment. Accurate heart rate measurement during training Do you want to train goal-oriented and effective? You can with the LifeSpan Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth/ANT+with Chest Strap. Whether you're working up a sweat with our treadmills, elliptical crosstrainers, hometrainers or recumbent bikes, the LifeSpan Heart Rate Monitor is there for a precise heart rate measurement. Measuring your heart rate is also a good way to check if you're training in your ideal training zone. This is 226 - age for men and 226 - age for women. Goal-oriented and effective training The LifeSpan Heart Rate Monitor is waterproof and compatible with the LifeSpan app. This way you easily and quickly change your smartphone into your personal fitness tracker. It's compatible with Bluetooth/ANT+ to send your data to your fitness equipment and smartphone so they're always within reach. Thanks to the included chest strap your training is very comfortable. The heart rate monitor responds directly to your body and can be used at a high temperature of 122 F. The battery lasts 30 months, 1 hour per day. Don't settle for anything less than a goal-oriented an effective training with this reliable LifeSpan Heart Rate Monitor.

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  • LifeSpan Fitness Elliptical Cross trainer E2i+

    LifeSpan Fitness Elliptical Cross trainer E2i+

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    The E2i is equipped with the patented CoreBalance Technology to ensure your training motion is symmetrical and to keep you free from injury. The crosstrainer has a stunning 20 resistance levels and 21 programs to train with. The LifeSpan Bluetooth 4.0/ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor with chest strap is included. The innovative CoreBalance Technology ensures a joint-gentle workout Get in shape with the E2i Elliptical Crosstrainer. With as much as 20 resistance levels and 20 incline levels, you seriously put your calves, quads and glutes to work, exercises your stamina and you slim down. The way you exercise with the E2i Elliptical Crosstrainer has limited impact on your joints, partly due to the innovative CoreBalance Technology. This technique uses integrated pedal sensors to measure the precise amount of pressure and weight each leg puts on the pedals. This way imbalances during the exercise are immediately identified. The date is shown on the console, to let you know if you exercise in a right and healthy way. The CoreBalance Technology ensures the way you exercise is symmetrical and balanced. Easy to use console with 21 exercise programs and a USB-port Except for the CoreBalance Technology you can also use the console to set one out of 21 training programs. You can choose between 2 heart rate control programs, 2 customizable user-programs, 5 'Healthy Living' programs, 5 weight management programs and 7 Sports training programs. You'll have enough variety and challenge. The console has an USB-port to charge your mobile devices (except the iPad 1,2,3). You can use your tablet and or your smartphone while you're training, so you won't be bored for a second. Long stride-length and a high max. user weight  The E2i Elliptical Crosstrainer has a 50 cm stride length and is therefore suitable to users ranging from 170 cm to 200 cm. A long stride length like 50 cm also means the way your exercise is very fluently and less vibrating. This is very joint-gently and makes your workout so much more comfortable. Another nice feature are the dual roller wheels on the twin rails. The twin rails ensure your body weight gets evenly distributed. As a result the crosstrainer is secure and stable and able to endure intense and long-term training. The maximum user weight is 158 kg. so this crosstrainer can take a beating. The E2i is a great crosstrainer for intense home use. You'll enjoy many effective workouts. Challenging Incline With the E2i+ you can do some serious training. It ramps up to 20 levels and 15% so you can train simulating uphill crossing. This gives your leg muscles, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and abdominals a serious boost. With the 4 Quickset buttons you can adjust the ramp level easily and quickly while you're training. Great stability The E2i+ is a very sturdy and stable elliptical crosstrainer. It has a maximum user weight of 159 kg, very  stable legs, large pedals, a heavy flywheel, a strong frame and a product weight of 94 kg. You can carelessly take your training to your limits. Comfy training The E2i+ is built with the user in mind. It has a very sturdy frame and a flywheel at the front. This means the crosstrainer runs very supple and your training is less taxing on your joints than with crosstrainers with their flywheels at the back. The flywheel weighs a stunning 15 kg which means it can generate more resistance and is very durable. The 50.8 cm stride length and the ergonimically-turned Q-angle offer people measuring 170 cm to 200 cm a comfortable workout. Fun training programs The E2i+ has a training program for every kind of athlete. It's fitted with 2 heart rate programs, 2 customized user programs and 17 preset programs of which 5 Weight Management programs, 5 Healthy Living programs and 7 Sports training programs. So enough variety and challenge to go nuts with your training. Unique CoreBalance Technology A unique feature of the E2i+ is the patented LifeSpan CoreBalance Technology. This technology identifies exactly where effort imbalances may exist from the first stride that you take. Special sensors in the pedals detect the precise amount of force from each leg. This data is immediately displayed on the console. This prevents you from straining your joints and getting injured.

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  • LifeSpan Workplace C3-SC110 Under Desk Bike BLACK foto 1 kopiëren

    LifeSpan Under Desk Bike C3-SC110

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    The LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Bike C3-SC110 with the NEW and improved SC110 console! Jump on your desk bike at work with the LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Bike C3-SC110. Maybe you already cycle to your work every day. Good job! But with the C3-SC110 you'll do even better, because with this under desk bike you also keep exercising while working! And we all know exercising is good for us and we need a lot of exercise to get a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Towards a better health with the C3-SC110! Simultaneously cycling and working is very comfortable and good to your health. Because your upper body keeps still during pedaling and only your legs are moving, it's also very easy to do. At some point you won't even notice you're pedaling and working anymore. Pedaling improves the blood circulation in your upper leg muscles and it makes sure these muscles take in less sugar and fat. More oxygen is pumped into your brain making you more alert, better thinking and more creative and productive. Cycling also improves your memory and enables you to read text 30% faster than usual. Comfortable bike at your office, workplace at home or flexible workplace  With the 'pedals' of course we mean those of the LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Bike C3-SC110! Because you only want the best bike for under your desk. The C3-SC110 is pretty and compact and fits perfectly underneath a height adjustable or a raised desk. It has a large comfy seat which is adjustable in height in 19 positions and therefore suitable to users ranging from 152 cm to 207 cm. It's loadable up to no less than 181 kg and can be used individually all day long. It's whisper quiet when in use so you and your colleagues can work, have meetings and phone calls in peace.The C3-SC110 comes with the brand new and improved SC110 console. The console has a lovely design and therefore fits at every desk. With its handy touchscreen buttons you can easily and fastly set the C3-SC110 the way you want. The dark display with white letters keeps perfectly readable from any angle and with any lighting. During cycling the console shows you your time, speed, resistance, distance, cycling time and burned calories. You'll also get a summary so you always know exactly how you're doing. The perfect workout with the LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Bike C3-SC110 The c3-SC110 offers you the most efficient and perfect of workouts! You don't have to sacrifice your precious free time to go to the gym because with this desk bike you can exercise during your workday. Just hop on the bike and pedal as fast as you can and are comfortable with to do your job. This way you'll reach your daily required exercise and save yourself from having to go to the gym after work. This will free up a lot of quality time to spend at things you like to do. Does this sound like music to your ears? Then order your LifeSpan C3-SC110 Under Desk bike right away and pedal yourself to optimal fitness and health!

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  • LifeSpan Workplace C3-DT3 Under Desk Bike Black foto 1 kopiëren

    LifeSpan Under Desk Bike C3-DT3

    The Lifespan C3-DT3 Bicycle for under a desk ensures that you become healthier and more productive and enjoyable during your working day. The desk bike can be placed under a sit-stand desk as well as under a high desk or a high table. Work healthier and less monotonous with the C3-DT3 Bicycle for under a desk Cycling offers you numerous benefits. It stimulates the circulation of your thigh muscles and reduces the absorption of sugar and fat in this muscle group, pumps more blood and oxygen through your brain so that you can think better and faster, be more creative and come to better ideas faster, it makes you more alert, sharper and improves your memory, increases your fitness and general fitness, reduces health risks such as diabetes, dementia and heart disease, increases your productivity and work performance. Ergonomic desk bike for a large number of users So do, with the Lifespan C3-DT3 Bicycle for under a desk. This desk bike can be placed under a sit-stand desk or a high desk or high table, so that you can cycle while working. The bicycle can be used by people with a height between 152 and 207 cm and can be set in no less than 19 adjustable sitting positions. A large number of users can therefore cycle comfortably on it with an ergonomically sound working posture. The bicycle has compact dimensions, L 68.5 x W 53 x H 92.7 cm and can easily be placed in the office or at the home workplace. The bike is wonderfully quiet during use, so you won't lose your concentration even during the most challenging work or intensive work meetings and meetings. Stay in shape and healthy with this bicycle for under a desk The saddle, pedals and crank are interchangeable. This allows you to fully adapt the desk bike to your own wishes, but colleagues can also do this. This makes it perfectly suited for use in offices with many employees. The 16 resistance levels offer enough challenge and ensure that everyone who uses the bike gets through the day in good health. To ensure this, all you have to do is monitor your resistance level, cycling time, distance traveled, calorie consumption and speed on the linked console. Getting in shape and getting and staying healthy has never been easier than with the CT3-DT3 Bicycle for under a desk.

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  • LifeSpan Fitness Loopband Treadmill TR5500iT Product_1

    LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill TR5500iT

    LifeSpan Fitness TR5500iT, semi-professional treadmill with a strong DC motor with a continuous power of no less than 4 hp. Maximum speed of 22 km/h for the avid runner. Treadmill is foldable. It's compatible with the LifeSpan Bluetooth 4.0/ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor with chest strap and the Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor with Bluetooth 4.0. LifeSpan Treadmill TR5500iT with 50+ training programs for a varied workout Your training goals are within reach with the more than fifty training programs. Whether you choose one of the twenty pre-programmed training programs or put together your own training program, you always train intensively and effectively. Thanks to the Bluetooth interface, you can connect the treadmill to the LifeSpan Fit app and view your training results at any time. You can also use the Bluetooth interface to connect your smartphone or tablet to the treadmill and listen to music, use the internet or watch movies and series during your training. Your training will go a lot faster and you'll have completed another intensive training program before you know it. Powerful motor for intensive and long-term cardio training  The TR5500iT is equipped with a powerful 4 HP Continuous Duty-motor to make sure you can train at full speed. This means you can use it for walking, jogging and intense running for a long period of training, without having the engine overheating. You can push up the speed to a whopping 22 km/h, so the TR5500iT is also your treadmill if you're an avid runner. Display with three dashboards to keep you informed about your training results  It's important to monitor your training results carefully so you can achieve your training goals. The TR5500iT has a large 10 inch (25 cm) full-color touchscreen display with three different dashboards to view your training results in graph view, meter view and track view. You can choose your preferred view and make sure you always have your training results within reach. Incline and decline training  You can train incline at a level up to 13% and decline to a level down to -2% and make your up- and downhill runs more realistic because you can both ascend and descend. Your workout gets heavier and it requires more effort. This way you can burn a lot of calories and effectively train your calf muscles and hamstrings. Being able to train both incline and decline gives your training an extra boost. Unique console that doesn't vibrate while you're training  A unique feature of the LifeSpan Treadmill TR5500iT are the running surface and the console consisting of two separate parts. Because of this the console doesn't vibrate while you train and you'll keep able to read the text projected on the display. This keeps reading your training results easy and prevents eye strain, headaches and dizziness. The running surface doesn't vibrate either so you can also watch movies or series or surf the internet on your tablet. The treadmill is compatible with tablets and equipped with a convenient tablet holder. A dull and monotonous workout is out of the question. When you're done with your training, simply fold the treadmill and put it away until your next workout. With the LifeSpan Treadmill TR5500iT, nothing stands in the way of effective cardio training at home.

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