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Home Fitness

Home Fitness

Run, walk, or ride, there's something for everyone in our versatile home fitness range.

Office Wellness

Office Wellness

Working from home or the office doesn't mean you can't be active and live a healthy life.

Life's short. Live longer.

Many of us are working from home more and doing office jobs that mean we're less active and putting our health at risk.

  • Steps per day is the minimum recommended amount by leading health experts for adults to reduce the risk of related illness.

  • Just 1 hour walking at a moderate pace on a desk treadmill will achieve 5,000+ steps - it's that easy.

  • Most adults will burn around 500 calories per day by walking 10,000 steps, leading to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

As featured in GQ

"Walk From Home! Revolutionise your health and the way you work with LifeSpan walking treadmills, perfect for your home or at the office!"

"I feel so much more youthful and energised"

"My home treadmill desk is amazing! I use it every day and feel so much more youthful and energised." - Lori, USA

  • TR1200-DT7 Omni Treadmill Desk

What our customers say

Hear from real people all over the world who have improved their quality of life with LifeSpan.

  • I love the compact size of this treadmill but it doesn’t skimp on features or power. I have had it for about 2 months and use it 5 days a week, typically. It is easy to use and I have had no issues with changing speeds and incline frequently during a workout.5/5 Sonja, Germany
  • Very happy with my treadmill. It was easy to assemble and good fit and finish. I have been walking on it daily and it has operated flawlessly.5/5 Levino, UK
  • I’ve used the treadmill for aerobic walking (~3-4 mph) for 3 months. The transitions to higher or lower speeds and to different inclines are smooth and noise is muted. The bed is comfortably padded. The folding feature works well. It seems to be solid.5/5 Michael, France

Start your journey to better health

  • walking pad uk woman at desk

    Walk from home

    We create the finest walking experience with our strong whisper quiet motors and noise dampening beds that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle without interference.

  • Multi-tasking at it's best

    Multi-tasking at it's best

    Work and pedal, keep active everyday without leaving your seat!

Office Solutions

Trusted and loved by

Trusted and loved by

Brands like Fitbit, Tesla, Microsoft and many more that use us for their office wellness solutions. Find out how you can increase staff engagement, morale and efficiency with LifeSpan.

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Icon for truckDo you deliver across Europe?

Yes, we offer fast delivery across all of Europe.

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Yes of course, please visit our Help Centre for further guidance and details on how to get in touch.

Icon for verifiedDo your products come with a warranty?

Yes, we offer a a full 2-Year warranty on selected products.

Embrace the LifeSpan Full 2-Year Warranty, a testament to our unwavering commitment to your health and wellness journey. We believe in the enduring quality of our products, and we're here to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Our full 2-year warranty covers everything; the motor, frame, parts and labour, ensuring that the heart and soul of your equipment will stand the test of time and reflecting our confidence in the robustness and reliability of our products.

At LifeSpan, we're not just about selling fitness products. We're about promoting a lifestyle, a commitment, a long-term relationship for your health and wellness. Our guarantee is our promise to you that we will be with you every step, pedal, and stride of the way.

Icon for delivery_box_1Is the equipment easy to set up?

All of our equipment comes with simple instructions for easy setup and installation in your home or office.


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