LifeSpan Ampera Bike - Coming December 2023!

LifeSpan Ampera Bike - Coming December 2023!

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LifeSpan Ampera: A Power Generating Desk Bike

Ampera was created in response to the rapidly evolving workspaces. As the boundaries between home and office become increasingly blurred each day, we believe the tools involved, should too, be adaptive and dynamic.

That is where Ampera comes in—a revolutionary desk bike designed to seamlessly integrate work and wellness. Our goal is to enable people to harness the benefits of remote workspace while effortlessly boosting productivity and enhancing fitness.


Under the hood, this workhorse of a desk bike is designed to boost productivity and improve fitness levels while fast charging your electronic devices. Over 30% of its components, including the packaging material, are made from recycled materials.

Ampera is designed to seamlessly blend into the surroundings with a warm, furniture-like aesthetic. With its soft and rounded silhouette, it is at home in any environment, matching and enhancing the aura of its vicinity.

0-50% in 30 Minutes

Our regenerative pedals are finely tuned to generate power with great efficiency. At a casual speed of 60 rpm, the bike is capable of producing up to 65 watts per hour at any given resistance level. With the support of PD fast charging, users can fully charge their smartphones and laptops* in no time.

Wireless Charging Pad

We’ve incorporated a 15W wireless charger underneath the seat, enabling users to charge up to two devices simultaneously. Just place your smartphone or AirPods on the charger and let your legs do the work.

*Note: The wireless charger is Qi-compliant. Non-Apple devices can achieve an optimal output of 15W, while Apple devices have a max output of 7.5W.

Lighten up

The integrated RGB ring light with 12 color options can be customized through our mobile app. Add some flair to your space every time you pedal.

Don't let your busy schedule hinder your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Burn calories, generate wattage, and pedal your way to success with the Ampera desk bike.

Its approachable ergonomics make sitting a breeze. We’ve intentionally designed the sitting position to be upright, engaging your core throughout.

You can easily monitor the amount of calories burned each day through our mobile app. 

For an average individual weighing 70kg (155 lbs) and pedaling at an average speed of 20km/h (12.5 mp/h), you can expect to burn roughly 500-600 calories per hour!

Take advantage of our dedicated mobile app, available on both iOS and Android, to track your progress. Monitor the calories burned, the wattage generated, and the distance traveled right at your fingertips.

Whether you've indulged a bit too much at the office lunch or have plans for a lavish dinner after work, the Ampera desk bike enables you to stay on track with your fitness goals. Calculate your desired calorie deficit range and set your daily calorie goal.

The Ampera is engineered for superior comfort. With its 2” thick seat cushion made from premium high-density molded foam, the contoured saddle seat snugly cradles your bum. We’ve covered the seat with breathable fabric to provide a cool and comfy experience.

Beneath the saddle is a buttery smooth, lever-activated pneumatic seat post, adjustable with just one finger. The gas lift design allows for step-less height adjustment, accommodating individuals ranging from 5 feet (152cm) to 6 feet 5 inches (195cm) in height.

Our seat encourages you to naturally maintain good posture, provides support for your back and legs, and keeps you energized and productive throughout the day.

Moving on to the base, the lightweight aluminum foundation provides rock-solid stability to prevent any seat moment during intense pedaling sessions. 

Moving the chair is effortless thanks to the built-in wheels and leather-wrapped seat handle.

Even the slightest rattling noise can cause significant disturbances when you’re laser-focused on your work. That’s why, we’ve equipped the Ampera desk bike with a virtually silent belt-driven drive train, effectively limiting the noise to as low as 50dB, roughly equivalent to a quiet conversation.

Our stringent QC process ensures that the decibel level of every Ampera produced remains below 60dB.

Being silent is just one of the perks of using a belt drive system. It also provides a much longer lifespan (see what we did there) and requires less maintenance work.

The last thing you need in your workspace is a piece of furniture that looks out of place. We all strive for a certain aesthetic to showcase who we are and what matters to us in life. A cohesive and consistent style can help us focus better, put out quality work, and accomplish tasks efficiently. 

Ampera is designed with this in mind. Crafted from premium materials and featuring a modern design, the Ampera Bike is at home in any environment. You can place it anywhere in your house, and it will still contribute to a cohesive look in the space.

We are delighted to share that the Ampera desk bike has been honored with the esteemed 2023 HiP Award by Interior Design magazine, recognizing its exceptional design and innovative approach. 

Now celebrating its 10th year at NeoCon, the HiP Award honors industry pioneers and innovative products in product design that have made a significant impact on the the commercial sector.

In our efforts to reduce the use of virgin materials, we source recycled HIPS pellets from certified material manufacturers. To achieve optimal structural integrity and material strength, we have chosen to use 31% of recycled HIPS.

Lifespan Ampera is available in Space Gray and Glacier White at launch. More color options will be available when we reach our stretch goals.


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