The following terms and conditions apply to all commercial transactions made on Lifespan Europe reserves the right to change the product range at any time, including model changes, prices, offers and service, with the exception of products whose sale has already been processed.

Lifespan Europe strives at all times to provide correct and reliable information on the website. In the unlikely event that incorrect, unreliable or incomplete information is stated on the website, Lifespan will make every effort to resolve this immediately. If an error has occurred in a quotation and as a result a sale has occurred based on this quotation, the customer reserves the right to cancel the purchase without incurring any costs for him or her.

It is possible that certain information about products on the website is of a temporary nature. If this temporary information does not correspond with the product characteristics, the customer reserves the right to cancel the purchase free of charge at any time.

Provisional Provisions
The following sales values ​​apply to all sales of products through the website. By placing the order you agree to the condition that you are 18 years of age or older and legally authorized to enter into binding contracts. Order can only be placed if the product is actually purchased and used by the buyer, with no intention of resale to third parties. The resale or distribution of products purchased through the website is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to make fraudulent, false or speculative orders, orders placed by customers who have a dispute about a previous purchase and orders where there is reasonable doubt that the customer is in breach of or engaging in any of the terms and conditions of the sale to cancel criminal activities. We reserve the right to change our general terms and conditions at any time. You have the right to view the changed general terms and conditions at any time.

LifeSpan Europe is a company specialized in the (online) sale of fitness equipment for home use, semi-professional use and professional use and fitness equipment for the workplace.

Access to and / or use of our website gives you the status of ‘user’. By visiting our website you agree to the general user conditions that apply. The aforementioned terms and conditions apply regardless of contract terms resulting from mandatory compliance.

Use of the website
The website provides access to a variety of information about the products, services, service and data, hereinafter content, which belongs exclusively to Lifespan Europe and its licensors to which the user has access. The user assumes full responsibility for the use of the website. This responsibility extends to the registration necessary to gain access to certain services and products.

With this registration, the user agrees to the obligation to provide truthful and lawful information. As a result of this registration, the user can receive a password, for which he or she is responsible and obliged to handle it carefully and confidentially. The user undertakes to correctly use the services that Lifespan Europe offers through the website and not to use the website:

– to engage in illegal or unlawful activities, or activities contrary to good faith and public order;
– for the dissemination of content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic or otherwise illegal nature, justification and participation in terrorist activities and matters that contribute to violation of human rights;
– to cause damage to the physical and logistical systems of Lifespan Europe, suppliers or third parties and to spread computer viruses that can cause damage as mentioned above;
– to access, and where applicable, use the email accounts of other users to edit or delete their messages.

Lifespan reserves the right at any time to remove any comments and contributions that violate human rights and violate their dignity and privacy, are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist or pornographic, and are unsuitable for young people, when public order and security are at risk and are not suitable for any form of publication. Lifespan Europe cannot be held responsible for opinions and expressions of users on forums, in chats and through other means of participation.

Intellectual and Industrial Property
All intellectual and industrial property rights of the website, as well as all elements it contains, images, sound, audio, video, software, text, trademarks, logos, combinations of colors, structure and design, selection of materials used and computer programs necessary for the operation, access and use of the website are owned by Lifespan Europe.

All rights reserved. The following activities are strictly prohibited:

The reproduction, distribution and public communication, including the manner in which it is made available, of the entire contents of for commercial purposes, in any medium and by any technical means, without the consent of Lifespan Europe. The user undertakes to respect the intellectual and industrial property rights of Lifespan Europe at all times. The user has the right to visualize, print, copy and store elements of the website on a computer or other physical support, provided that these elements are for personal and private use only. The user must at all times refrain from removing, modifying, circumventing or manipulating any security devices or security systems installed on pages of

Lifespan Europe does not control the content of other websites to which is linked and cannot be held responsible for links and hyperlinks to other websites and their content, nor will it affect the technical availability, quality, guarantee the reliability, accuracy, completeness, authenticity, validity and constitutionality of any material or information on any of the aforementioned hyperlinks or other internet sites. Likewise, the inclusion of these external connections does not imply any association and merger with or participation in the related entities.

Internet sales
To place an order, the customer must add the chosen products to the shopping cart and then follow the steps of the buying process, as indicated on the website. Once this process has been completed, including the customer registration process, the order will be shipped to Lifespan Europe. If the customer has opted for confirmation by e-mail, the customer will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of the order. The current general terms and conditions apply to orders received by Lifespan Europe.

Confirmation and cancellation of orders
Before completing your order via the website, you can check all associated data, the amounts divided into all necessary categories, taxes, transport costs, selected items, etc. You can make adjustments or corrections at that time if you wish. To change or cancel the order afterwards, you must contact us via the website. The order can only be changed or canceled if it has not yet been processed in our system and prepared for shipment.

Relevant taxes
The prices of the products on the Lifespan Europe website include VAT. For sales made by persons outside the European Union, the tax surcharge VAT does not apply.

Payment options
Payment for the placed order can be made in various ways, via iDeal, Visa, Mastercard, bank / giro, Paypal, Giropay, Afterpay, Klarna, Przelewy24 and Bankcontact. To combat fraud, Lifespan Europe reserves the right to only offer a specific payment method to the customer, if the data of this customer does not appear to be authentic.

Lifespan Europe ships orders to customers through UPS and similar approved shipping companies. The date on which the order is delivered depends on the availability of the chosen product and the delivery address. For more information about delivery times and delivery rates, please visit the website.

Rights of the customer and returns
From the moment of receipt of the order you have 30 days to return the order. You must inform us within this period that you wish to return the order and you are responsible for arranging the return shipment.

Returning orders within the specified period of 30 days is subject to the following conditions:

– You have 30 days to return your order, valid from
the moment you received the order;
– You are responsible for arranging the return shipment yourself. Return shipments are at the risk of the customer. Lifespan Europe is not liable for damage to returned products or loss thereof;
– We pick up the return order at the delivery address, with the exception of the separately sold balance boards and racks. The costs for collecting the return shipment are at the customer’s expense;
– The customer is entitled to a trial period. This period is intended for testing the product. The customer may remove the product from the packaging and test it, as he would in a showroom of a store and to the extent necessary to determine the operation of the product and whether the product is to full satisfaction. If this is not the case, the customer must pack the product for return shipment as much as possible in the original packaging, and in any case in a packaging that adequately protects the product against damage. The buyer is at all times responsible for damage as a result of improperly packaged products.
– Please note that a full refund will ONLY be made if the returned product is in new condition, complete, functioning properly and undamaged. If this is not the case, a refund will NOT be made, or the costs to be incurred for the repair of any damage and the costs to be incurred for any replacement of parts will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.
– After the return has arrived in our warehouse and the above has been met, a full refund will be made to the bank account number you have chosen;
We aim to make the refund within three working days, with a deadline of ten working days.
– If the products ordered by you are not the same as the products you have received, the products will be collected by us at the delivery address and the costs will be borne by Lifespan Europe. Then the products ordered by you will be sent free of charge.

If you have any questions about returning orders, please contact us by telephone or by contacting our

The European Commission offers a conflict resolution program for consumer complaints about problems with online purchases. The program offers alternative dispute resolution, out of court. For more information about this program and access, please visit

If a product is broken or damaged, the customer is at all times entitled to free repair or replacement of the product. The seller bears responsibility for any complaints or problems with the product for a period of two years from the time of delivery.

Security and privacy
Lifespan Europe guarantees 100% security and privacy in all communication to and with the customer. Lifespan Europe guarantees the protection of all customer data, according to Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Personal Data Protection Act. Lifespan Europe is fully responsible for all data provided by the customer, which is stored in the database.

The privacy of our customers is of the utmost importance to us. All legal rules in this area will therefore be observed. All information related to personal data is carefully managed and stored in our system. This information will only be used to process orders and questions from the customer and, if desired, to send information regarding our products, prices, etc.

The information you provide to us will remain in our database at all times and will not be provided to third parties. Your data as known to us can be requested at any time via our website. You can log in with your e-mail address and password. You can of course also request your data via our customer service. At your request, personal data will be deleted if it turns out to be incorrect, the registration of this data does not serve the purpose of this registration, or if the registration of this data is in violation of any legal requirement.

In order to use our web page, it is necessary to use cookies, which are stored in the memory of the hard disk. The cookies are used for the sales statistics of If desired, you can set your computer to automatically notify you when cookies are received and prevent the installation of cookies on your hard drive.

Lifespan Europe reserves the right to store information that you provide on the website, even if you do not log in or do not complete an order. This information can be used to contact you about the reason why you are not logged in or have not completed your order.

Only Dutch law applies to agreements between Lifespan Europe and the customer to which these general terms and conditions apply.

Commercial communication
When you create an account with us, you will be offered the option to receive our newsletter. By clicking this option, you give Lifespan Europe permission to send you emails and newsletters from time to time. Lifespan Europe offers you the option to cancel this automatically in every e-mail contact. In addition, you have the option to cancel the newsletter at any time via your personal account. Lifespan Europe will never provide emails or other information to customers who have indicated that they do not wish to receive the newsletter.

Lifespan Europe will never provide information from its database to third parties and will at all times ensure that personal data of customers is treated and stored as well and securely as possible, in order to prevent persons without authorization from getting their hands on the data. Lifespan Europe reserves the right to send concrete information and offers by e-mail to customers, which make companies exclusive to Lifespan Europe customers.

Electronic invoice
The invoice is always sent by e-mail and can be downloaded via My account in the order information.

Partial nullity
Statutory provisions do not become invalid if terms of service or any part thereof violate the law and are therefore invalid. All parties commit to renegotiate the canceled terms of service and include the new valid terms of service.

Changes to the terms and conditions of sale
Lifespan Europe reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. This means that the content and services offered, or the form in which they are offered or stored in the servers can be changed, removed or added. These changes must be accepted by the user every time a purchase is made through the website. In the event that some of the terms and conditions are declared illegal or cannot be enforced by a court order, the other provisions will remain in effect.

Right to Exclusion
Lifespan Europe reserves the right to refuse or withdraw access to the website and / or services offered without prior notice, by itself or by third parties, to users who do not comply with the terms and conditions.

Lifespan Europe will prosecute any violation of these terms and conditions, as well as any improper use of the website.