Desk Bike C3-DT5, Bicycle Desk including manually height adjustable desk. Gray or charcoal base and gray desktop 96.5 or 122 cm. Keep moving, training while working from home and/or at the office with an active workplace from LifeSpan!

Prevent stif legs with the Lifespan C3-DT5 Bicycle with desk

With the C3-DT5 Under Desk Bike you kill two birds with one stone. You can work and move with it at the same time, so you stay fit and healthy. By cycling you improve the blood flow in your thigh muscles, which counteracts shop window legs. If you have shop-window legs, there is an oxygen deficiency in the muscles and they become acidic. This leads to a stabbing pain and cramps in your calves, thighs and glutes. You can have pain while at rest and while moving and a severe form of shop window legs can even cause wounds on the skin that heal poorly or not at all. Little exercise is one of the causes of display legs. You can prevent this with this bicycle with desk.

Alternately sitting, standing and cycling with this bicycle table 

The bicycle table has compact dimensions so that it can be placed in almost any room. The desk bike has handy transport wheels at the back so that you can easily lift and move it. You can therefore only use the desk to alternate sitting and standing work. The desk can be manually adjusted between 91.4 and 132 cm. People with a height between 147 and 203 cm can work with it comfortably while sitting or standing. Alternating sitting and standing work increases your concentration, makes you more creative, makes you burn more calories than just sitting, makes you more energetic, ensures that more blood is pumped through your body and brain, so you can do better and faster can think and come to more and better ideas and it ensures that your health improves and you live longer.

Bicycle and desk with good ergonomics 

You can choose the size of the desktop yourself, either 96.5 cm or 121.9 cm. This way you can determine yourself how much space you need to set up your workplace. The desktop is equipped with nice armrests on which you can rest your arms wonderfully, so that you have a good ergonomic working position and you remain well balanced while standing or cycling and do not lean on the desk. That is bad for your back and your joints. In the middle of the armrests you will find a console on which you can keep track of your cycling time, number of pedal revolutions, calorie consumption, distance and speed.

Desk with bicycle for offices, meeting rooms, home workplaces and flexible workspaces 

The bicycle has a universal bicycle saddle. The saddle is large and has a soft padding so that you can sit comfortably on it. The saddle is adjustable in 19 heights and therefore suitable for people with a length between 152 and 203 cm. The pedals can be exchanged so that you can choose them yourself. However long and intensive your ride is, it will remain comfortable. The desk bike is very quiet during use so that you can always keep your focus on your work and do not disturb your colleagues when you work with more people in the same room. The C3-DT5 Under Desk Bike is suitable for use in offices, meeting rooms, the home workplace and in flexible workspaces.