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LifeSpan Workplace Treadmill with desk TR1200-DT5 Classic

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Treadmill Desk TR1200-DT5 including manually height adjustable desk. Silent office treadmill with gray base and black, white or gray desktop 96.5 or 122 cm. Keep moving when working from home and/or at the office with an active workplace from LifeSpan!

Keep being active by working and walking simultaneously

With this fine piece of equipment you get the daily exercise you need. It’s a combination between a treadmill and a standing desk. This means you can walk while you work. Besides getting your much needed exercise it offers you a great number of benefits. It activates your brain and makes you come up with great ideas. It also stimulates your productivity so you’ll get more work done.

The TR1200-DT5 is fully tailored to your ideal working conditions

It’s time to start running on the TR1200-DT5. You can completely accommodate this treadmill desk to your ideal working conditions. The desk has an adjustable height ranging from 85 to 113 cm and is ergonomically appropriate to users measuring between 147 and 203 cm. The desktop is equipped with nice armrest to comfortable rest your arms while working. It comes in different colors so you can tailor it to your liking.

Perfectly suited for at home or in a busy work environment

The TR1200-DT5 is perfectly suitable to people who are easily distracted or have to work with multiple people in the same room. It has a whisper-quiet engine and shock absorbers to keep noise at a minimum. The shock absorbers also prevent the treadmill from vibrating so you can keep reading your screen or piece of paper. Because of this the treadmill is fit to be used at a busy office or at home.

Walking comfortably and balanced 

Walking while you work is also sensible if you’re having trouble keeping your balance and want to improve your stability and coordination skills. Because you’re walking, working, reading, typing, writing and consulting all at once you effectively train your balance, stability and ability to coordinate. The TR1200-DT5 Treadmill desk comes with a long and wide, Length 127 x Width 50.80 cm, running surface. Regardless of your height and stride length, you have plenty of space to walk comfortably and balanced.

Indispensable at the office and at home

The treadmill desk can be used by people with various heights weighing up to 158 kg. The strong 2 HP Continuous Duty motor ensures a long and intensive running time. With the included console you can count your steps and burnt calories and measure your workout time, distance and speed. This helps you to improve your physical ability and slim down effectively. The internal cabling saves you from tripping over wires that would otherwise be spread out on the floor. The TR1200-DT5 Treadmill desk is indispensable both at the office and at home.

Your active workplace, at home or at the office

The TR1200-DT5 brings you a treadmill and a desk together. Gone are the long days sitting at work. With this combination you can keep working while you walk, thanks to the low maximum speed of only 6.44 kmp / h per hour and the large desk with enough space for all your things. Thanks to the integrated console with the preset speed, you will be walking at the desired speed in no time. Integrated armrests ensure that you can work ergonomically to avoid physical discomfort. Active work has never been so comfortable before.

Internal cable routing and transport wheels

The TR1200-DT5 has internal cable routing which is very useful. Goodbye to loose cables that pollute the floor and cause unsightly slipping, hello placing your treadmill desk in every desired location. The transport wheels are also a great help, making it easy for you to quickly and easily move the treadmill desk. Your workplace has never been more comfortable and efficient.




  • Recommended use

    All-Day, Individual Use

  • Dimensions treadmill

    160 cm L x 72,4 cm W x 18,4 cm H

  • Dimensions console


  • Step up height

    11,7 cm

  • Belt type


  • Belt size

    50,8 cm W x 127 cm L

  • Marked belt

    With a motor so quiet, treadmill belt markings help you and coworkers identify when the belt is moving

  • Drive motor

    2.25 HP Continuous Duty Motor

  • Speed

    0,64 km/h - 6,4 km/h

  • Incline

    Not Available: Walking at an incline while working is not recommended by ergonomists as it takes your body out of a neutral position and places strain on your back and joints

  • Deck suspension

    6 Independent Compression Shocks

  • Deck

    1.9 cm Phenolic Deck

  • Side rails

    Non-Slip Plastic

  • Transport

    Treadmill has 2 front-mounted transport wheels for easy mobility

  • Max. user weight

    159 kg

  • Average amp. Draw

    2.7 Amps (77 kg User at 3.2 kmp/h)

  • Assembly

    No assembly required for treadmill, desk does require assembly

  • EAN-code



  • Desk height adjustment

    70-127 cm

  • Max. desktop height

    50" (127 cm)

  • Desktop size

    96,5 cm/122 cm W x 81 cm D

  • Desktop color

    Black, grey or white

  • Desktop materials

    1.6 Thick HD Composite Board

  • Frame colors

    Silver or black

  • Frame materials



  • Shipping dimensions

    3 boxes

  • Box 1

    170 cm L x 76 cm W x 23 cm H

  • Box 2

    97 cm L x 28 cm W x 30 cm H

  • Box 3

    104 cm/127 cm L x 84 cm W x 8 cm H

  • Product weight

    Treadmill: 52 kg and Desk: 50 kg


  • Use

    Single use

  • Frame


  • Motor

    3 years

  • Parts

    2 years

  • Labor

    1 year

  • Safety certifications

    CE Certified


189 reviews for LifeSpan Workplace Treadmill with desk TR1200-DT5 Classic

  1. Andy P.

    No complaints so far other than the app is no good. I’ve been walking on it for several weeks and it does what I wanted it to do. Be sure to tighten all desk bolts with your own tools as it might be difficult with some of included tools.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  2. Ed S.

    Easy to set up and very smooth. I was able to get rid of knee braces after the first 45 days.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  3. Emi N.

    I am finally able to be active while working from home and can get enough steps in. I'm so glad I have this desk

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  4. Michael W.

    The treadmill and desk are great and made with quality in mind. Easy to assemble and a month in, they seem to hold up well (10K steps a day). The associated app from Lifespan is HORRIBLE! Unlike other apps, you have to set it up and connect to the treadmill

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  5. Amy H.

    Good product and well put together. Will enjoy using.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  6. Jackie

    I have had my walking desk for 5 months now. I use it every work day for at least an hour. I definitely have less hip pain since I can now walk and stand at my new desk. Worth the money for sure!!!

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  7. Kristoffer M.

    I love it. My back pain has subsided drastically and I definitely enjoy going to work a lot more now. Would definitely recommend this desk to anyone that needs a change from sitting 8 plus hours a day.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  8. Donna H.

    We are loving the treadmill desk! Haven’t figured out the App yet tho. Is it supposed to be in Chinese?

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  9. Kate W.

    Great purchase! We really enjoy having the opportunity to walk while working during the day instead of sitting at a desk for 8 hours. Really awesome! Easy set up and easy to use!

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  10. Catherine M.

    First day and this is great! Meetings all day on video and even my colleagues were energized watching me walk. The movement from watching me is minimal.
    This is going to help me get through this challenging winter 2021
    I put it together myself in a couple of hours.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  11. Benita K.

    I like the treadmill very much. As far as the app goes, it is very difficult to work with when I want to add steps from Areas other than the treadmill. All in all, I’d recommend this treadmill and the desk. That way you could watch movies TV shows while walking.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  12. Traci R.

    Love it. Just wish I could increase the speed for those quiet times when a quicker pace would be nice.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  13. Andrew C.

    Meets expectations. Worth expensive price. Standing desk is a tiny bit wobbly, but perfectly adequate.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  14. John Y.

    I love the treadmill – it feels solidly built and operates pretty quietly. The desk wobbles a little bit. I was told to tighten the bolts as tight as possible, but it didn't solve the wobble entirely.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
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