The LifeSpan Fitness Equipment Mat TMM100 offers optimal protection during workouts and working. The floor mat measures a stunning 201 in length and 94 cm in width, so it optimally protects both your fitness or workplace equipment and the floor underneath and next to it. This is because the mat keeps dust and carpet fibers from getting into moving parts of your exercise or workplace equipment and prevents your floor from being scratched, stained or otherwise damaged. The mat offers protection of every kind of floor including hardwood, tile and carpeting. It also reduces static electricity. The LifeSpan floor mat had been made out of recycled rubber and is therefore very durable and long lasting, unlike mats made of vinyl. The floor mat is very easy to use and you can conveniently fold it if you’re not going to use it. Thanks to its thickness the mat has a very strong shock and sound absorption, even when you walk, jog or run at maximum speed. The mat has an anti-skid surface which is easy to clean.

Go with the optimal protection for your fitness or workplace equipment with the LifeSpan Fitness Equipment Mat TMM100!