Is sitting the new smoking? Not if you do it the right way! With the LifeSpan Yoga Ball it becomes a healthy movement: at home or in the office. The yoga ball sitting ball is ergonomically designed and because of the natural posture you adopt, it is good for your back.

Why it’s so good? You have a much more active posture than if you were sitting on a chair. You never slump and are more mobile in your motor skills. Even if you only do it for part of the day, it already has an effect. You also unconsciously train your back muscles and abs and you feel a lot fitter and are more productive.

Easy to carry handle
The LifeSpan yoga ball is cleverly designed with a handle on the side of the ball. In this way you can easily move the sitting ball within the building, or take it with you to another place. The ball of the brand LifeSpan Workplace has a high-quality cover in the color ‘charcoal’.