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LifeSpan Console SC110 (new monitor 2021)

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Walking on your under desk treadmill at work gets a lot easier AND nicer with the new and improved LifeSpan SC110 console! The console has a pretty and compact design and a convenient standard so you can keep reading it from every angle and with every lighting situation. While you’re walking, it accurately measures your time, speed, distance, training time, calorie consumption and amount of steps. You also get to see the date and a summary of your training data when you pause your walk.

The new and improved LifeSpan SC110 console!

Setting up your desired settings is a piece of cake with this nice and small LifeSpan SC110 console so you’ll be on the move in no time. The console features large convenient touchscreen buttons for you to easy navigate and use it. It has a dark display and your training states are displayed in white letters. This makes them perfectly readable from every angle and with every light. De SC110 is equipped with preset buttons to save your favourite settings and get those every time you decide to take a walk or cycle away. It’s compatible with bluetooth and can be connected to the TR1200 and TR5000 under desk treadmill and the C3 under desk bike. By downloading the LifeSpan Club App you can synchronise the app with your treadmill or desk bike using the bluetooth and view your stats on your smartphone. This way you have them on hand and you can save them. Your training stats will be overwritten by new training stats if you go walking or cycling again. Saving your training stats enables you to compare them and see where you stand.

Set the LifeSpan SC110 console the way you want!

The LifeSpan SC110 console answers to your personal wants and needs. It has preset buttons to set and save the height of the desktop so you don’t have to do this over and over again and preset buttons to set and to raise and low the speed and resistance (desk bike). This way you can immediately start walking or cycling the way you want! Thanks to the small design the console fits every desk and is never in your way. It perfectly fits on your desk along with all your other stuff.

The perfect console with your new LifeSpan Workplace device

The LifeSpan SC110 console can be used with the LifeSpan TR1200 and TR5000 Under Desk Treadmill and the C3 Under Desk Bike. It can also be used with these in products in combination with the DT5 or DT7 treadmill/bike desk if you want to use the treadmill or bike separately from the desk.

Do you also want to get the most out of your walking or cycling sessions at your workplace? Then buy the LifeSpan SC110 console right now!

New and improved SC110 console

With the SC110 console you walk or cycle your way. It's easily and quickly set the way you want so you can start right away. If you pause the console you'll get a summary of your training stats and you can see if you're doing a good job. The console is easy to place on every desk and won't be in your way at all. Thanks to the large touchscreen buttons also people with larger fingers can easily manage the console. The large touchscreen buttons are also pretty convenient if you want to make adjustments during your walk or cycle because you don't have to interrupt them to do this. The LifeSpan SC110 console is absolutely indispensable at your workplace!

Nice console for your workplace

With the SC110 walking or cycling at your workplace gets very pleasant! Burning calories or taking 10.000 steps a day? No problem! Thanks to the clear overview of your training stats at the display you know exactly how you're doing. The console comes with a safety key for optimal safety during walking or cycling. It has an easy interface so you'll have soon found out all its functions. You can save your settings so you won't lose them and can use them again. Pretty handy if you're using the treadmill or bike together with other people. The console has a nice design and comes into his own on every desk!

LifeSpan SC110 console



  • Display

    Blue LED display

  • View

    Treadmill: time, date, speed, distance, calories, training time, step cunt, summary Bike: time, date, resistance level, distance, training time, calories, speed, summary

  • QuickSet Button Control


  • Bluetooth-compatibility


  • Compatible with smartphones


  • USB-port


  • Intelli-Step


  • Safety-Key


  • Speed

    0,6 - 6,4 kmp/h

  • Intelli-Guard


  • Dimensions

    L 11.5 x D 11.5 x H 3.2 cm

  • Weight

    1 kg

  • Material


  • Color


  • EAN code



  • Dimensions

    1 box: L 20,5 x B 14,5 x H 8.1 cm

  • Weight

    0.85 kg

  • In de doos

    SC110 console, safety key, owners manual


  • Satefy certifications

    CE certified

  • Parts

    2 years



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