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LifeSpan Fitness Hometrainer C3i

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LifeSpan Fitness C3i Exercise bike for intensive home fitness with an LCD monitor, tablet holder for tablets and smartphones, a water bottle holder, built-in speakers, audio inputs for iPods and headphones and a height-adjustable saddle. The LifeSpan Bluetooth 4.0/ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor with chest strap is included.

Exercise bike for home fitness with 21 challenging training programs

Get in perfect shape with the Upright Bike Hometrainer C3i. The 21 varied and challenging training programs, put together by renowned physiologists, will help you to achieve all your training goals, no matter how daring. The exercise bike is equipped with two heart rate control programs, the Interval Heart Rate and the Constant Heart Rate. In addition to these training programs, you can achieve even more training goals, such as losing weight with one out of the five weight-loss programs, working on your health with one out of the five ‘Healthy Living ‘Training programs and improve your physical fitness with one of the seven sports training programs. Would you rather set your own terms of training? Then you can simply put together your own training schedule using one out of two manual user programs.

Maximum comfort during your training 

Intensive and long-term training should be fun and comfortable. The C3i has got that covered with its thick and cushioned seat. The seat has a 19-height adjustment range from 76 up to 104 cm, measuring from the top of the seat to the fully extended pedal,  allowing users measuring between 152 and 203 cm to train safely and comfortably. While training on this exercise bike you put your abs, gluteal muscles and varied muscles in your legs to work and built up your stamina, so go for it.

Free Lifespan Club membership for an overview of your training data on your desktop or smartphone 

Another reason to buy the C3i Upright Bike Hometrainer is the free LifeSpan Club membership that comes with it. With this membership you can save your training results in the Cloud and view them on your desktop or smartphone. With the included USB data port you can save and store your training results, namely the rotations per minute (RPM), distance, calories, workout time, heart rate, speed, resistance level and watts and upload this data to your LifeSpan account when you’re done training. You can use your desktop or the LifeSpan Fitness app (available at the Google Play store) to log in to your LifeSpan account and view your training results. Either way you’ll always have your workout results at hand.

Media-holder and built-in speakers to keep you entertained during your exercise 

You won’t get bored for a moment with the C3i. The exercise bike has a media-holder to place your tablet or smartphone. Besides keeping track of your training results you can entertain yourself on the internet, by watching a movie, with your favorite series, by putting on exciting music or by reading a good book. You can use the built-in speakers to connect your iPod or headphones to the exercise bike to train with your favorite beats. The C31 Upright Bike is the best hometrainer if your goal is to get fit by long and intensive cardio endurance training.

Sturdy and stabile hometrainer

Looking for a strong and sturdy bike. Look no further. The C3i Upright Bike weighs a stunning 94 kg and can accomodate users weighing up to no less than 181 kg. The bike has a sturdy frame and heavy legs so it keeps standing stable no matter how hard you pedal.

Varied training programs

The C3i features training programs for every fitness level. It's got 5 Weight Management programs, 5 Healthy Living programs, 7 Sports training programs and two special heart rate programs, the Interval Heart Rate and the Constant Heart Rate. With the Interval program you set a minimum and a maximum heart rate and let the C3i control the resistance level. You take your heart up to the maximum set rate and then back down all within preset interval program. With the Constant program you set a single target heart rate and the C3i adjusts the resistance to keep you at your target. You can also create your own training program with one of the 2 customized user programs.

Goal oriented training

Your C3i Upright Bike comes with a free heart rate monitor, the LifeSpan Bluetooth 4.0/ANT+. You can use this heart rate monitor with chest strap to accurately measure your heart rate during while you're training for a goal-oriented workout. The heart rate monitor is waterproof and compatible with the LifeSpan Fitness equipment.

Height adjustable seat

The seat is adjustable in height in 19 positions ranging from 76 cm to 104 cm so you can optimally adapt the hometrainer to your length and get an ergonomic posture. The C3i Upright Bike is suitable to athletes measuring from 152 cm to 203 cm.



  • Display

    Multi-color LCD display, interactive Touchscreen console

  • View

    Exercise program, date and time, workout time, calories, rotations per minute (RPM), distance, heart rate, speed, resistance level, watts

  • Exercise programs

    2 heart rate programs, 2 customized user programs and 17 preset programs (5 weight management, 5 ‘Healthy Living’ programs, 7 Sports training programs)

  • Graph view


  • Quick change resistance buttons

    4 resistance level buttons

  • Preset program buttons

    5 program set buttons

  • Holder for smartphones/tablets


  • USB-port


  • Tablet-compatibility


  • Audio

    Built-in speakers and audio-input to link your smartphone or headphones

  • Bluetooth interface


  • Heart rate monitor

    Contact heart rate sensors and Bluetooth-connectivity to use and optional chest strap

  • Intelli key



  • Seat

    19-height adjustment settings ranging from 74 cm to 104 cm

  • Backrest


  • Pedals

    Self balancing, adjustable straps

  • Resistance levels


  • Resistance system

    Magnetic - Eddy Current

  • Double bearings


  • Type of bearings


  • Max. user weight

    181 kg

  • Bottle cage


  • Intelli Guard safety


  • Flywheel

    8 kg

  • Frame


  • Compatibel with IHP


  • Classification

    Intense home use

  • Crank


  • Power supply


  • Transport

    2 rear-mounted wheels

  • Leveling


  • EAN-code



  • Dimensions

    L 103 x W 71 x H 144 cm

  • Weight

    45 kg


  • Shipping dimensions

    L 78 x W 38 x H 89 cm

  • Gross weight

    50 kg


  • Use

    Home use

  • Frame


  • Parts

    5 years

  • Labor

    2 years

  • Safety certifications

    CE certified


4 reviews for LifeSpan Fitness Hometrainer C3i

  1. Hkj

    I received my very fast and was anxious to put it together. Well it took me 1 hour and 25 minutes to put it together and that’s only because im not mechanically inclined plus I read the instructions twice. Well I finally got together and its one great treadmill

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  2. Nate

    I could not be happier. I use this bike every day. This bike is really solid.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  3. Aziar

    I’m a near 400 lb 6″27 man. This bike is very sturdy and well built for someone of my size. There are very few options when it comes to bikes that support 400 lbs. The C3i is definitely one of the best out there.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  4. Ed

    I love it. Was originally purchased for my brother to use but I find myself using it all the time. I might even try figuring out the more complicated programs.

    All in all, I am glad I bought it.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
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