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LifeSpan Workplace Bike Desk Duo

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A new way of working

Seated working and endless staff meetings are pretty outdated by now. But how can you change your rusty way of working? With the LifeSpan Workplace Bike Desk Duo. This innovative workplace product consists of a table with a sturdy frame and two (Solo) desk bikes attached to it. This way you can work, have meetings and consult with colleagues, classmates or fellow students while you’re cycling. This keeps you active while working. Moving while working is healthy and increases your productivity. It also helps you to better reflect on things and boosts your creativity. Research shows that a moving meeting in a small group is more effective than ‘traditional’ meetings because it makes you more productive and creative. Being seated all the time makes you lazy and makes your thoughts wandering off easier. Movement keeps you on edge and because it takes more effort you can’t keep it up as long as a seated meeting. Your meetings will get a lot shorter and therefore more effective. This stimulates your vitality and stamina and reduces your level of stress.

Working comfortably

As important as moving while working is optimal comfort during working. The desk bikes have a large contoured seat that has been designed to equally balance your weight. They also come with a comfy backrest which prevents you from being seated slumped down and getting backache. The seat is manually adjustable in height within 17 cm and 11 positions and suits users ranging from 146 to 201 cm. The pedals are oversized and almost 23 cm long, making them supporting the most part of your feet and suitable for nearly every shoe type and size. This makes peddling is very comfortable. The pedals have been placed a bit more forward as with a traditional hometrainer. Because of this you don’t have to bend your knees far and your feet and the rest of your lower body are placed in a comfortable and natural position, which resembles working in an office chair behind an office desk. This makes for optimal, ergonomisch and comfortable working conditions.

Ideally suitable at the office or at your workplace at home

The desktop is made of durable laminate and has a diameter of 106 cm. So it’s spacy enough for both your stuff as that of your colleagues, classmates or fellow students. The Duo Desk Bike has a maximum user weight of no less than 181 kg and weighs in at 80 kg. Yet it’s easily movable thanks to the four transport wheels. You don’t even have to lift it but can simply push it aside. The Bike Desk Duo is equipped with a power-free operation and doesn’t have to be placed close to a power socket. Because of this you’re very flexible in where you want to place it.

Get a more active, more productive and more healthy way of working with the LifeSpan Workplace Bike Desk Duo!

Active, productive and healthy collaboration, consulting and meeting

The LifeSpan Bike Desk Duo changes your static, unhealthy and ineffective meetings and active, productive and creative ones. Because you're moving you keep sharp and focused, are able to reflect on things better and get more and better ideas. Your meetings will last shorter and are therefore more productive. The Bike Desk Duo is also ideal for collaborating with colleagues, fellow students and classmates.

Four handy transport wheels

The LifeSpan Bike Desk Duo is equipped with no less than 4 transport wheels so you can move it easily without having to lift it. And that's a good thing, given it weighs in at a stunning 80 kg! This makes for a maximum loadable user weight of 181 kg and makes it resistant to double occupancy, all day long.



  • Recommended use

    All-day, double occupancy

  • Dimensions

    L 215 x B 106 x H 104 cm

  • Dimensions console


  • Seat

    Ergonomic, Waterfall-Design Seat With Backrest

  • Seat adjustment

    17,8 cm (11 positions) suiting users ranging from 146 to 201 cm

  • Resistance system

    Non-Adjustable Eddy Current Brake System

  • Flywheel

    8,1 kg

  • Pedals

    Oversized; Bi-Directional (Forward/Backward Pedaling)

  • Transport

    4 Mounted Transport Wheels for Easy Mobility

  • Power requirements

    Power-Free Operation

  • Max. user weight

    181 kg

  • Assembly

    No assembly needed

  • EAN-code



  • Desk height adjustment


  • Max. desktop height


  • Desktop size

    Diameter: 106 cm

  • Desktop color


  • Desktop materials

    Durable laminate

  • Frame color


  • Frame materials



  • Shipping dimensions

    Single box: L 129 x B 71 x H 129 cm

  • Product weight

    80 kg


  • Use

    Double occupancy

  • Frame


  • Parts

    2 years

  • Labor

    1 year

  • Safety certifications

    CE certified



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