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LifeSpan Fitness Hometrainer Recumbent Bike R5i Semi-professional

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LifeSpan Recumbent Bike R5i for semi-professional use with a large and soft height and length adjustable bicycle saddle and an adjustable backrest and footrests, an LCD monitor with holder for tablets and smartphones and armrests.

Working out with limited impact on your joints

The Lifespan R5i Recumbent Bike is perfect for people who want to train intensively without straining their joints. During your workout you’re seated on a comfortable seat with your back resting against a soft and smooth backrest. As a result your body is is optimally supported and there’s no pressure on your joints. Because of this the recumbent bike is very suitable for physiotherapy and rehabilitation training.

Adjustable seat and backrest for an ergonomic and joint-friendly training 

The R5i is suitable to everyone, given its adjustable seat and backrest. The seat is adjustable in both length and height. Users with various body heights can set their ideal seating position with enough space between the seat and the foot pedals to train ergonomically and joint-friendly. For this reason the backrest can also be adjusted. Additionally armrests have been added to support your arms and eliminate stress on your neck and shoulders. The armrests are equipped with integrated heart rate sensors so you can keep track of your heart rate while you’re training.

34 varied and challenging training programs for targeted training 

The recumbent bike offers you a wide variety of training programs for target-oriented training. It has two heart rate control programs, the Interval Heart Rate and the Constant Heart Rate to monitor your heart rate when you’re in training. This kind of training helps you to burn calories and lose weight and improves your physical condition, your health and your performance level in training. You can also burn calories and lose weight with one of ten different weight loss programs, get healthy with any of the ten ‘Healthy Living’ programs, be sporty with one out of 14 sport training programs, or go nuts with your own training program, compiled with one of the manual user programs. The floor is yours.

A clear view of your training data with the LCD display or your tablet 

You’re training hard, showing discipline so obviously you want to know if you’re well on the way to gain your training goals. The multi-color LCD display keeps you well informed about your achievements during your training. You get readouts about your workout time, burnt calories, rotations per minute (RPM), distance, heart rate, speed, resistance level and watts. The bike is also compatible with tablets and fitted with a tablet holder, so you’re also able to view your training data on your tablet.

16 resistance levels for a challenging workout 

The R5i is ideal for those who want to be challenged. With its total of 16 resistance levels you’ll get more than you can handle in terms of training. They also give you the possibility to gradually improve your level of training at your own speed. This is very suitable for physiotherapy and rehabilitation training.

Achieve all your training goals with the LifeSpan Recumbent Bike R5i

The recumbent bike has a self-generating power system. This means you have to keep pedaling to keep it up and running. You don’t have to worry about wires and sockets and you can safely and comfortably place the recumbent bike anywhere. Should the recumbent bike take up too much space, you can easily move it using the transport wheels. Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve your fitness level or strengthen your muscles, the Lifespan Recumbent Bike R5i helps you to achieve them.

Power free recumbent bike 

The R5i generates its own power so you don't have to place it near a power socket. This makes it perfect for use at home. The recumbent bike is also very quiet during training so you can have a conversation, listen to music or watch a movie or series without being disturbed. It's also very durable and equipped with handy transport wheels so you can relocate it with ease.

Effective and goal oriented training

The R5i makes all your workout dreams come true, whether it's getting healthy, slimming down or a challenging and varied workout at your own terms. You can do it all with the 4 heart rate programs, 10 Healthy Living programs, 10 Weight Management programs, 14 Sport training programs and 2 manual user programs.

Large and comfortable seat

The R5i offers you a comfortable training thanks to the large and thick seat both adjustable in length and in height to 35.5 cm. This way you can set an optimal and ergonomic training posture and train safely. The seat is as pleasant as the seat of an office chair so it's easy to keep seat for a long time. It's even so pleasant that you would almost forget you're actually training.

Breathable backrest

Your back is optimally supported while you're training with the R5i thanks to the comfortable and breathable backrest. This prevents you from back complaints and enables athletes with back complaints and athletes to train with the recumbent bike with or after injury. The backrest supports your whole back and is adjustable so you can set the ideal training posture. Thanks to the armrests you can comfortably rest your arms during your training. With that much comfort you don't want to stop exercising anymore!

Nice training app

Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth you can connect your smartphone to the console and synchronise your training results when you're done training. This gives you full insight in your training results and you'll always have them at hand. The app keeps track of your workout time, calorie consumption and travelled distance. You can compare your earlier workout results with your latest ones to stay up do date about your training progress.



  • Display

    Multi-color LCD display, interactive Touchscreen console

  • View

    Exercise program, date and time, workout time, calories, rotations per minute (RPM), distance, heart rate, speed, resistance level, watts

  • Exercise programs

    2 heart rate programs, 2 customized user programs and 17 preset programs (5 weight management, 5 ‘Healthy Living’ programs, 7 Sports training programs)

  • Graph view


  • Quick change resistance buttons

    4 Quickset buttons to set the resistance level

  • Preset program buttons

    5 Quickset buttons to set the exercise programs

  • Holder for smartphones/tablets


  • USB-port


  • Tablet-compatibility


  • Audio

    Built-in speakers and audio-input to connect the recumbent bike with your smartphone or headphones

  • Bluetooth interface


  • Heart rate monitor

    Contact heart rate sensors and Bluetooth-connectivity to use and optional chest strap

  • Intelli key



  • Seat

    Adjustable in length and height to 36 cm

  • Backrest

    Adjustable, breathable backrest

  • Pedals

    Self balancing, adjustable straps

  • Resistance levels


  • Resistance system

    Magnetic - Eddy Current

  • Double bearings


  • Type of bearings


  • Max. user weight

    181 kg

  • Bottle cage


  • Flywheel

    8 kg

  • Frame


  • Compatibel with IHP


  • Classification

    Semi-professional use

  • Crank


  • Power supply

    Self-Generating Power System

  • Transport

    2 front-mounted wheels

  • Leveling


  • EAN-code



  • Dimensions

    L 178 x W 70 x H 113 cm

  • Weight

    66 kg


  • Shipping dimensions

    Single box: L 170 x W 38 x H 64 cm

  • Gross weight

    73 kg


  • Use

    Home use

  • Frame


  • Parts

    5 years

  • Labor

    2 years

  • Safety certifications

    CE certified


18 reviews for LifeSpan Fitness Hometrainer Recumbent Bike R5i Semi-professional

  1. Charles G.

    Delivers everything we expected. Plus, I need the backrest which was one of the determining requirements. The staff and others were very knowledgeable, friendly and very customer focused

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  2. Michael W.

    The R5i bike itself performs well, but we a very disappointed in the fact that it will not properly interface with our blue tooth devices. This feature was one of deciding factors in purchasing the bike. We can not record and save our workout results

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  3. Michael B.

    the wires from the panel slipped thru the column and were tic tic ticking on the flywheel. i tied them away so no tic but now a squeak that comes and goes. I’m going to ride a while to see if it gets better or worse.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  4. Jay K.

    Overall, I do like the bike. I like the various workout options it offers and the quietness of the bike. I would add an avg.speed to the display as a future enhancement. However, I do find the seat somewhat uncomfortable….

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  5. Jordi V.

    it was ok not that big or sturdy Ok.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  6. John P.

    The R5i Recumbent Bike is exactly what was advertised. Convenient, easy to use, and quiet. I am a large person and it is comfortable. It is very nice to have a device that can get my heart rate up and a good sweat going while watching TV at home.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  7. Gary H.

    I love my recumbent exercise bike! It is comfortable to work out and watch tv at the same time! Multiple functions make the bike ideal for whatever stage of exercise you are in – basic movement, maintaining activity during COVID, weight loss, endurance

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  8. Claudia M.

    I went to the local YMCA prior to purchasing the LifeSpan Fitness bike, prior to the pandemic. The bikes there are fantastic. Never did I dream I could buy my own bike that is as good as those at this professional gym.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  9. Duane K.

    Smooth, quiet, comfortable, terrific resistance steps for a full workout! Easy to adjust and the grandkids love it.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  10. Karen C.

    Smooth and quiet

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  11. Stephanie H.

    Works as promised. Quiet. Simple to use.Took a few hours to put together. The directions are clear.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  12. Thomas C.

    My wife and I are 70 and we stopped going to the local gym due to Covid 19, so I ordered this bike. It was not difficult assembling and easy to move around. Twenty minutes on the bike while using light hand weights and a 30 minute walk gives me a great workout.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  13. Rodney R.

    My R5I IS EVERY THING i hoped it would be. I used a recumbent bike at the gym that I belong to. I used the recumbent at the gym for two years and found out that there was no diffrence. I am totally satisfied with my R5i.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  14. Adam P.

    Ths bike itself is great once I received one that worked. The first bike I received, the seat and seat bolts were missing. The second bike arrived damaged beyond use.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  15. Laura A.

    Bought this bike last week at a local fitness dealer and I absolutely love it. A great home exercise recumbent bike that is as quality as the bikes at the gym. It runs very quietly, very smooth and runs on its own pedal power. Really like the arm rests too

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  16. Jerome S.

    This is a great bike! Arm rests are perfect for wife’s rotater cuff. Very robust design.
    Shipping box was filthy. Covered with heavy black layer of dust. Needed to don gloves, garden clothes & dust mask to unpackage the bike.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  17. Wayne M.

    This is a great machine. I really like that it generates its own power. No cords. Actually came earlier than expected and was easy to set up.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  18. Debbie W.

    I got this for my arthritic knees. It fits me, it’s easy to operate, and because of that I'm more likely to use it. It isn’t difficult to put together, but can be time consuming and you may need an extra set of hands to hold certain pieces

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
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