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LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR5000-DT3-BT GlowUp

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LifeSpan Workplace whisper-quiet Treadmill TR5000-DT3-BT for under your desk with Bluetooth monitor for working at home or at the office. Does not vibrate so that you can continue to read the screen of your tablet and laptop.

The treadmill to use at the office and at home

With the TR5000-DT3 Treadmill for under your desk you make sure you get enough exercise during a long day working at the office or at home. You can place this treadmill under a standing desk or a normal (high) desk and start walking while you work. The TR5000-DT3 is perfectly suited to use at the office or at home, due to it’s whisper-quit motor and its small footprint. You can place it anywhere you like and you won’t disturb your colleagues or family members while walking on the treadmill.

Walking comfortably while working 

The treadmill has a maximum user weight up to 181 kg and is designed for long lasting and heavy duty. With this treadmill you will certainly meet your daily exercise needs. To stay healthy you need to take 10.000 steps a day. While walking you can use the enclosed console to count your steps with so it’s very easy to reach the minimum number of required steps. The TR5000-DT3 has a long and wide running surface so you can walk comfortably and without having the risk of stepping off the treadmill. Because you don’t have to focus on your gait, you can fully concentrate on your work.

Walking and working simultaneously saves time and seriously benefits your health

A major advantage of walking and working simultaneously is that it saves you a lot of time. You save the hours you would otherwise spend on exercising and you’re able to take time out to enjoy life’s little pleasures. In addition to saving yourself a lot of time walking on this treadmill offers you many health benefits. It reduces and prevents physical complaints, improves your mental capacity and makes you more creative and productive so you get more work done. It wil also makes you feel more vibrant than you ever did before, helps you to stay in perfect shape and concentrate on your work and it reduces the risk of disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Last but not least it stimulates your brain and smartens you up. Anyway there are plenty of reasons to start using this wonderful treadmill.

Work effectively while you walk 

Walking slowly and working at the same time go very well together. The TR5000-DT3 Treadmill for under your desk doesn’t vibrate, so you have a perfect view of your desktop, laptop or tablet. You can also easily make notes. Because the motor is nearly silent you can also call and consult with your colleagues. Walking and working at once makes you quite the multitasker. It takes some time to master it, but in the end you won’t even realize you’re walking and working concomitantly. Be sure to step on the TR5000-DT3 today, your body and mind will be grateful to you.

Fit and healthy at work

The TR5000-DT3 is the perfect treadmill for your workplace. Whether you work from home or at the office, thanks to the whisper-quiet drive motor, the low maximum speed, the low step-up-height and the 6 independent compression shocks, the treadmill doesn't vibrate and doesn't make any noise. You can work quiet and in peace, on your own at home or with your team at the office

A small footprint and transport wheels

Thanks to the small footprint and the practical transport wheels you can easily and quickly move the treadmill and place it anywhere you like. And should you not need it for a while, just ride it off and store it in a space-saving way. This way you're treadmill will never get in your way and is suitable for every home working environment and office space




  • Recommended use

    All-Day, Shared Use

  • Dimensions treadmill

    160 cm L x 72,4 cm W x 18,4 cm H

  • Dimensions console

    31,8 cm B x 7,6 cm D x 5 cm H

  • Step up height

    11.7 cm

  • Belt type

    Maintenance-free Habasit

  • Belt size

    50,8 cm W x 127 cm L

  • Marked belt


  • Drive motor

    Whisper-quiet 3 HP Continuous Duty Motor

  • Speed

    0,64 km/h - 6,4 km/h

  • Incline

    Not Available: Walking at an incline while working is not recommended by ergonomists as it takes your body out of a neutral position and places strain on your back and joints

  • Deck suspension

    6 Independent Compression Shocks

  • Deck

    1.9 cm

  • Side rails

    Black Anodized-Aluminum

  • Transport

    2 front-mounted wheels

  • Max. user weight

    159 kg

  • Average amp. Draw

    2.45 Amps

  • Assembly

    No Assembly Required

  • EAN-code



  • Desk height adjustment


  • Max. desktop height


  • Desktop size


  • Desktop color


  • Desktop materials


  • Frame colors


  • Frame materials



  • Shipping dimensions

    170 cm L x 76 cm W x 23 cm H

  • Product weight

    Treadmill: 52 kg and Console: 1.4 kg


  • Use

    Multi use

  • Frame


  • Motor

    3 years

  • Parts

    2 years

  • Labor

    1 year

  • Safety certifications

    CE Certified


44 reviews for LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR5000-DT3-BT GlowUp

  1. Pepijn Vos

    Super dat ik nu kan bewegen in mijn thuiskantoor! Goede kwaliteit loopband.

  2. Sharlene L.

    Just love it. My only regret is not buying it sooner.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  3. Charles C.

    Been using the treadmill daily for about 3 months now. Overall, I'm really pleased. Only took me a day or two to get used to walking about 2 mph and still able to work at the computer or do phone calls at the same time.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  4. Joshua B.

    I use this every day. I can only walk at 2.5 (maximum is 4.0). If I walk faster, it is hard for me to type and work on my mouse. I get a lot of miles in throughout the day. My favorite part is that I go back and forth from my desk all day.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  5. Johann A.

    Many home treadmills have sticky foot strike and need lubricating and tuning, not this one. I put it in front of a window, built a desk around it, added a grab bar and a fan, and it’s my new perfect office. I’ve been getting in about 5 miles a day

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  6. Elton L.

    I have been using the TR5000-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill since the middle of February and I couldn’t be more pleased. It has been a godsend in regards to getting any kind of movement in the office. With a limited amount of operating noise

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  7. Shannon F.

    The best, I use it every day to keep moving instead of sitting.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  8. Nicole S.

    Absolutely loving it

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  9. Barney S.

    Took a little getting used to but it works great! Helping me with recovery from back surgery.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  10. Amrita M.

    Amazing quality. Fantastic customer service. Thanks LIFESPAN!

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  11. Eric S.

    Love my under the desk treadmill. Was easy to install and is easy to operate. Fits perfectly under the desk. Needed two men to lift it upstairs though.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  12. Pavani R.

    With the exception of a minor defect in the pull cord, the treadmill arrived in excellent condition. I have been logging 10K+ steps a day on it while I work and am now the butt of jokes on my meetings for my walking.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  13. Michael S.

    Love it. I replaced a RebelDesk treadmill with this one. It’s much more solid and well built! I’m a full time DayTrader and I use it everyday. Highly recommended.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  14. Tiffany M.

    Overall, I’m super happy with my walking treadmill. I purchased it soon after COVID hit and I felt too sedentary sitting at home all day working. The treadmill shipped quickly but the console, required to operate the treadmill, was out of stock.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  15. Paula C.

    Love my new desk treadmill! I feel more productive and effective walking while I work. I sleep so much better too! Very happy I bought the highest end model so I can walk as much as I want without lubricating the belt.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  16. Judy W.

    I've had this treadmill for eight months now and I absolutely love it. I also bought a standing desk and use the combination for 10,000 steps every evening after dinner — in other words, I take a 5 mile stroll after dinner every day.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  17. Amy M.

    There were two things that convinced me to pay more for this particular model of treadmill. 1) You don’t have to lubricate the belt monthly and 2) Bluetooth connection to sync fitness data with my phone

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  18. Craig G.

    The product is as advertised. It is whisper quiet, and most of all keeps me from sitting on my a**all day. Which makes a huge difference when working from home.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  19. Christopher E.

    Sometimes we get stuck in the office and are unable to leave. It’s great to have somewhere to walk instead of just pacing around the floor.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com

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