Warranty conditions LifeSpan Europe

Lifespan Europe guarantees you 100% satisfaction with the products in the range. If you bought a product from a retailer, or through a website other than www.lifespaneurope.nl and you have problems with the product or you do not like it, please contact the relevant retailer or website for information about return instructions. If you have any questions about returning products that you have purchased directly from our website, please view our terms and conditions, or contact us by phone, tel +31 (0) 85 902 2245 or by email at info@lifespaneurope.com.

Factory guarantee

The warranty you get on a product from the factory differs per product. Information about the manufacturer’s warranty can be found in the product information of the relevant product.

You must register for this to be able to use the manufacturer’s warranty. Lifespan Europe does not provide direct support for any manufacturer’s warranty purchased through a retail store or online through any website other than www.lifespaneurope.com.

Lifespan Europe’s warranty terms apply only to the original purchaser of the product and are not transferable. The warranty that Lifespan offers is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective frame, a defective motor, electronic parts or defective parts. The warranty does not apply to wear and tear due to use, when the product is incorrectly assembled, to maintenance of the appliance and installation of parts or accessories that do not belong to the product, to damage or defects due to accident, misuse, corrosion, discoloration paint or plastic and overdue maintenance. Within these warranty conditions, the responsibility of Lifespan Europe lies in the replacement and/or repair of parts that Lifespan Europe considers can be replaced or repaired. Always refer to the user manual for information about the product’s warranty conditions.

Warranty for the return of products and parts

Products and parts may be returned, provided they are in new condition, complete, functioning properly and undamaged. Products and parts that meet these conditions and are returned within 30 days of receipt of the order will be fully compensated. Products and parts that are returned after 30 days under the above conditions will be compensated, minus 20% of the original sales price. Products and parts that are returned after 90 days will NOT be compensated, provided they no longer work properly within this period and can no longer be repaired or replaced.

The costs of the return shipment are fully borne by the buyer. The risk of the return shipment lies entirely with the buyer. The buyer must ensure that the return shipment is presented in the original packaging as much as possible and that the product is in any case packaged in such a way that it is not subject to damage. The buyer is responsible for damage caused by improperly packaged products. Lifespan Europe cannot be held liable for damage to the return shipment or if it is lost.

After we have received the returned product or part in good order, we will proceed to a full refund. You will receive the amount to be refunded after no more than 10 working days on the bank account number of your choice.

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