Office Fitness, Exercises Behind Your Desk

Office Fitness, Exercises Behind Your Desk

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Exercises for behind your desk, office fitness
Are you very tired after a day of work or do you have a stiff feeling? Then do these office fitness exercises at your desk while you work. You come home more energetic, you can be more productive at work and at home, and it is better for your health.


Office fitness exercise 1: Replace emailing with walking

Walk to your colleague instead of sending an email to your colleague. Create more of these moments, for example do not eat at your desk, but walk around.

Office Fitness Exercise 2: Look up to the ceiling to release your back

Go sit on the edge of your seat or stand. Raise your arms and put your fingers together. Turn your palms towards the ceiling. Raise your chin and put your head back. Inhale, exhale and relax.

Office fitness exercise 3: Just roll with it

Do you have an office chair on wheels? Then drive your chair back a bit and grab the table with your arms outstretched. Lift your legs (so that you contract your abs) and pull yourself up to the desk and back again. Don't be embarrassed if you say 'weeee' quietly during this exercise.

Office Fitness Exercise 4: Cross your arms in front of the shoulders and upper back

Stretch out one arm in front of you. With the other hand, grab the elbow of your outstretched arm and push your arm toward your chest. This way you stretch your shoulders and your upper back muscles. Hold it, relax, then repeat with your other arm.

Office fitness exercise 5: Free your upper body with a torso twist

Inhale and exhale, turn to the right and grab the back of your chair with your right hand and grab the arm of your chair with your left. Then use the grip of your chair to turn your body as far as possible towards the back of the room/office. Hold the twist and feel the stretch. Come back calmly and repeat on the other side.

Office fitness exercise 6: Loosen the hands with air circles

Squeeze your two fists and stretch your hands forward. Make circles in the air, first in one direction for about 10 seconds and then in the other direction for 10 seconds. Then shake hands!

Office fitness exercise 7: Do leg exercises

Remain in your office chair and then extend your legs straight out so that they are parallel to the floor. Bend and straighten your toes five times and relax. Repeat this!

Office fitness exercise 8: Stretch your back and your shoulders with the "leg hug"

Sit on the edge of your chair and make sure that your chair cannot roll away. If your chair has wheels, secure it briefly against your desk or the wall. Put your feet together and put them flat on the floor. Bend forward, chest to your knees and let your arms dangle to the floor. Keep your neck free again! Now put your hands behind your legs. The right hand grabs the left wrist and the left hand grabs the right wrist. Feel the stretch in your back, shoulders and neck. Hold this for a moment! Then release your hands for a moment by letting them dangle and repeat this about three times.

Office fitness exercise 9: Get up and sit down without hands

This sounds like a simple exercise and in fact it is. However, you will be amazed how difficult it is to sit down without hands after a few times. This exercise is also easy when you are on the phone. Make sure if your office chair has wheels that they do not roll away, place it against the wall or your desk.

Office fitness exercise 10: Swap your office chair for something else

Instead of an office chair you sit on a large fitness ball or sitting ball behind your desk. The ball encourages you to sit up straight. You tighten your muscles in your back, but also those in your legs and buttocks. In addition, not expensive, start with fifteen minutes a day!

Office fitness exercise 11: The tap dancer

Put on some nice music, let go of the tap dancer in you and step with your feet on the ground. Or make it more difficult for yourself by standing and tapping a box on the floor with your feet alternately.

Office fitness exercise 12: Stretch legs

This exercise requires you to straighten one leg and lift it gently. Hold it in the air for a moment, then lower it, but don't touch the ground before lifting it back up. Do this about 15 times per leg.
Do these office fitness exercises 3 times a week and then we are curious how you feel after a while.


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