About LifeSpan Workplace

About LifeSpan Workplace

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LifeSpan is the world leader and the largest supplier of workplace products in America. The name says it all, workplace products are active furniture for your workplace. And they are necessary, because sitting too much and for too long is life-threatening. Lifespan Europe wants to help all Europeans to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Time to get rid of your lazy office chair.

Did you know active working is incredibly good for your health? It improves circulation and functioning of your heart and blood vessels, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia and Alzheimer's, it is good for your immune system and you are less prone to diseases and infections, you get hit less stressed, which is good for your heart and you have fewer physical complaints, such as problems with your back and joints and RSI. The quality of your work also gets a huge boost when you work in motion. It makes you more energetic, more alert and sharper, and it makes you more creative and productive, so that you arrive at better ideas faster and you do better work. Why would you still sit?

Healthy working is only possible if you exercise enough. So take action today with our treadmills for under your desk, treadmill desks, desk bikes for under your desk, desk bikes, balance boards and standing mats. Our active furniture can be used anywhere, at your home workplace, in the office or in a flexible workspace, by employees, entrepreneurs, teams and companies. Our products are compact in size and can therefore be placed in almost any room. So are you now setting up a hobby room or an entire office space as a workplace, or are you creating a flexible workspace? With our workplace products, your new active workplace is a fact.

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  • Shop Office Wellness

    Shop Office Wellness

    Home, office, workplace, school, college and more, wellness equipment is the key to a better quality of life through the power of movement.

  • LifeSpan Fitness Loopband Treadmill TR2000iT Hellingshoek_5

    Shop Home Fitness

    Run, walk, or ride, there's something for everyone in our versatile home fitness range.


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