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In today's fast-paced world, the line between work and wellness often gets blurred. We find ourselves chained to our desks, yearning for movement, and missing out on the simple joys of walking. Enter the Walk From Home Revolution. With LifeSpan's Under Desk Treadmills, you no longer have to choose between meeting deadlines and meeting your daily step count. It's time to redefine what a productive workday looks like.

walking pad with standing desk

The future of health and productivity

Gone are the days when productivity meant hours of uninterrupted sitting, leading to stiff muscles and a restless mind. Now, imagine seamlessly integrating bursts of energy-boosting walks into your work routine.

Picture yourself taking a conference call while gently pacing, or brainstorming ideas as your feet rhythmically tread forward. With LifeSpan's Under Desk Treadmills, you're not just enhancing your physical health; you're unlocking a newfound mental clarity and vigor.

Life's short. Live longer.

Many of us are working from home more and doing office jobs that mean we're less active and putting our health at risk.

  • Steps per day is the minimum recommended amount by leading health experts for adults to reduce the risk of related illness.

  • Just 1 hour walking at a moderate pace on a desk treadmill will achieve 5,000+ steps - it's that easy.

  • Most adults will burn around 500 calories per day by walking 10,000 steps, leading to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

How can a walking treadmill desk help?

Besides being the envy of the office, other treadmill desk benefits include: improvements in mental health, physical wellness, and job performance.

A walking treadmill desk can help in the following ways:

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