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Our Commitment to a Sustainable Tomorrow

Our Commitment to a Sustainable Tomorrow

At LifeSpan Europe, we're not just building fitness equipment—we're shaping the future of sustainable wellness. With the launch of our self generating Ampera Bike and our partnership with Greenspark, we're walking towards a greener horizon, where fitness and environmental stewardship ride in tandem.

Powering Change with Greenspark

Our alliance with Greenspark amplifies our eco-initiatives, propelling us towards a significantly reduced carbon footprint. Together, we're branching out into the community, offering our customers the chance to join hands in this sustainability journey.

With every purchase, we plant 1 tree, offset 5kgs of CO2, and rescue 5 plastic bottles - so you're not just elevating your fitness, you're fuelling our collective mission for a clearer planet. 

Manufacturing partner LIHE (Zhangzhou) Enterprise CO, LTD

Manufacturing with a Conscience

Nestled in verdant expanses, our manufacturing partner LIHE (Zhangzhou) Enterprise CO, LTD reflects our core values of environmental responsibility. A sprawling 200,000 square meters of innovation is powered by the sun, generating 1,783 MWh/year, equivalent to reducing 1,783 tons of carbon emissions or planting 1.78 million trees. Our eco-designs extend beyond the products to our packaging, with sustainable materials and a vision to further reduce plastic waste.

solar panels

A Canopy of Commitment

With 70% green coverage and 6,000 trees dotting the premises, our manufacturer's site is a testament to our pledge for a greener footprint. Every solar panel installed is a step towards clean energy self-sufficiency, echoing our promise to nurture nature as we nurture your health.

planting in soil

Audit Today, for a Brighter Tomorrow

Our periodic self-audits in partnership with DPXM ensure that we remain steadfast in our commitment. Each report steers us closer to best practices in renewable energy, waste reduction, and overall environmental excellence.

Pedal powered wireless charging

Introducing the Ampera Bike - Where Work Meets Wellness

The Ampera Bike is our response to the evolving workspace. As the lines between office and home blur, our revolutionary desk bike stands at the intersection of work, wellness, and environmental consciousness. Crafted with fully recyclable High Impact Polystyrene and capable of generating 65 watts per hour of electricity at 60 rpm, the Ampera empowers you to energise your devices while you exercise. It's a seamless integration of productivity and sustainability.

Join the LifeSpan Legacy

Together, we'll spin a new era of fitness—one that's powered by strength, driven by innovation, and rooted in sustainability.


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