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Work from home, or walk from home?

The pivot to mass remote work has only happened in recent years, but this model is now a lasting feature
of the European workplace.

There is a real challenge of staying focused, motivated and active while working remotely. LifeSpan are here to help you live better by helping you with three easy daily habits.

man at desk on a robust lifespan walking pad

1. Designate a proper workspace

86% of workers surveyed across Europe claim that they remain engaged while working from home, they also admit to getting distracted from time to time and thus hinder their job performance. In a different survey by Glassdoor in the UK, employees working remotely listed their top distractions to be watching TV (30%), doing housework (28%), and going on social media (24%).

All of these variables can be addressed by having a dedicated workspace. Make sure to stay away from the bed or couch, so you can physically and mentally set boundaries between where you work and where you rest. Even if you live with other people, you can still stay focused and minimise interruptions by choosing the most tranquil space in the house, or at the very least, keeping the door closed while you work.

person walking outside along a path

2. Take regular breaks

Too much screen time can put your health and well-being at risk and cause digital burnout. This occurs when you are constantly checking your work devices, even outside of work, which affects your time for personal rest and social interaction.

To avoid digital burnout, make sure to schedule time away from the screen, whether it’s a coffee break or a short walk outside.

You can also apply the 20-20-20 minute rule: Every 20 minutes, stare at something 20 feet away from your screen for 20 seconds to rest and avoid eye strain.

man easily storing away his lifespan treadmill

3. Make time for exercise

With more time spent cooped up in their at-home workspaces, remote workers are more likely to live sedentary lifestyles.

19% of adults working from home found they were exercising less often, while 31% were eating more while working at home.

This can greatly increase their risk for obesity and other chronic conditions, and prolonged static sitting in remote work poses health risks, including musculoskeletal disorders.

With the extra time saved from commuting it's important to commit to regular workouts, and you can even step up your efforts by multitasking and stimulating active work. Rather than simply sitting down for 8-9 hours a day, LifeSpan’s fitness desk treadmill allows you to exercise while working or taking a meeting.

Make life-changing habits with LifeSpan

Many of us are working from home more and doing office jobs that mean we're less active and putting our health at risk.

  • Steps per day is the minimum recommended amount by leading health experts for adults to reduce the risk of related illness.

  • Just 1 hour walking at a moderate pace on a desk treadmill will achieve 5,000+ steps - it's that easy.

  • Most adults will burn around 500 calories per day by walking 10,000 steps, leading to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Start your journey to better health today

Aside from desk treadmills, LifeSpan offers a variety of fitness equipment and accessories that you can easily incorporate into your home office. These include desk bikes and balance boards that can help with cardio and muscular training without sacrificing your time for work.


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