Treadmills Compared

Treadmills Compared

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Are you considering to buy a LifeSpan treadmill but you're not sure which model best suits you? No worries. We've made a treadmill comparison chart to help you to find your ideal treadmill. As always, should you have any questions about buying a LifeSpan treadmill or in need of advice please don't hesitate to contact us.

* Level of activity:

- Jogging: Recommended to beginners and to those who ocassionaly use the treadmill at the gym.

- Running: Recommended to avid athletes who like to run. Also perfectly suitable for athletes who want to use the treadmill a few times a week.

- Dedicated: Recommended to those whose lifes revolves around running. These treadmills are meant for running ... a lot.

- Rehabilitation: Recommended for physical rehabilitation centers and other commercial establishments.

** Recommended weekly use:
The recommended weekly use may only be used as a guideline. If you consistently exceed the recommended weekly use the treadmill will not break down immediately but is eligible to replacement of worn parts sooner than expected. The recommended weekly use is an indication on how to properly use our treadmills to prolong its life and to find out which one best suits your needs. It does not affect the manufacturer's warranty.

How much do you plan on spending?

Drafting a spending budget is a good starting point but it can happen your ideal treadmill exceed your predrafted budget. At first beginners will suffice with an entry-level treadmill like our TR1200iT (LINK naar productpagina) but when their level of training improves so do their training goals. At that point they're going to need a more robust treadmill model with a higher maximum speed and a higher maximum angle of inclination, like the TR5500iT (Link naar productpagina). More experienced and long-time treadmill owners are better served by a more robust model anyway. It's easy to be drawn by low-priced entry level treadmills but those are not always your best choice. Quality treadmills are pricy, but it's better to buy a more expensive treadmill that will suit your long-term training goals and needs than to settle for a cheaper model you will have to replace within a year or so.

How much does the heaviest user weigh?

A general rule of thumb if you want to compare treadmills is to buy a treadmill with a maximum user weight of 55 pounds on top of the weight of the heaviest user. This way you can be sure the treadmill can withstand even the most intensive workouts and you'll get the most out of your purchase.

How many hours per week do you plan on using the treadmill?

To calculate the exact hours the treadmill is going to be used per week you need to add the total number of minutes of expected use by each family member. For example if a family member plans on using the treadmill four times a week to do a 60 minute workout and another wants to use the treadmill three times a week for a 20 minute workout, you'r looking at a total use of 5 hours per week. In addition to this it's advisable to add a couple of hours a week to make sure every family member that wants to use the treadmill can seriously improve it's level of fitness.

How do you want to use the treadmill?

Treadmills can be used for walking, jogging or running. But not every model can handle every type of exercise. There are different types of treadmills, for example walking treadmills you'll find under a desk. These treadmills have high torque at low speeds and shorter, more compact decks, and treadmills built for running. They're equipped with drive motors tuned for high speeds and have longer decks so you can safely and comfortably take long strides. Our treadmill comparison chart above lists the intended use for each LifeSpan treadmill.

How much space do you have to place a treadmill?

If you've limited space available for your treadmill you're best served by a folding treadmill so it won't take up a lot of space when not in use. All treadmills except for the TR6000iT, the TR7000iT and the TR8000iT can be fold with the handy EZfold system. These treadmills are compact compared to competitor treadmills. If you have a lot of space available for the treadmill or you have a special training room the TR4000iT and the TR5500iT with their longer running surfaces are worth considering. With a longer running surface you can take longer strides which makes your training more comfortabler and safer. It also means you can run at higher speeds.

What do I get when I spend more money on a better model?

If you're willing to spend more money you'll obviously get a more qualitative treadmill. The more money you can spend the better the treadmill components and the longer they'll last without wear. More money also means more nice additional features such as cooling fans, speakers, larger console displays and built-in Bluetooth.

In the end it all comes down to what you're looking for in a treadmill. You and only you can decide which treadmill is best for you.


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