Did You Receive Budget To Decorate Your Workplace At Home?

Did You Receive Budget To Decorate Your Workplace At Home?

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Working from home cost an additional 2 euro per person per day on average. This means working from home 5 days a week will cost you a total of 43.30 euro per month.

Besides the costs for working from home, you need to decorate your home office. Doing this in the best possible way will set you back about 750 euro because you're going to need a desk, a desk chair, a keyboard and a mouse. If you already have one or more of these items you can optimize your home office even more with for example buying a standing desk or a desk bike. This will help you to keep fit and healthy.

Living a healthy life 

We have to exercise way more than we do. We're practically seated all day long, in our desk chair at work, in our car driving to work or home or being stuck in traffic and in front of the television at home. More and more it is proved that prolonged sitting is a serious long-term threat to our health. So we have to get off our asses and get on the move!
The negative effects of prolonged sitting are visible with both people who workout multiple times per week and people who don't. We even have to exercise while we're seated. The British government advises us to take active breaks after every 30 minutes of sitting to get a good health.[1]. It's easy to get more exercise while being seated. You could stand up for half an hour and do your meetings standing up instead of sitting down. You can also get your own drinks at the office or at home. As long as you aren't seated for more than two hours in a row. Other ways to 'exercise more' are:
  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Exercising during your lunch break with a nice stroll
  • Taking your phone calls standing up
  • Creating a dynamic office

More exercise during work

Employers expect their employees to be productive during their workday. In many offices and workplaces at home this seems to mean that employees have to spend their workdays sitting at a chair. Yet this doesn't necessarily have to mean employees can't get exercise during their workday.

Working standing for moving

In more and more offices standing desks, treadmill desks and desk bikes have been added to the furniture. The advise is to alternate between working seated, standing up and moving. Because if you stand up for a long time you're going to lean on your desk, which lead to a bad working posture and back complaints. A hybrid desk can offer a nice solution to this problem.

1.https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/833151/dh_128225.pdf - p.10


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