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Let's introduce ourselves

We are LifeSpan Europe, since 2019 we are European distributor of the brands LifeSpan Fitness and LifeSpan Workplace. It is our goal to get everyone moving and thus contribute to a healthy and happy life. You can easily do this at home, at your workplace or at the office.

We like to think along with everyone in fulfilling the wishes in the field of fitness equipment and active workplaces. This is also reflected in our customer base. Our customers are all different: from consumers to companies with a gym, but also fitness stores, universities and government institutions are our customers. Do you have specific wishes?

Contact us for the possibilities! International If you need fitness equipment, we'll bring it to you. It doesn't matter to us whether you live in Portugal, Bulgaria or Sweden.

We ourselves are located in Moordrecht (Netherlands) and we serve most of Europe through our international carriers. Our website and our marketplaces that we sell on are available in approximately 10 languages.

Our team Although we are a relatively young company, we have years of experience in the fitness industry, retail and web stores. We look forward to doing business with you!


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