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  • Active Rest Day/Active Recovery- woman performing the 'down dog' yoga pose

    , par FLOW Admin Embracing Active Rest Days: Enhancing Recovery and Performance

    Active rest days are crucial for any fitness regimen, providing essential recovery for the body while still promoting movement. These days help maintain a routine,...

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  • A woman alleviating her DOMS by foam rolling

    , par FLOW Admin How to Get Rid of DOMS: Tips for Quick Muscle Recovery

    What are DOMS? Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is the muscle discomfort and stiffness experienced 24-72 hours after intense or unfamiliar exercise. This discomfort is...

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  • Gym Membership vs Home Workouts

    , par FLOW Admin Gym Membership vs. Home Workouts: Weighing Your Workout Options

    The choice between hitting the gym and exercising at home has long been a topic of discussion among fitness enthusiasts. Nowadays, with advanced home fitness...

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  • Walking Pad Challenges

    , par FLOW Admin Walking Pad Challenges: Step Up Your Game

    Staying motivated in your fitness routine can be a challenge, especially when working out at home. Walking pads offer a convenient way to stay active,...

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  • Foldable vs Non-Foldable Walking Pads

    , par FLOW Admin The Stability Trade-Off: A Closer Look at Foldable Walking Pads

    In the quest for home fitness solutions, walking pads have emerged as a popular choice, offering convenience and functionality. Among the varieties available, foldable walking...

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  • A woman on a walking pad in her home.

    , par FLOW Admin Finding Your Ideal Walking Pace on a Walking Pad

    How Fast Should You Walk on a Walking Pad? Walking pads have revolutionised the way we approach fitness, especially for those balancing exercise with work...

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  • Walking pad on carpet

    , par FLOW Admin Walking Pads on Carpets: Maximising Comfort and Efficiency

    In today's world, maintaining an active lifestyle can be challenging, especially for those working from home or with limited space. That's where the innovation of...

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  • Two females demonstrating 'habit stacking'. One is using a walking pad whilst working, the other is meditating with her morning coffee.

    , par FLOW Admin Habit Stacking: The Simple Path to Healthier Habits

    In the realm of personal development and productivity, 'habit stacking' has emerged as a transformative concept. Popularised by James Clear in his book 'Atomic Habits,'...

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  • The Benefits of Barefoot Walking- a woman walking barefoot through a forest, holding her shoes in her hands.

    , par FLOW Admin The Bare Necessities: Uncovering the Benefits of Barefoot Walking

    Ever wondered why it feels so liberating to kick off your shoes and walk barefoot? It turns out, going au naturel with your feet isn't...

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  • Lifespan Walking Pad for Plus Size

    , par FLOW Admin The Best Walking Pads for Plus Size Individuals: A Comprehensive Guide

    We're not going to beat around the bush – if you're looking for a walking pad that's built for everyone, LifeSpan is your go-to. Designed...

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  • Walking Pad vs Exercise Bike

    , par FLOW Admin Stride or Ride: Walking Pad vs Exercise Bike

    Choosing the right exercise equipment is crucial in crafting a workout routine that fits your lifestyle and goals. In the debate between a walking pad...

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  • Walking Pad vs Treadmill

    , par FLOW Admin Walking Pad vs Treadmill: Choosing the Right Path to Fitness

    When it comes to indoor exercise, the choice between a walking pad and a treadmill is an important one. Both offer unique advantages and cater to different exercise...

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