Improve Your Balance & Stability With A Balance Board

Improve Your Balance & Stability With A Balance Board

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It's a piece of cake to add a balance board routine into your busy work schedule. You don't have to plan a fitness routine but you can get your movement during your workday. All you have to do is to stand on a balance board. This balance act trains your back muscles, abdominals, leg muscles and feet muscles. Are you planning on adding balance training to your exercise schedule or daily routine?

Then you'll profit from a lot of benefits. Besides training a lot of muscles you'll also train your balance and stability, improve your posture, reduce the risk of getting injured, improve your coördination skills and your overall strength. It's also very nice and easy to do.

You can use a balance board to train you strength and to stay fit and healthy by placing it underneath a standing desk. This way you can keep moving and exercising while working, performing household chores and watching television. Balance training is easy to do and easy to fit in your daily schedule. It also has a lot of health benefits.

The benefits of balance training with a balance board 

  • It helps to prevent you from getting injured
By increasing your body strength you decrease the risk of injuries and getting out of balance and falling down. This happens most with seniors.

You need body strength to be able to perform your daily duties. Balance training helps you to increase your body strength because you'll train the muscles you are using daily. Balance training pushes you to keep your body balanced so you'll train your core, back muscles, glutes and leg muscles. Increasing your body and muscle strength will decrease the risk of falling down and improve your reflexes.

Ankle-related injury can be avoided by balance training. A study published by the ''American Journal of Sports" has shown that high-school students suffering from ankle-related complaints participating in programs to improve their balance minimised the risk on spraining their ankles by half.
  • It supports rehabilitation
Whether you're suffering from a sport-related or work-related injury, you can always benefit from balance training. So it's a good idea to add balance training to your rehabilitation training. Physiotherapists often add static and dynamic balance training to their rehabilitation programs. Static balance training supports your posture while you're standing still and dynamic balance training means you have to keep your balance while you're moving.
  • Improves your posture
A bad body posture is a common problem. Chances are you're suffering from a bad posture right now. A bad posture is the consequence of a disbalance in your muscles, overweight, prolonged sitting or injury. Building strength in your core, back and shoulders can help you to correct your posture and reduces backache, neck pain, painful joints and other health-related problems.
Using a balance board for balance training is a great way to build muscle strength. Adding a balance board to your standing work with a standing desk helps yo to build strength and reduce your seating time.

Sounds like a win-win situation right?

Besides building strength you can also use a balance board for static stretching to correct disbalance in your body and stretch tight muscles to keep them supple and flexible.
  • Reducing backache
One of the most important advantages of using a balance board is that you can train your core muscles, back muscles, leg muscles and gluts. A strong core improves your posture and helps to reduce lower backache. Because your abdominals are the front attachment point of your spine, your back muscles are forced to work harder if your abdominals are weak. This imbalance can lead to tight back muscles and a misaligned spine leading to backache. The use of a balance board increases the strength in your abdominals and oblique's and helps to fight backache. 
  • Improves your coordination and body-awareness 
Good coordination skills are essential even to the most basic daily tasks. To keep centered and in balance your whole body has to work.
  • It keeps you more alert
Using a balance board at work keeps you on high alert. A traditional desk in a cosy environment can make you sleepy. This doesn't happen when you're in motion and balancing on a instable balance board because you have to keep alert and focused to keep your balance.

- It's fun to do!

Let's be honest, exercising gets a lot easier when you like doing it. And why shouldn't you have fun while you're working?
  • Choosing the right balance board
Balance boards come in all sorts and sizes. There's two things you have to take into account. How you want to use the balance board and what you want to achieve with balance training.
  • Which balance board best suits you?

Some balance boards have been designed for intensive balance trainings while others are meant to be used underneath standing desks in office spaces. In principal a balance board to use with a standing desk offers minimal movement so you can keep fully focused on your job instead of focusing on keeping your balance.

No matter which balance board you'll choose, you'll benefit from all the health advantages we mentioned and will be well on your way to become a healthier and fitter person.
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