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Home, office, workplace, school, college and more, wellness equipment is the key to a better quality of life through the power of movement.
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Sitting is the new smoking

Whether it's at home or at the office, studies have shown that walking while working can increase your daily productivity and your lifespan!

Walking pad and treadmill desks

Treadmill Desks

  • Our quality under desk treadmill, but with a premium desk!
  • Easily control your desk height and treadmill base
  • Perfect for home or office use with an incredibly sturdy frame

If you’re looking for a way to stay active and burn calories throughout your workday, we’ve got exactly what you need. Whether you’re looking for a brisk walk during your day or a slow and steady way to burn calories as you work, our treadmill desks allow you to stay productive and physically active.

work from home with an under desk treamill

Under Desk Treadmills

  • Walk from home, the easiest way to get 10,000+ steps in whilst working
  • Exceptional quality and performance
  • Whisper quiet motor and padded bed - you'll forget you're using it!

The necessity you didn’t know you needed. Upgrade your standing desk with an under desk treadmill. Your work space just got its Glow-Up. Small and easy to store away when not in use, this under-desk treadmill base is ideal if you’ve already got a desk in your home or office.

What are the benefits of working on a treadmill desk?

Stay active all day long without sacrificing time after work. Walking on your treadmill desk while working benefits your mind, body, and saves you time!

home office bike desk

Bike Desks

  • Strong, sturdy and fully adjustable
  • High quality finish, smart and spacious
  • Use with or without a bike, perfect for standing, sitting or riding

The height of adjustability is here! All the benefits of an under desk bike, but with a strong, sturdy and fully adjustable desk to go with it, ensuring maximum comfort whilst you work.

under desk bike for home office use

Under Desk Bikes

  • The easiest way to stay active when working
  • Stable, supportive and comfortable
  • Subtle and non-invasive, you'll forget you're even doing it!

The under desk bike is small enough to fit under most standing desks and height-adjustable to fit your comfort level. They can also be incorporated with communal tables where more than one cycle may be placed around the table in a common area. With limited assembly required for each of these portable offices, it's easy enough that you can start exercising while working right away. Simply roll your own personal stationary exercise machine right next door from wherever space permits.

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  • TR1200B (TR5000B)+SC120+SD120-Silver

    LifeSpan Treadmill Desk TR1200-DT7 Omni

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    LifeSpan Treadmill Desk TR1200-DT7+ including electronically height adjustable desk. Silent treadmill with silver or charcoal frame and gray desktop 96.5-122 cm. Stay fit while working in the office and/or at home with a Treadmill Desk workplace from LifeSpan! Comfortably walking and working synchronouslyGone are the days of sitting around. Now you can walk while you're working, using the TR1200-DT7+ Desk with Treadmill. The desktop has an integrated console which features the button 'Preset Speed'. With this button you can set and save your speed, so next time you use the treadmill you'll get the same speed level. This is very useful since you don't have to remember your speed level all the time. With a speed ranging from 0.6 to 6 km/h you've a high enough pace to really get moving, but it's also slow enough to be able to do your job. The motor is so quiet that special markings have been applied to inform you when the belt is moving. Therefore the treadmill won't get in the way of your concentration and you can easily use the phone, consult with colleagues or organise a meeting. With this desk treadmill you'll enjoy perfect ergonomic working conditionsThe desktop is very spacious and electronically adjustable in height. With the push of a button you can adjust the dekstop height from 69,9 to 128,3 cm and set the perfect working conditions. The armrests at the front offer optimal support to your arms and help your body to keep balanced. Multifunctional desk with treadmill to use at the office and at home Walking while working adds to your energy, boosts your productivity and creativity and it can save you a lot of time and money. You no longer have to go to the gym or fill your home and/or office with fitness equipment. The TR1200-DT7+ Desk with treadmill can easily be integrated into your office or at home. The work trainer has a small footprint, length 174 x Width 96.5 x Height 121.9 cm so it's easy to place. It's multifunctional, because of the low minimum of 69.9 cm. At this low height you can place a bosu ball or a chair on the treadmill and change between standing and seated work. A bosu ball is suitable for balance training because your body is constantly busy keeping its balance. With this you train your balance, stability and core muscles. This strengthens your muscles and combats backaches and sore and painful joints. Heavy-duty desk with treadmill to achieve your daily required exercise  The desktop is available in four different sizes, 96.5 cm, 121.9 cm, 152.4 cm and 182.8 cm. You can therefore optimally adapt the desktop to your working conditions and store multiple items. Much weight doesn't scare the desktop anyway. It is loadable up to 100 kg so you can safely store heavy items or use it simultaneously with several other people.  The treadmill itself can also take a beating. It has a maximum user weight of no less than 158 kg. You can thus keep walking until you've reached your daily required exercise of 30 minutes. You can use the desktop console to check if you've exercised for 30 minutes and if you've already reached the daily required amount of 10.000 steps. The TR1200-DT7+ Desk with treadmill is very safe to use  Thanks to the patented internal cabling, Intelli Guard (ensures the treadmill only runs when you are using it) and Safety Key (emergency stop, to stop the treadmill if necessary), the TR1200-DT7+ Desk with treadmill is very safe to use. Use this multifunctional desk with treadmill to get more productive and creative, fitter and healthier and save yourself loads of time and money.

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  • Sale -290.57 TR1200B (TR5000B)+SC120+SD120-Silver

    LifeSpan Treadmill Desk TR5000-DT7 Omni

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    LifeSpan TR5000-DT7+ treadmill with electronically height adjustable desk. Quiet treadmill with a charcoal or silver fram and gray desk from 96.5 to 182.8 cm. Stay in shape while working in the office and / or at home with the LifeSpan Treadmill Desk!Work better and more efficiently with this treadmill deskTo stay healthy, it is important to alternate between sedentary work and moving work. It ensures better blood circulation in your body and your brain, which receives more oxygen. It increases your focus and improves your performance. Research has shown that from sitting to standing and walking, your brain finds 2.5 times more new ideas than when you are just sitting. So, working in motion is very good for your creativity and productivity. Because you are on the move, your heart pumps about 10 times more blood through your body than when you are sitting, and you burn up to 145 calories per hour as you work out while standing and moving. Sitting for a long time makes you drowsy. By standing and walking, you become more energetic and less tired. And another benefit of standing and moving work is that you are more likely to live longer, the risk of diabetes and heart disease being significantly reduced. Perfect combination of sitting, standing and moving workWith this desk with treadmill, you can alternate seated work and standing and moving work. Due to the low position that you can electrically adjust the desk to, 69.9cm, you can place a chair or a yoga ball on the treadmill and turn it into a seated workplace. A yoga ball is a balance trainer that helps your body stay in balance. For this, you use your back and core muscles, which makes them flexible and stronger. Because you sit dynamically, your body does not have the same posture all the time and you avoid back pain and joint pain. It's also healthier than staying completely still. The maximum height of the desk is 128 cm. So you can set a perfect working posture while sitting and standing. Treadmill desk for frequent and intensive useThe TR5000-DT7+ Desk with Treadmill is perfect for the office and home. It has a powerful but low noise engine and has a maximum user weight of up to 181 kg. Thanks to the six compression shocks, walking on the treadmill puts less strain on your joints. The office treadmill is therefore perfectly suited for frequent and intensive use by office and home workers. The size of the desk is adjustable and varies between 96,5 to 182,8 cm, so that you can easily store multiple screens, laptops, tablets, cups, plates, etc. You will always find a desktop computer that meets your work (or home) requirements. A more energetic, productive, creative and healthier youThe desk is equipped with comfortable armrests and a console on which you can immediately adjust your speed and track the distance you've walked, the number of calories you've burned, the duration of your walk and the number of steps you have taken. This way you can check if you are healthy enough. For the best possible health results, you should exercise 30 minutes a day, 2.5 times a week, and take 10,000 steps a day. By working effectively with the TR5000-DT7+, you will definitely get there. As a worker (from home) with this office with treadmill you are more energetic, more productive, more creative and healthier. As a boss it will help your staff get healthier and happier which is more productive and allows work to become faster and better.

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  • C3DT+SC120+SD120-Silver

    LifeSpan Desk Bike C3-DT7 Omni

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    Desk Bike C3-DT7+, Bicycle Desk including electronically height adjustable desk. Gray or charcoal base and gray desktop 96.5-182.9 cm. Keep moving, training while working from home and/or at the office with an active workplace from LifeSpan! Get fitter and healthier with the Lifespan C3-DT7+ Bicycle for under a desk Do you also want to become fitter and healthier? This is possible with the C3-DT7+ Under Desk Bike. Working alternately to keep moving You can perfectly match the bicycle and the desk. Both the bicycle saddle (in 19 heights) and the desk (electric) are adjustable in height and therefore suitable for use by people who are between 152 and 203 cm tall. You can combine them, but you can also use them separately because they are not attached to each other. You can therefore also use the bicycle with your own desk or table and use the desk to alternate sitting and standing work by using a chair or balance trainer. This allows you to vary sufficiently and keep moving. Comfortable and ergonomic working with the C3-DT7+ Under Desk Bike The sizes of the desktops are designed with different users in mind. One person only wants to use his laptop and a notepad and can do with a small desktop. The other wants to place several screens on it and a laptop and a tablet and a notepad and therefore needs more space. You can choose a desktop of 96.5 cm or 121.9 cm and this determine for yourself how much work space you need to do your work optimally. The desktop also makes your work very comfortable thanks to the armrests, which give your arms and the rest of your body a good ergonomic position and you stay balanced while standing or cycling. Virtually silent desk bike for undisturbed work  You must be able to understand each other well during work meetings, meetings or a telephone conversation. The C3-DT7+ Bicycle for under a desk is virtually silent while cycling, so you can use it any time of the day without disturbing yourself and others. If you are all going to cycle on this desk bike during a work meeting or a meeting, it will be more productive, because cycling ensures that more blood and oxygen goes to your brain and you can think better and faster, are more creative, more alert and sharper and comes up with more and better ideas. This product is therefore useful in all work situations.

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  • Sale -328.96 LifeSpan Workplace Bike Table Trio bureau met 3 fietsen foto 1 kopiëren

    LifeSpan Workplace Desk Bike Trio

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    A better way of working With the LifeSpan Workplace Desk Bike Trio you and two co-workers, fellow students or class mates can work together, consult or have meetings while biking. This is not only good for your health but also benefits your productivity, creativity and endurance level. Moving and working simultaneously keeps you on edge, improves your focus and helps you to reflect on things better. It also makes your meetings more efficient and effective so you can quickly continue with your work. It also prevents stress and a bad posture and backache from being seated slumped down for hours.  Optimal comfort The LifeSpan Workplace Desk Bike Trio is very comfortable to use. It has a large and soft contoured seat with a waterfall design to ensure you can take a pleasant seat. It also has a nice backrest to support your back. The seat can be adjusted manually within 17 cm and in 11 positions so users measuring from 146 to 201 cm can cycle with comfort. The oversized pedals are 23 cm long and support most of your feet. They've been placed a bit forward compared to a normal hometrainer so your knees bend in a natural way and your feet are placed in a natural way, like you're seated in an office chair behind an office desk. Fully equipped to suit your needs Thanks to the maximum user weight of 181 kg, the Bike Desk Trio can be used all day by three persons. It weighs no less than 105 kg, but don't worry. Thanks to the transport wheels you don't have to lift it to get it out of your way. You can just ride it away if you don't want to use it. You can also bring it out again with ease. Found the perfect spot but lacking a power socket? Doesn't matter, the Bike Desk Trio has a power-free operation and doesn't need a power socket. Are you up for a more active, more productive and more healthy way of working with the LifeSpan Workplace Bike Desk Trio?

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  • LifeSpan Workplace Bike Duo Desk Duo fietsbureau met 2 fietsen bikes foto 1 kopiëren

    LifeSpan Workplace Desk Bike Duo

    Out of stock

    A new way of working Seated working and endless staff meetings are pretty outdated by now. But how can you change your rusty way of working? With the LifeSpan Workplace Bike Desk Duo. This innovative workplace product consists of a table with a sturdy frame and two (Solo) desk bikes attached to it. This way you can work, have meetings and consult with colleagues, classmates or fellow students while you're cycling. This keeps you active while working. Moving while working is healthy and increases your productivity. It also helps you to better reflect on things and boosts your creativity. Research shows that a moving meeting in a small group is more effective than 'traditional' meetings because it makes you more productive and creative. Being seated all the time makes you lazy and makes your thoughts wandering off easier. Movement keeps you on edge and because it takes more effort you can't keep it up as long as a seated meeting. Your meetings will get a lot shorter and therefore more effective. This stimulates your vitality and stamina and reduces your level of stress. Working comfortably As important as moving while working is optimal comfort during working. The desk bikes have a large contoured seat that has been designed to equally balance your weight. They also come with a comfy backrest which prevents you from being seated slumped down and getting backache. The seat is manually adjustable in height within 17 cm and 11 positions and suits users ranging from 146 to 201 cm. The pedals are oversized and almost 23 cm long, making them supporting the most part of your feet and suitable for nearly every shoe type and size. This makes peddling is very comfortable. The pedals have been placed a bit more forward as with a traditional hometrainer. Because of this you don't have to bend your knees far and your feet and the rest of your lower body are placed in a comfortable and natural position, which resembles working in an office chair behind an office desk. This makes for optimal, ergonomisch and comfortable working conditions. Ideally suitable at the office or at your workplace at home The desktop is made of durable laminate and has a diameter of 106 cm. So it's spacy enough for both your stuff as that of your colleagues, classmates or fellow students. The Duo Desk Bike has a maximum user weight of no less than 181 kg and weighs in at 80 kg. Yet it's easily movable thanks to the four transport wheels. You don't even have to lift it but can simply push it aside. The Bike Desk Duo is equipped with a power-free operation and doesn't have to be placed close to a power socket. Because of this you're very flexible in where you want to place it. Get a more active, more productive and more healthy way of working with the LifeSpan Workplace Bike Desk Duo!

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  • LifeSpan Workplace C3-SC110 Under Desk Bike BLACK foto 1 kopiëren

    LifeSpan Under Desk Bike C3-SC110

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    The LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Bike C3-SC110 with the NEW and improved SC110 console! Jump on your desk bike at work with the LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Bike C3-SC110. Maybe you already cycle to your work every day. Good job! But with the C3-SC110 you'll do even better, because with this under desk bike you also keep exercising while working! And we all know exercising is good for us and we need a lot of exercise to get a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Towards a better health with the C3-SC110! Simultaneously cycling and working is very comfortable and good to your health. Because your upper body keeps still during pedaling and only your legs are moving, it's also very easy to do. At some point you won't even notice you're pedaling and working anymore. Pedaling improves the blood circulation in your upper leg muscles and it makes sure these muscles take in less sugar and fat. More oxygen is pumped into your brain making you more alert, better thinking and more creative and productive. Cycling also improves your memory and enables you to read text 30% faster than usual. Comfortable bike at your office, workplace at home or flexible workplace  With the 'pedals' of course we mean those of the LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Bike C3-SC110! Because you only want the best bike for under your desk. The C3-SC110 is pretty and compact and fits perfectly underneath a height adjustable or a raised desk. It has a large comfy seat which is adjustable in height in 19 positions and therefore suitable to users ranging from 152 cm to 207 cm. It's loadable up to no less than 181 kg and can be used individually all day long. It's whisper quiet when in use so you and your colleagues can work, have meetings and phone calls in peace.The C3-SC110 comes with the brand new and improved SC110 console. The console has a lovely design and therefore fits at every desk. With its handy touchscreen buttons you can easily and fastly set the C3-SC110 the way you want. The dark display with white letters keeps perfectly readable from any angle and with any lighting. During cycling the console shows you your time, speed, resistance, distance, cycling time and burned calories. You'll also get a summary so you always know exactly how you're doing. The perfect workout with the LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Bike C3-SC110 The c3-SC110 offers you the most efficient and perfect of workouts! You don't have to sacrifice your precious free time to go to the gym because with this desk bike you can exercise during your workday. Just hop on the bike and pedal as fast as you can and are comfortable with to do your job. This way you'll reach your daily required exercise and save yourself from having to go to the gym after work. This will free up a lot of quality time to spend at things you like to do. Does this sound like music to your ears? Then order your LifeSpan C3-SC110 Under Desk bike right away and pedal yourself to optimal fitness and health!

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  • Sale -208.35 LifeSpan Under Desk Treadmill TR5000-SC110 GlowUp Walking Pad

    LifeSpan Under Desk Treadmill TR5000-SC110 GlowUp Walking Pad

    Dispatched within 24 hours

    LifeSpan TR5000-SC110 Under Desk Treadmill with the NEW and improved SC110 Console! The LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR5000-SC110 is a nice treadmill to put at your workplace with a pretty, clear and easy-to-use console. The SC110 console is the renewed and improved version of the DT3-BT console. Sturdy and robust treadmill to place in almost every working environment The LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR5000-SC110 is a sturdy and robust treadmill, but also dense enough to be placed in nearly every working environment. With a length of 160 cm and a width of 72 cm the treadmill is long and wide enough to be able to walk comfortably, also at the maximum speed of 6.4 km/h. This speed can be set at the pretty SC110 console, but you can pick any speed level between 0.6 - 6.4 km/h and thus walk as fast as you're comfortable with.The TR5000-SC110 is a treadmill to use at work so it's fully focused on your working comfort. It has a whisper-quiet drive motor so you can have meeting and phone calls while you're walking and won't disturb or distract colleagues and yourself from the tasks at hand during walking. The treadmill is equipped with handy transport wheels so you can relocate it or store it in a space-saving way if you don't want to use it for a bit. Nice and easy-to-use SC110 console The console is 20 cm long, 14 cm wide and 8 cm high and can be placed at any desktop. It's placed on a convenient standard leaning backwards a bit, so you can keep reading the display from every angle. The white letters against the dark background also contribute to this. The display is 3 cm big and clearly states the time date, distance, exercise time, calories, steps and speed. The console is easy to use so you'll have inserted your desired settings in no time. It also features preset memory buttons so you don't have to insert your desired settings again next time you want to talk a walk. A better health with the LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR5000-SC110 Prolonged sitting is bad for you and a lot of people don't get their daily required exercise. Does this apply to you as well? Then change your sedentary lifestyle into an active lifestyle with the LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR5000-SC110. With this treadmill you'll easily reach 10.000 steps a day and will burn a shit load of calories in the process! Because of the quiet drive motor and the supple and regular steps you take you'll complete forget you're actually walking. This way you'll have finished a complete workout before you know it and you won't have to slaving away in the gym. Daily exercise of 30 minutes is better for your health than one or two hours of fitness once or twice a week anyway. So don't wait any longer and get your LifeSpan TR5000-SC110 treadmill today!

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  • LifeSpan Workplace Bureau Loopband - under desk treadmill TR1200-SC110-Product_1

    LifeSpan Under Desk Treadmill TR1200-SC110 GlowUp Walking Pad

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    The LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR1200-SC110 with the NEW and improved SC110 console!  Work better and healthier with the LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR1200-SC110 with the renewed and improved SC110 console, compared to the LifeSpan DT3-BT Console. Optimal and active working at the office, at your home office or at your flexible workplace The best way of working active is working with the LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR1200-SC110. The treadmill has a nice and compact design with a maximum speed between 0.6 - 6.4 km/h. So it's easy to integrate in your office, home office or flexible workplace and makes sure you can walk at your comfortable speed and also get all your work done. You can set your favourite walking speed easily and fast at the renewed and improved SC110 Console. The console is very compact and will fit on any desk. It has a nice look and features handy touchscreen buttons. The console has an easy-to-use- interface you'll get the hang of in no time. Because of this it only takes you a few pushes at a button to get your walking starting. Thanks to the 7 cm TFT-screen with big white letters on a dark background the bright display shows you all your training stats in a glance. Easy-to-use console with a clear overview of your training results The console helps you optimally to improve your level of endurance and your health. You can pause the console to view a summary of your training results. This way you'll know how much longer and further you'll have to go to reach your daily required 10.000 steps, how much calories you're burning, your speed level and walking time. Thanks to the preset memory buttons you can save your favourite settings so you won't have to set your settings again after a short break or the next day you decide you want to take a walk. The console is compatible with Bluetooth so you can download your training stats on your smartphone using the LifeSpan Fit App.  This way you'll always have them at hand. The LifeSpan Workplace TR1200-SC110 Under Desk Treadmill for a much better health Active working with the LifeSpan Workplace TR1200-SC110 offers you lots of benefits. The treadmill has a whisper-quit drive motor so you and your colleagues won't be disturbed while working. It's very robust and sturdy and can be used all day by multiple people. Thanks to the high maximum user weight of 159 kg also heavier users can safely use the treadmill. Active working is very good to your health because it prevents you from being seated too much and it lowers the risk of nasty diseases such as cardiovascular disease, dementia and Alzheimers. With the TR1200-SC110 both you and your colleagues/employees will get sufficient exercise during the day and will stay more energised, more productive and more creative. With this treadmill you don't have to leave home after work to go to the gym or buy fitness equipment for home use. At least 30 minutes a day of active working with this treadmill will suffice. So start walking today! Active and healthy with LifeSpan The TR1200-SC110 is a robust and compact treadmill that can be placed optimally in an office, your workplace at home or at a flexible workplace. The treadmill has a fine design and is delivered with an advanced console at which you can set your training stats and keep track of your step counting and calorie burning. Lifespan Europe paves the road to a better health! Compact treadmill with handy transport wheels Don't worry, the TR1200-SC110 will never be in your way! Thanks to its compact design it barely takes up space and transport wheels make it possible for you to relocate the treadmill easily and store it in a space-saving way if you wish to do so.

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  • LifeSpan Workplace C3-DT3 Under Desk Bike Black foto 1 kopiëren

    LifeSpan Under Desk Bike C3-DT3-BT

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    The Lifespan C3-DT3-BT Bicycle for under a desk ensures that you become healthier and more productive and enjoyable during your working day. The desk bike can be placed under a sit-stand desk as well as under a high desk or a high table. Work healthier and less monotonous with the C3-DT3-BT Bicycle for under a desk Cycling offers you numerous benefits. It stimulates the circulation of your thigh muscles and reduces the absorption of sugar and fat in this muscle group, pumps more blood and oxygen through your brain so that you can think better and faster, be more creative and come to better ideas faster, it makes you more alert, sharper and improves your memory, increases your fitness and general fitness, reduces health risks such as diabetes, dementia and heart disease, increases your productivity and work performance. Ergonomic desk bike for a large number of users So do, with the Lifespan C3-DT3-BT Bicycle for under a desk. This desk bike can be placed under a sit-stand desk or a high desk or high table, so that you can cycle while working. The bicycle can be used by people with a height between 152 and 207 cm and can be set in no less than 19 adjustable sitting positions. A large number of users can therefore cycle comfortably on it with an ergonomically sound working posture. The bicycle has compact dimensions, L 68.5 x W 53 x H 92.7 cm and can easily be placed in the office or at the home workplace. The bike is wonderfully quiet during use, so you won't lose your concentration even during the most challenging work or intensive work meetings and meetings. Stay in shape and healthy with this bicycle for under a desk The saddle, pedals and crank are interchangeable. This allows you to fully adapt the desk bike to your own wishes, but colleagues can also do this. This makes it perfectly suited for use in offices with many employees. The 16 resistance levels offer enough challenge and ensure that everyone who uses the bike gets through the day in good health. To ensure this, all you have to do is monitor your resistance level, cycling time, distance traveled, calorie consumption and speed on the linked console. Getting in shape and getting and staying healthy has never been easier than with the CT3-DT3-BT Bicycle for under a desk.

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  • solo

    LifeSpan Under Desk Bike SOLO

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    Lifespan Bicycle for under a desk with a large, contoured saddle including backrest to distribute weight evenly and prevent pressure points. With large pedals for good foot support. With the Lifespan Bicycle for under a desk to better health With the Lifespan Bicycle for under a desk, your days of sitting for too long are a thing of the past. You can put this bike under a height-adjustable sit-stand desk to add extra movement to your working day. Cycling and working at the same time ensures a better circulation in your thighs and more blood and oxygen in your brain, which are stimulated by this. You can think faster and stay more alert and sharp, even after many hours of hard work. Comfortable cycling in an ergonomic working position 30 minutes every day on this desk bike works wonders for your physical and mental health. And it is also very easy and comfortable. The bike has a large, contoured saddle, which feels more like the seat of an office chair, so that your weight is evenly distributed and you do not suffer from pressure points. The saddle is designed for users between 142 and 198 cm tall. It can be adjusted in height in 11 positions, so that users can set an optimal working position. The saddle also has a backrest. So you can sit on it for a long time without getting problems with your back. A natural working position  The desk bike has large pedals up to 23 cm long, which ensure that your feet are well supported. The pedals are placed further forward than on a normal bicycle or exercise bike, so you don't have to bend your knees as far. This gives you a more natural sitting position, which is similar to the one you have when you sit at a normal desk. You can move the pedals both forwards and backwards, which appeals to different muscles. Your hamstrings, calf muscles, quadriceps, foot muscles, glutes, hip muscles and core muscles are all covered. With this desk bike you train important muscles It is very important to train these muscles. Sitting in the same position too much shortens your hamstrings and forces your pelvis and back into a position that puts stress on your body. Your hip, thigh and thigh muscles will also shorten, making your hips less mobile and you will go wrong, which in turn affects your joints and tendons. Your glutes need to be strong so that your pelvic floor is healthy and you keep walking properly. Sitting too much ensures that the intervertebral discs in your back are not properly nourished, making them less resilient and allowing them to change shape and position, negatively affecting your posture. This also applies to your ligaments and tendons. If you sit too much, your muscles don't have to do anything and they become weak. This leads to poor posture, back pain, poor metabolism and obesity. Start cycling today on the Lifespan Bicycle for under a desk  Enough reasons to avoid sitting too much. Start cycling today on the Lifespan Bicycle under a desk. The device is wireless so you can put it anywhere and can be loaded up to 181 kg. It can therefore handle your daily portion of exercise with ease.

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  • Unity_500x500

    LifeSpan Unity Under Desk Bike

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    LifeSpan Bicycle for under a desk with large pedals for good support of the feet. The bike has a light resistance so that you do not have to exert too much effort and you can concentrate 100% on your work or activity. Not dependent on power but is turned on when you start pedalling. 30 minutes of cycling with the Bicycle Desk for good health The Lifespan Bicycle desk consists of a combination of a bicycle and a desk. With this device, you can keep optimally moving while you work or do other things, such as watching television. Without realising it, you stimulate the blood circulation in your body and brain, you burn calories and slim, you keep your body supple, and you strengthen your muscles. And all this with just 30 minutes of cycling a day. Cycling also makes your work more fun. It will make you more energetic, creative and productive so that you come up with better ideas faster and deliver better work. Bicycle desk for people between 152 and 198 cm long  With this bicycle desk you keep your body and mind healthy. It has a large, comfortable preformed saddle, so you can distribute your weight over a large surface and there are no pressure points. The saddle feels more like the seat of an office chair. The saddle can be easily adjusted in height and is suitable for people who have a height of between 152 and 198 cm. Large pedals that ensure a comfortable working position  The pedals of the deck spike are up to 23 cm long and support a large part of your feet. You can pedal forwards and backwards with it and thus put different muscles to work. The pedals are placed further forward than with a normal stationary bike, so you don't have to bend your knees as much and your feet stay in a more comfortable position, similar to the one you have when working while sitting at a desk. Bicycle desk with a light resistance for optimal work  The bike has a light resistance so that you do not have to exert too much and you can concentrate 100% on your work or activity. Hooks have been placed on either side of the desk to hang a jacket, bag or handbag. This way you always have your personal belongings at hand. Independent of mains power and can be placed anywhere  The bicycle desk does not depend on electricity but is switched on when you start pedalling. So you also have to keep pedalling to keep it moving. As a result, it is not dependent on mains power and does not need to be placed near an electrical outlet. It also has no cables to trip over. Thanks to the handy transport wheels at the back, you can easily move it and place it wherever you want. The bicycle desk has compact dimensions and makes no noise when you use it. So it can be used anywhere, in a busy office environment, in a quiet home workplace or in front of the television.

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  • LifeSpan Desk Bike C3-DT5 Classic

    LifeSpan Desk Bike C3-DT5 Classic

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    Desk Bike C3-DT5, Bicycle Desk including manually height adjustable desk. Gray or charcoal base and gray desktop 96.5 or 122 cm. Keep moving, training while working from home and/or at the office with an active workplace from LifeSpan! Prevent stif legs with the Lifespan C3-DT5 Bicycle with desk With the C3-DT5 Under Desk Bike you kill two birds with one stone. You can work and move with it at the same time, so you stay fit and healthy. By cycling you improve the blood flow in your thigh muscles, which counteracts shop window legs. If you have shop-window legs, there is an oxygen deficiency in the muscles and they become acidic. This leads to a stabbing pain and cramps in your calves, thighs and glutes. You can have pain while at rest and while moving and a severe form of shop window legs can even cause wounds on the skin that heal poorly or not at all. Little exercise is one of the causes of display legs. You can prevent this with this bicycle with desk. Alternately sitting, standing and cycling with this bicycle table  The bicycle table has compact dimensions so that it can be placed in almost any room. The desk bike has handy transport wheels at the back so that you can easily lift and move it. You can therefore only use the desk to alternate sitting and standing work. The desk can be manually adjusted between 91.4 and 132 cm. People with a height between 147 and 203 cm can work with it comfortably while sitting or standing. Alternating sitting and standing work increases your concentration, makes you more creative, makes you burn more calories than just sitting, makes you more energetic, ensures that more blood is pumped through your body and brain, so you can do better and faster can think and come to more and better ideas and it ensures that your health improves and you live longer. Bicycle and desk with good ergonomics  You can choose the size of the desktop yourself, either 96.5 cm or 121.9 cm. This way you can determine yourself how much space you need to set up your workplace. The desktop is equipped with nice armrests on which you can rest your arms wonderfully, so that you have a good ergonomic working position and you remain well balanced while standing or cycling and do not lean on the desk. That is bad for your back and your joints. In the middle of the armrests you will find a console on which you can keep track of your cycling time, number of pedal revolutions, calorie consumption, distance and speed. Desk with bicycle for offices, meeting rooms, home workplaces and flexible workspaces  The bicycle has a universal bicycle saddle. The saddle is large and has a soft padding so that you can sit comfortably on it. The saddle is adjustable in 19 heights and therefore suitable for people with a length between 152 and 203 cm. The pedals can be exchanged so that you can choose them yourself. However long and intensive your ride is, it will remain comfortable. The desk bike is very quiet during use so that you can always keep your focus on your work and do not disturb your colleagues when you work with more people in the same room. The C3-DT5 Under Desk Bike is suitable for use in offices, meeting rooms, the home workplace and in flexible workspaces.

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