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Built using the strongest materials, powerful yet whisper quiet motors and finished to exacting standards, LifeSpan stands for quality and performance without compromise.

Lifespan fitness treadmill

Daily Use

  • Extra shock-absorbing surface
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • High user max weight capacity

The essential treadmills for day-to-day use without any fuss. Our range of fitness treadmills are packed with features, easy to use and move around. If you're looking to get more active and want somewhere to start, then this could be just right for you.

demonstrating the versatile and easy to store lifespan treadmill


  • High performance but still versatile and easy to store
  • Powerful and smooth motor
  • Includes incline and decline functions

Looking for high performance but don't want to sacrifice on the space saving benefits of a lighter treadmill, then look no further. Our intensive treadmills are designed to be used, and are perfect for active runners with powerful features including both incline and decline functions and much more.

Lifespan walking treadmill


  • Powerful, padded and smooth running experience
  • Designed for high intensity use at home
  • Full range of features and functionality for all needs

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of power in a convenient and lightweight design, then one of our semi-professional treadmills is for you. Designed for dedicated runners and active lifestyles enthusiasts alike, these treadmills are easy to store, set up, and move around as needed.

Lifespan Fitness commercial treadmill


  • The ultimate treadmill - performance doesn't get better than this!
  • Our most powerful motors, padded beds and smoothest experience
  • Rehab treadmill even lets you walk backwards!

Take your workout to the next level with our Lifespan Fitness commercial treadmills. Designed for the dedicated runner, but also simple enough to use for your first time, our commercial treadmills feature the latest fitness technology and a sleek, advanced design for optimal performance.

walk from home with an under desk treadmill

Under Desk

  • Walk from home, the easiest way to get 10,000+ steps in whilst working
  • Exceptional quality and performance
  • Whisper quiet motor and padded bed - you'll forget you're using it!

The necessity you didn’t know you needed. Upgrade your standing desk with an under desk treadmill. Your work space just got its Glow-Up. Small and easy to store away when not in use, this under-desk treadmill base is ideal if you’ve already got a desk in your home or office.

Lifespan Omni desk

Omni Desk

  • Our quality under desk treadmill, but with a premium desk!
  • Easily control your desk height and treadmill base
  • Perfect for home or office use with an incredibly sturdy frame

The latest addition in active office equipment. Control your desk height and treadmill base together with a new easy-to-use desktop console. Available now in our sleek white frame option, which was frequently requested by our fans, the OmniDesk treadmill desk will look great in any home or office.

Lifespan power desk

Power Desk

  • The ultimate walking treadmill combination!
  • Premium powered desk with exceptionally sturdy frame paired with our leading walking treadmill
  • All-in-one remote control adjusts both desk height and treadmill

The ideal work space desk setup. Easily change desk height & control your treadmill base from the all-in-one remote control console. Power up your old work space and transform how you exercise and get work done with this convenient desk treadmill that does all the heavy lifting for you.

Lifespan classic desk

Classic Desk

  • All the performance, without the frills
  • Manually adjust this sturdy desk to your perfect height
  • Comes with our leading walking treadmills

Our original standing desk combination with a no frills manual height adjustable desk and treadmill base. Upgrade your work space with the Classic pairing to stay active throughout your workday. As one of our most popular office wellness products, there’s a reason they call this manual height adjust treadmill desk a classic.

  • Leaders in office wellness solutions
  • Loved by the world's leading brands
  • Fast delivery across the whole of Europe


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