The Recumbent Bike Is Hot!

The Recumbent Bike Is Hot!

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Multifunctional piece of fitness equipment 

Recumbent means leaning backwards or lying down which is exactly what you're doing while training with a recumbent bike, at home or at the gym. The recumbent bike has a somewhat dull image and is often being seen as boring fitness equipment for non-fit elderly people with walking difficulty and overweighted people. That's such a pity cause the recumbent bike is actually a multifunctional piece of fitness equipment for everyone to train effectively with!

Part of the problem is how the recumbent looks. Slumped at a big office-like chair with your arms resting on to two comfortable armrests it's not exactly looking like you can use a recumbent bike for feisty workouts to burn a shit load of calories.

But that's where you're wrong! A workout with a recumbent bike can be as heavy as those with other fitness equipment such as treadmills and crosstrainers. Recumbent bikes often have a great number of resistance levels to train with, meaning you have to pedal like hell to keep up with the resistance. We bet you you'll have as much muscular pain as you would have after a workout with a treadmill or crosstrainer.

With a recumbent bike workout you'll train a lot of muscles

With a recumbent bike you'll train far more muscle than you initially would think. Off course your legs are trained most, but your abdomen, glutes and hip muscles get their fair share of training as well. Because of the semi recumbent training position your knees have to take care of a supple transition from bending to straightening your legs. This motion is directed by the hamstrings. Because of the angle in which your legs are positioned during training your lower abdominals are put to work as well. The quadriceps make your upper legs moving up and down. This is the biggest of the four big muscle groups and therefore very important to train. The glutes, or Glutues Maximus, make your hips moving and pushing against the pedals [1]. So speedy pedaling at a high level of resistance helps you to get tight buttocks worth showing.

Combining cardio training with power training 

Because your upper body keeps still and only your legs are moving you can combine training on a recumbent bike with power training. Just get yourself two weights and do some weightlifting while you're cycling. This is some very good training for your pectoral muscles, abdominals, biceps and triceps. This way you combine cardio training with power training and keep your whole body fit and strong! Combining cardio training with power training also helps you to slim down in a healthy way, increase your muscle strength, improve your level of endurance, prevent muscle breakdown, get less vulnerable to diseases, improve your level of energy and to reduce and prevent physical complaints.[3]

Effective training you can keep doing for quite a period of time 

The semi recumbent training position may look dull but it enables you to entertain yourself with nice things, such as watching television, reading a book or using the internet. We guarantee you that's a lot better than killing your training time huffing and puffing with just pedaling. With this training position your abdominals are more and better trained than with an upright training position. Thanks to the comfortable backrest the training is less taxing on your back and prevent you from getting back complaints in the long-term. Next to this the training position is very pleasant so you can keep up with training for a long period of time [2].

Training without straining your joints 

Except training with a recumbent bike being better for your back then upright training, it's also less taxing on your joints then other fitness equipment because there's almost no impact on your joints. Your hips, knees and ankles don't have to cope with tough blows like they will with training on a treadmill, where your feet come down hard on quite a tough surface all the time. You can train with high intensity without having to worry about joint complaints and injury.

The recumbent bike is healthy to your cardiovascular system

The recumbent bike offers you an effective cardio training that serves your level of endurance and cardiovascular system. Taking on cardio training is important to stay fit and healthy and to prevent cardiovascular disease. With cardio you train your cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels) and cardiorespiratory (heart and lungs) system. Cardio training is done with relatively low intensity at which your heart keeps beating at a regular pace and pumps blood through your body. Because of this your blood pressure keeps low and your heart functioning and level of cholesterol improve. You'll get more energy and stress resistant.[1]
So all in all the recumbent bike isn't just fitness equipment for elderly people with mobility issues and overweighted people. All athletes who want to go fit and healthy through life will benefit from training with a recumbent bike, because you can combine cardio training with power training, keep up with the training for a long time, won't strain your joints and improve your cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory system. Have we triggered your interest in the recumbent bike?

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