Integrating Kinesthetic Desks In The Classroom

Integrating Kinesthetic Desks In The Classroom

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Integrating kinaesthetic desks in classrooms 

Kinaesthetic learning is a way of learning in which students perform physical activities in stead of learning by passive listening or explanation. Kinaesthetic students perform best in classrooms where they can move around, build stuff, measure things, jump around, sing out loud and experiment. Learning combined with physical action helps them to process information in the long-term memory. A kinaesthetic child placed in a traditional classroom setting will in most cases be unsuccessful and unhappy. A traditional classroom discourages them in their desire for movement and action.
Characteristics of kinaesthetic students:

  • They're restless
  • They have a tendency to interrupt you
  • They've a hard time staying focused at passive assignments and lectures
  • They isolate themselves and daydream during classes
  • They're disruptive

These characteristics have a strong resemblance with those with children suffering from ADHD. But a kinaesthetic students mustn't be confused with a child suffering from ADHD. The difference between a kinaesthetic child and a child suffering from ADHD, is that a child suffering from ADHD will always have trouble sitting still and staying focused even in a kinaesthetic learning environment. A kinaesthetic student on the other hand will be able to sit still and stay focused on the task at hand in a kinaesthetic learning environment.

Kinaesthetic furniture in the classroom 

Furniture especially designed for a kinaesthetic classroom enables kinaesthetic students to integrate movement to seated activities way easier than traditional classroom furniture. Kinaesthetic furniture in the classroom can vary between wobbling crutches and standing desks to desk bikes. Kinaesthetic desks help students to focus their energy snd stay focused on the task at hand. This way there'll be less disruption in the classroom.

Kinaesthetic desks can als be used at home. Both children and adults will be able to perform healthy physical activities this way in stead of

being seated all the time during work. Desk bikes can be integrated to be able to move while reading, playing games or watching TV. Apart from the way in which a kinesthetic learning style can help kinesthetic students to keep focused and energized, kinesthetic furniture like standing desks, wobbling crutches and desk bikes are also very helpful in burning calories and in improving your healthy and overall state of mind.

Desk bikes at school

The Unity Desk Bike enables you to both pedal forwards and backwards and supports a large range of user lengths.  The 'walk-thru' design makes sure it's easy to get on and off the bike. The bike doesn't have to be powered by power chords and placed within reach of sockets. Thanks to the transport wheels it can be placed anywhere and easily be relocated if needed. The Unity Desk Bike offers schools the perfect way to make kinesthetic learning a lot easier and to prevent disruptions in the classroom. Learning with this bike also improves the students' productivity and makes them more successful.

Another good option are pedals underneath a desk. Contrary to a desk bike this enables active collaboration between students because two or three pedals can be placed underneath one desk in stead of one bike and student per desk.



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