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LifeSpan Workplace Bike Desk Unity

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Lifespan Bicycle for under a desk with large pedals for good support of the feet. The bike has a light resistance so that you do not have to exert too much effort and you can concentrate 100% on your work or activity. Not dependent on power but is turned on when you start pedaling.

30 minutes of cycling with the Bicycle Desk for good health

The Lifespan Bicycle desk consists of a combination of a bicycle and a desk. With this device, you can keep optimally moving while you work or do other things, such as watching television. Without realizing it, you stimulate the blood circulation in your body and brain, you burn calories and slim, you keep your body supple, and you strengthen your muscles. And all this with just 30 minutes of cycling a day. Cycling also makes your work more fun. It will make you more energetic, creative and productive so that you come up with better ideas faster and deliver better work.

Bicycle desk for people between 152 and 198 cm long 

With this bicycle desk you keep your body and mind healthy. It has a large, comfortable preformed saddle, so you can distribute your weight over a large surface and there are no pressure points. The saddle feels more like the seat of an office chair. The saddle can be easily adjusted in height and is suitable for people who have a height of between 152 and 198 cm.

Large pedals that ensure a comfortable working position 

The pedals of the deck spike are up to 23 cm long and support a large part of your feet. You can pedal forwards and backwards with it and thus put different muscles to work. The pedals are placed further forward than with a normal stationary bike, so you don’t have to bend your knees as much and your feet stay in a more comfortable position, similar to the one you have when working while sitting at a desk.

Bicycle desk with a light resistance for optimal work 

The bike has a light resistance so that you do not have to exert too much and you can concentrate 100% on your work or activity. Hooks have been placed on either side of the desk to hang a jacket, bag or handbag. This way you always have your personal belongings at hand.

Independent of mains power and can be placed anywhere 

The bicycle desk does not depend on electricity but is switched on when you start pedaling. So you also have to keep pedaling to keep it moving. As a result, it is not dependent on mains power and does not need to be placed near an electrical outlet. It also has no cables to trip over. Thanks to the handy transport wheels at the back, you can easily move it and place it wherever you want. The bicycle desk has compact dimensions and makes no noise when you use it. So it can be used anywhere, in a busy office environment, in a quiet home workplace or in front of the television.

Bike with desk to use at home or at the office

The Unity is a bike with desk attached to it and thus perfect for active working, both at home and at the office. Thanks to the height-adjustable seat, the large desktop and the large pedals you can work comfortably and ergonomically. The bike desk has a small footprint and can be placed almost everywhere. The bike offers some resistance so you can keep your muscles strong and flexible. Your pedal speed is up to you so you can focus on the job at hand 100%. The Unity can also be used at schools or when you watch tv. It's virtually silent during use so you won't disturb others. This is very convenient when you're in a meeting, having an important phone call, take a test or get immersed into an intense scene

Transport wheels for an easy relocation

The Unity Bike Desk has two transport wheels at the front side so moving it is a piece of cake. It only weighs a mere 40 kg. so it's easy to lift it by the seat and ride it out away. The bike desk never stands in the way and is only at your workplace if you want it to be. Because of this it's very suitable to use at home, at the office and at a flexible workplace



  • Recommended use

    All-day, individual use

  • Dimensions bike

    119 x 79 x 104 cm

  • Dimensions console


  • Seat

    Molded, Contoured Stool-Style Seat

  • Seat adjustment

    17.8 (11 positions)

  • Resistance system

    Non-Adjustable Eddy Current Brake System

  • Flywheel

    8,2 kg

  • Pedals

    Oversized; Bi-Directional (Forward/Backward Pedaling)

  • Transport

    2 Front-Mounted Transport Wheels for Easy Mobility

  • Power requirements

    Power-Free Operation

  • Max. user weight

    136 kg - Max load on desktop: 82 kg

  • Assembly

    No assembly required for bike, desk requires assembly

  • EAN-code



  • Desk height adjustment


  • Max. desktop height


  • Desktop size

    80 x 61 cm

  • Desktop color


  • Desktop materials

    2 cm Thick HD Composite Board

  • Frame color


  • Frame materials



  • Shipping dimensions

    Single box: 89 x 30,5 x 71 cm (LxWxH)

  • Product weight

    40 kg


  • Use

    School, multi use

  • Frame


  • Parts

    2 years

  • Labor

    1 year

  • Safety certifications

    CE certified


30 reviews for LifeSpan Workplace Bike Desk Unity

  1. Maureen Y.

    A great way to get some movement in while working. I’m 5’3″ and can reach the pedals – any shorter and you would struggle. The seat is comfortable for me (and my a** is one of the few parts of my body without any extra padding, so that’s good)

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  2. La T.

    Great product and allows optimal productivity while being physically active! Needed to be active during extended times of sitting! Great source for burning calories, staying in shape, improving blood pressure and toning muscles! Very comfortable and conve

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  3. Mary H.

    Spacious yet compact. Smooth cycling motion. The seat is a bit uncomfortable. Otherwise I love it.

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  4. Kitty F.

    I have no idea how a product this great was so affordable. The desk took some effort to assemble (two people definitely helped), but once we got it together it has been smooth sailing. The seat and table height as well as the distance between seat and des

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
  5. Maria

    This desk is so great!! The way the desk was packed made it very easy to unload and keep the parts straight. The set up was super-easy. I like the adjustable seat and overall it is comfortable.
    In a perfect world, I would love the desk top to be able to

    Originally posted on lifespanfitness.com
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