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Fitness & Oefening

  • Morning vs. Evening Workouts

    , door FLOW Admin Morning vs. Evening Workouts: The Best Time to Exercise

    Choosing the best time to exercise is a common dilemma for many fitness enthusiasts. This blog explores the benefits and drawbacks of exercising in the...

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  • Best Exercises and Equipment for Enhanced Core Strength

    , door FLOW Admin Best Exercises and Equipment for Enhanced Core Strength

    A strong core is vital for overall fitness and well-being. It's not just about achieving a toned midsection; it's about improving posture, balance, and overall...

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  • Best Exercises and Equipment for Lower Back Pain Relief

    , door FLOW Admin Best Exercises and Equipment for Lower Back Pain Relief

    Lower back pain is a prevalent issue, often exacerbated by factors like poor posture, a sedentary lifestyle, or improper lifting techniques. Fortunately, specific exercises and...

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  • Walking Pads for Senior Fitness

    , door FLOW Admin Walking Pads for Senior Fitness: Safe and Effective Exercise

    As we age, staying active becomes increasingly important, yet finding safe and effective ways to exercise can be challenging. This blog delves into why walking...

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  • Can walking build muscle? A woman walking in a city

    , door FLOW Admin Harnessing the Power of Walking: Can It Really Build Muscle?

    The quest for muscle building often conjures images of heavy weights and intense gym sessions. But what about the humble act of walking? Can this...

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  • Can Walking Lower Blood Pressure? two people walking on a sunny day by the sea

    , door FLOW Admin Can Walking Lower Blood Pressure? Unveiling the Steps to a Healthier Heart

    With the rise of sedentary lifestyles, finding effective, accessible ways to manage blood pressure has become crucial. This brings us to a simple, yet powerful...

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  • walking vs running

    , door FLOW Admin Walking vs Running: The Great Debate

    When it comes to cardiovascular exercises, the age-old debate often boils down to walking vs running. Both forms of exercise offer unique benefits and can...

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  • A man engaging in zone 2 cardio by using a walking pad

    , door FLOW Admin What is Zone 2 Cardio? Understanding and Implementing This Effective Training Method

    In the world of fitness and cardiovascular training, "Zone 2 cardio" has become a buzzword among athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. But what exactly is...

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  • Creative Ways to Stay Active in a Small Apartment

    , door FLOW Admin 12 Creative Ways to Stay Active in a Small Apartment

    Per the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it's recommended to engage in at least 150 minutes of physical activity weekly. While...

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  • Rock Steady Boxing Explained

    , door Joris Lans Rock Steady Boxing Explained

    Introducing Rock Steady Boxing Rock Steady Boxing is a health and wellness program designed for people with Parkinson’s Disease, a neurological condition that affects balance,...

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  • Boxing as medicine against Parkinson

    , door Joris Lans Boxing as medicine against Parkinson

    More and more gyms and physical therapy practices in the Netherlands and Belgium are offering the sport Parkinson Boxing. This reports Omroep Gelderland. People with...

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  • Walking Your Way to Health: Achieving 10,000 Steps on a Treadmill

    , door Ronald de Hoog Op weg naar gezondheid: 10.000 stappen bereiken op een Loopband

    Vandaag onderzoeken we een populair fitnessdoel: 10.000 stappen per dag lopen op een Loopband. Deze eenvoudige maar effectieve oefening kan uw gezondheid en welzijn verbeteren,...

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