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Designed to perform without sacrificing comfort, our range of bikes are suitable for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Lifespan under desk bike


  • Maximum comfort during your training
  • Media-holder and built-in speakers
  • Great for intensive and challenging cardio endurance training

The original riding experience. With our trademark strong frame, generous seat and handles, adjustable seat and pedals, you'll feel stable and smooth as you ride. Choose from electic or self-generating options.

Lifespan recumbent bike


  • Great for physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Adjustable saddle and an adjustable backrest for optimal training comfort
  • Working out with limited impact on your joints

Who says exercise can't be comfortable! Our recumbent bikes have incredibly strong and stable frames with a high weight capacity, spacious seat and large handles. They're also fully adjustable to give you the right support as you ride. Choose from electic or self-generating options.

Lifespan cycle boxer

Cycle Boxer

  • Improved posture and balance
  • Increased strength and hand-eye coordination
  • Sharper cognition processing

The Cycle Boxer combines punching and pedaling to give you a full-body workout that engages the body in multiple ways. A unique and fun experience loved by those looking for something different from their workouts.

Lifespan home and office bike

Under Desk

  • The easiest way to stay active when working
  • Stable, supportive and comfortable
  • Subtle and non-invasive, you'll forget you're even doing it!

The under desk bike is small enough to fit under most standing desks and height-adjustable to fit your comfort level. They can also be incorporated with communal tables where more than one cycle may be placed around the table in a common area. With limited assembly required for each of these portable offices, it's easy enough that you can start exercising while working right away. Simply roll your own personal stationary exercise machine right next door from wherever space permits.

standing desk

With Desks

  • Strong, sturdy and fully adjustable
  • High quality finish, smart and spacious
  • Use with or without a bike, perfect for standing, sitting or riding

The height of adjustability is here! All the benefits of an under desk bike, but with a strong, sturdy and fully adjustable desk to go with it, ensuring maximum comfort whilst you work.

a man and woman using under desk bikes in the office


  • The same LifeSpan quality, but designed for the office
  • Promotes productivity whilst staying active
  • Boost team morale and performance

Looking to bring something different to your office and see the results from your team grow, then our meeting and individual workplace bikes could be perfect for you and the wellness of your team.

under desk bikes being used in a school

Home & School Use

  • Help improve focus and attention span
  • Promotes a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Incredibly robust and durable design, built to last

Keeping kids active can be a struggle at the best of times, and when they're at school is no different. Pedalling whilst study not only keeps them active, but also improves focus and helps them learn and engage better in class.

  • Leaders in office wellness solutions
  • Loved by the world's leading brands
  • Fast delivery across the whole of Europe


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