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Cycle Boxer

The Cycle Boxer combines punching and pedaling to give you a full-body workout that engages the body in multiple ways. A unique and fun experience loved by those looking for something different from their workouts.

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    LifeSpan Fitness Cycle Boxer Hometrainer Box-Trainer CB110

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    The LifeSpan Cycle Boxer is an innovative fitness equipment that consists of an exercise bike and a punching bag. During training you are pedaling and punching at the same time and you do both cardio fitness and strength training. With this tough total body workout you train your stamina, muscle strength, coordination, reaction time, concentration and balance. You also learn through multitasking because you have to do two things at the same time. Cardio Fitness and power training in one Train like never before with the LifeSpan Cycle Boxer. This innovative fitness equipment includes a hometrainer and a punching bag. While you're training you're peddling and punching at the same time so it's both cardio fitness and power training. With this feisty total body workout you'll train your endurance, lean muscle, muscle strength, coordination, reaction time, concentration and your balance. You'll also learn how to multitask because you'll have to do two different things simultaneously. Fun and challenging workout The punching bag has flashing colored targets on the punch pad. It's your challenge to hit the right target at the right time. This way you'll train your eye-hand coordination, your memory, your reaction time, balance and muscle strength.It makes your training less boring and monotonous because you don't just have to pedal, staring at the wall. You can focus on something else and really challenge yourself. It's so much fun to do that is barely feels like you're training anymore. A comfortable and safe training  The Cycle Boxer is equipped with a user-friendly console with a clear view of your training data. Don't know how to start? No worries, the clear tutorial helps you on your way. Once started it's very important you can train comfortably and injury-free. The punching bag and the seat are both adjustable in height. The seat can also be adjusted forwards and backwards so you'll have the perfect distance to the punching bag. The special designed gloves protect your fists from shocks caused by punching the bag and leave your thumbs free, so you don't have to take them off to grab your phone or bottle. The bottle can be placed in the bottle cage so you'll always have your favourite sports drink at hand. Perfectly suited for intensive home fitness The Cycle Boxer is perfectly suited for athletes who choose both cardio fitness and power training and want to train in a fun, effective and different way. It hardly takes up any space and is movable thanks to the transport wheels. You can move it and store it in a space-saving way. Therefore you can also use it a home. The LifeSpan Cycle Boxer offers you no less than 16 resistance levels, so you won't be done training anytime soon and will kept being challenged.

    8 in stock Dispatched within 24 hours

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Fitness Bikes FAQs

Is exercising using a bike good for you?

Exercising using a bike is one of the best forms of cardiovascular expertise you can commit to. Because of its low-impact features, exercising using a bike can reduce some of the inflammation you might feel if you were to run or hike. It is a resistance exercise as much as it is a cardiovascular exercise.

Can bikes reduce knee pain?

Because bikes offer a zero-impact form of cardiovascular exercise, you can consider them excellent options to reduce your knee pain. Biking consistently builds strength and stability in your quadriceps. In turn, these muscles stabilize the knee joint.Stabilizing your knee joint reduces pressure from the knee and can reduce inflammation.

Can you lose belly fat with bikes?

Cycling can help you lose belly fat but losing belly fat also depends on your diet and genetics. Moderate-intensity exercise with a bike will help you burn calories and if you remain in a caloric deficit while burning calories with a bike, you will reduce your belly size over time.

Can you use a bike for weight loss?

Many people ask whether you can actually lose weight with a bike desk. The answer is yes. In fact, biking is an excellent way to burn calories and lose weight. Whether you use a stationary bike or a bicycle doesn’t really matter. With Lifespan’s bikes, you can always have access to burning calories no matter where you are.


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