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Semi-Professional Treadmills

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of power in a convenient and lightweight design, then one of our semi-professional treadmills is for you. Designed for dedicated runners and active lifestyles enthusiasts alike, these treadmills are easy to store, set up, and move around as needed.

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  • Sale -317.00 лв LifeSpan Fitness Loopband Treadmill TR6000iT Product_1

    LifeSpan Fitness Light-Commercial Treadmill TR6000iT, strong 3.5 HP AC-motor!

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    The LifeSpan Fitness TR6000iT Treadmill is a sturdy treadmill for semi-professional use both at home and the gym. You can train both incline and decline. It's compatible with the LifeSpan Bluetooth 4.0/ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor with chest strap and the Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor with Bluetooth 4.0. Solid treadmill for semi-professional use  This treadmill for semi-professional use is a real must have. It's very robust and fit to use commercially at physiotherapy practices and rehabilitation centers, personal training and intensive cardio-endurance training at home. It can be loaded up to a whopping 158 kg and has a powerful 3,5 HP Continuous Duty AC-motor. Intuitive touchscreen console with pace and incline readouts  The TR6000iT has an intuitive touchscreen console with IntelliKey. Thanks to the buttons that light up one by one, IntelliKey makes operating the console very easy. This allows you to navigate quickly and easily through the fun and diversified 46 training programs. The training programs are very suitable for fitness training and weight loss and promote your overall physique. Varied and challenging training programs  With the TR6000iT you will have fun from the first to the last minute. The treadmill has 17 Healthy Living training programs, two heart rate controlled training programs, 21 sports training programs, 16 weight loss programs, 5k/10k racing programs, a Rockport Fitness Test, a 1 mile walk developed by physiologists to determine your training level and the Navy Fitness Test. If your ideal training program isn't listed, you can always choose to compile and save your own training program. You can use one of the two available manual user programs to do this. Bluetooth interface, tablet holder and Bluetooth speakers  The TR6000iT has a Bluetooth interface so you can pair the treadmill with your tablet. If you don't feel like looking at your training results all the time, you can use a tablet to surf the internet or watch your favorite movie or series. You can place your tablet in the tablet holder. Thanks to the integrated speakers, you can immerse yourself in your film or series. You can also connect the treadmill to your smartphone and listen to your favorite music. Extra wide armrests make the TR6000iT perfectly suitable for use in physiotherapy and rehabilitation  The TR6000iT is equipped with extra wide armrests to support you optimally during your training. If you have difficulty keeping your balance the armrests offer the perfect solution. They also provide additional safety when starting and stopping the treadmill. It often starts and stops abruptly, shocking a bit, which can make you lose your balance. You won't be bothered by this using the armrests. Thanks to the extra wide armrests, the treadmill is highly suitable for use in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

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  • Sale -212.00 лв LifeSpan Fitness Loopband Treadmill TR5000iM product

    LifeSpan Fitness Light-Commercial Treadmill TR5500iM

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    NEW, the improved and more advanced version of the LifeSpan TR5500iT Treadmill. The LifeSpan TR5500iM has an oversized 10" (25 cm) Full-Color Touchscreen Display, compared to that of the TR4000iT (7", 17 cm). Because of this you can check out your training results and entertainment programs even better! The possibility to view your training stats in three different views, graph view, meter view and track view, also helps you to keep track of your training results and training targets. EXCLUSIVE to this model is the innovative 'screen mirroring' function with which you can 'mirror' your smartphone with the display of the treadmill's monitor This way the screen of your smartphone shows you the same information as the display does. A big plus about this is that you now can view your training results simultaneously at your smartphone and display! You don't have to download your training stats from the monitor to your smartphone first. Very handy indeed! Intensive training with the TR5500iM Train like a pro with the LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill TR5500iM and take your training to the limit with over 50 training programs and the decline and incline from -2 to + 13%. We bet ya you'll feel your calves burning. But it's totally worth it when you notice how easy and fast you'll train muscles and lose weight with this state of the art treadmill! The TR5500iM is both perfect to beginners and advanced athletes because you can walk very slowly at a minimum speed of 0.8 km/h or run like the devil at no less than 22 km/h. No matter your level of fitness your training will always be challenging. Different views of your training results and Bluetooth-connectivity The TR5500iM has a 10" (25 cm) touchscreen console with three different displays to view your training results in. You can watch your training time, burned calories per hour, distance, total steps and steps per minute, heart rate and percentage max hear rate, speed, incline/decline level, pace, total laps and split time, and elevation change in graph view, gauge view or track view. Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth you can connect the treadmill to your smartphone and view your training results on your smartphone. You can also use the Bluetooth to play music and audio. The console features a tablet holder to place your smartphone or tablet in. Outstanding entertainment during your workout Because of this you can entertain yourself with music, the internet, your favorite movie or an exciting series while you're training. A nice addition if you're seriously toiling yourself and don't want to kill time staring at your training results or the wall. Luckily the 50+ training programs also help to keep your training fun and varying. Train goal-oriented with one out of two heart rate control programs, train the way you want with one out of two customized user programs, lose weight with one out of five weight management programs, get healthy with one out of 5 Healthy Living programs, get sporty with one out of seven sport trainings programs, dare yourself with a 5 or 10 kilometer race or train like a real marine with the Rockport or Navy Fitness Test. Whatever training program you fancy it will be an intensive and effective one for sure! THE treadmill for fitness at home or at the gym to keep training The LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill TR5500iM has a maximum user weight of 159 kg and is perfectly capable to handle long-term and intensive use. If you train at a high level of speed your feet will come down with a blow the whole time. This is very straining to your joints. To minimize this the treadmill is equipped with 8 compression shocks to absorb the shocks when landing on your feet. This makes your training a lot less taxing on your joints and also less taxing than outdoor running. Either way the TR5500iM is good to have if you like running. Because unfortunately weather conditions can keep you from outdoor running. Are you looking for a powerful and robust treadmill for intense workouts? Look no further and order the LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill TR5500iM right now. You won't regret it for a second!

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Home Fitness Treadmills FAQs

Is using a treadmill as effective as running outside?

Treadmills are just as effective as running outdoors and are often safer. For example, you won’t have to deal with any hidden pot holes, branches, or other obstacles coming across your path. Your running experience will be smooth and consistent and you will have complete control over speed and incline.

How do I choose the best treadmill?

Choosing the best treadmill can seem overwhelming. There are dozens of good treadmill brands and hundreds of treadmill options. You can spend hours and hours researching only to be left as confused as when you began. For those of you just starting the research process, this treadmill buying guide will get you thinking about the questions you should be asking before buying a treadmill for your home. If you are looking for a LifeSpan treadmill, check out our LifeSpan treadmill comparison guide. Read more.

What do experts mean when they say treadmills offer balanced workouts?

Experts who say treadmills offer balanced workouts essentially mean that you can modify your workouts to adapt to your fitness program. You will be able to bring a flexible workout program to your life using an interactive treadmill.

Elliptical vs Treadmill: Which is best for you?

Are you looking to purchase cardio equipment but aren’t sure whether a treadmill or elliptical is best for you? The following might help you make a decision if you only have the option for one piece of equipment. Read more.


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