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Keeping kids active can be a struggle at the best of times, and when they're at school is no different. Pedalling whilst study not only keeps them active, but also improves focus and helps them learn and engage better in class.

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    LifeSpan Unity Under Desk Bike

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    LifeSpan Bicycle for under a desk with large pedals for good support of the feet. The bike has a light resistance so that you do not have to exert too much effort and you can concentrate 100% on your work or activity. Not dependent on power but is turned on when you start pedalling. 30 minutes of cycling with the Bicycle Desk for good health The Lifespan Bicycle desk consists of a combination of a bicycle and a desk. With this device, you can keep optimally moving while you work or do other things, such as watching television. Without realising it, you stimulate the blood circulation in your body and brain, you burn calories and slim, you keep your body supple, and you strengthen your muscles. And all this with just 30 minutes of cycling a day. Cycling also makes your work more fun. It will make you more energetic, creative and productive so that you come up with better ideas faster and deliver better work. Bicycle desk for people between 152 and 198 cm long  With this bicycle desk you keep your body and mind healthy. It has a large, comfortable preformed saddle, so you can distribute your weight over a large surface and there are no pressure points. The saddle feels more like the seat of an office chair. The saddle can be easily adjusted in height and is suitable for people who have a height of between 152 and 198 cm. Large pedals that ensure a comfortable working position  The pedals of the deck spike are up to 23 cm long and support a large part of your feet. You can pedal forwards and backwards with it and thus put different muscles to work. The pedals are placed further forward than with a normal stationary bike, so you don't have to bend your knees as much and your feet stay in a more comfortable position, similar to the one you have when working while sitting at a desk. Bicycle desk with a light resistance for optimal work  The bike has a light resistance so that you do not have to exert too much and you can concentrate 100% on your work or activity. Hooks have been placed on either side of the desk to hang a jacket, bag or handbag. This way you always have your personal belongings at hand. Independent of mains power and can be placed anywhere  The bicycle desk does not depend on electricity but is switched on when you start pedalling. So you also have to keep pedalling to keep it moving. As a result, it is not dependent on mains power and does not need to be placed near an electrical outlet. It also has no cables to trip over. Thanks to the handy transport wheels at the back, you can easily move it and place it wherever you want. The bicycle desk has compact dimensions and makes no noise when you use it. So it can be used anywhere, in a busy office environment, in a quiet home workplace or in front of the television.

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    LifeSpan Unity Junior Under Desk Bike

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    For years, schools have tried to devise ways to help kids stay active. With the Unity Junior Bike Desk, teachers can implement something into the classroom that keeps kids engaged while promoting learning and staying active. Parents can also create an area in their home office for their children that’s conducive to study.  It’s about time we thought of ways to promote kids’ health using desk exercise tools at home. Start teaching your kids the importance of activity throughout the day with our Unity Junior Bike Desk. Contact Us Today for Your Unity Junior Bike Desk The Unity Kids Bike Desk helps students stay active while learning. Its intuitive, non-disruptive design is ideal for use in a learn-from-home environment as well as a traditional classroom setting, and it may help reduce disruptions and fidgeting by channeling nervous energy for focused learning and productivity. Not recommended for children under the age of 7

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Office Bikes FAQs

Are Bike desks good for you?

Bike desks help you stay active while helping you achieve your daily step goals. They can improve both your physical and mental health and you won’t just improve your aerobic health. You will be able to improve your mental health and productivity. Studies have also shown that bike desks can reduce the likelihood of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. They can also reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and improve cognition.

Are Bike desks safe to use in the workplace?

Because bike desks are stationary, they pose little to no risk in the workplace. You can use them safely and effectively. You can also control the intensity and duration of your exercise with bike desks. You won’t have to worry about bike desks compromising your productivity due to the intensity of your exercise – you can control your intensity to ensure you can still concentrate. In fact, studies have shown that bike desks are likely to improve your job performance.

Using a Bike desk for weight loss

Many people ask whether they can lose weight with bike desks. The simple answer is yes. The simplicity and easy accessibility of bike desks make them ideal for any fitness program. You simply have to place them in your at-home workstation or office and you can burn calories while working.

Pedal your way to a healthy lifestyle

At Lifespan Fitness, we don’t just care about your physical health. We care about your mental health as well. Our bike desks are ideal for anyone who wants to burn more calories, increase productivity, and feel more positive while they’re at work.


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