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Why your office needs LifeSpan

Whether your employees work from home, in the office or a blend of both, maintaining productivity is crucial. Research shows that exercise equipment in the office can lead to significant health improvements for employees. 

As well as improving the overall mood of your employees, work performance improves and you will see a decrease in absenteeism. However, the advantages aren't only exclusive to the employees, organisations also stand to gain. 

By incorporating active workstations into the office setup, your business can foster a health conscious atmosphere while boosting work efficiency. 

close up treadmill desk

Cognitive intelligence

As soon as a person starts to move, changes begin to happen. Physical activity prompts the body's neurotransmitters to discharge an increased amount of serotonin, noradrenaline, and dopamine to the brain.

These neurochemicals instantly and positively influence cognitive functions like motivation, memory recall, focus, attention, reasoning, and creative problem-solving. And not just during activity, but even extending up to an hour after activity has stopped.

In essence, physical activity directly influences cognitive performance and productivity, enabling your employees to operate at their peak.

lifespan under desk bike, yoga ball and balance board

Physical health

Boosting heart health can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and aid in weight management.

Regular physical activity enhances insulin function, thereby decreasing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Low to medium impact exercises, such as walking, are renowned for alleviating joint and back discomfort. Furthermore, of significant importance to employers, are the measurable benefits in combating WMSDs (work-related musculoskeletal disorders) that affect muscles, tendons, nerves, and cause neck tension.

Factor in the advantages of increased energy levels and a strengthened immune system, and it becomes evident how reduced absenteeism, fewer insurance claims, and less sick leave can lead to considerable savings in medical costs and heightened profitability per employee.

Mental well-being

Even short breaks from sedentary work can yield positive psychological effects among office workers. The release of natural endorphins can boost feelings of well-being and alleviate anxiety, stress, and symptoms of depression, leading to a positive shift in emotions.

Engagement and confidence, which result in enhanced work quality, have also been observed to increase in studies. This improvement in individual mood can have an immeasurable positive impact on the team culture within the workplace. Consider the benefits of fewer disruptions and conflicts for the HR department to manage. Positive employees are indeed the cornerstone of a productive and profitable team.

man on the phone whilst walking on a walking pad

Movement is money

The physiological and psychological advantages of maintaining an active lifestyle and engaging in cardio exercises are well-known. However, the financial benefits that employers can reap by reducing employee sedentary time are often underestimated.

The impact of active workstations on your employees' cognitive, physical, and mental enhancements can quickly be seen, and over time, and on a larger scale the investments can pay back yield substantial returns.

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