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Walk And Work: Best Footwear For Treadmill Desks

Walk And Work: Best Footwear For Treadmill Desks

, by Joris Lans, 6 min reading time

The treadmill desk has gone from being a quirky gimmick of eccentric CEOs to a staple in offices around the world. We’ve finally woken up to the fact that sitting all day isn’t good for us. 

In fact, numerous studies highlight how a sedentary lifestyle leads to numerous health problems. This has led to a revolution in the way the world works—from standing desks to treadmill desks becoming a regular feature.

But now we have a new problem. 

With standing and treadmill desks we’re putting a lot more pressure on our feet and the shoes we wear. People who used to sit all day are now spending more time being active in the office. However, they haven’t all made the shift to wearing the appropriate shoes for their change in daily habits and lifestyle.

Fortunately, there are several easy solutions that will make your feet happy and keep you healthy.

Here are some tips for finding the right shoes for your treadmill desk:

  • Invest In Walking Shoes

  • You’ll never be able to stand or walk all day in your usual office shoes, so you need to have a change of shoes for the treadmill. 

    High heels or smart loafers won’t stand up to the task of long hours on your feet and plenty of walking. They also won’t offer adequate support and may lead to injury. This is why having a pair of dedicated shoes for your treadmill desk is ideal.

    There are a number of appropriate footwear options that you can go for—from gym sneakers to running shoes. The key is to get a pair of trainers designed for the impact of walking and standing and have the right cushioning. 

    The shoes you wear when exercising or walking long distances are a good choice as you’ll know that you can spend plenty of time on your feet in them. If you don’t have shoes like this, you’ll need to buy a pair that’s suitable. 

  • Get The Right Size

  • These shoes need to fit you well—unlike smarter shoes that are more for show than for function. It’s critical that you get the right size and shape for your foot. This means that you may have to try out a few pairs before you get the best option for hours on your feet at your desk.

    When shopping for your shoes, go to a proper athletics store where the assistants know how to check the shape of your feet and your gait. This allows them to assist you in selecting shoes that are right for your feet.

    Remember, size and shape can vary across different brands, so you may find you’re a different size in different shoes. For this reason, it’s always best to try shoes on, and on both feet. 

    It’s also a good idea to try on shoes in the second half of the day. This is because our feet tend to swell during the day as we spend more time on them. You don’t want to buy shoes first thing in the morning, only to find that they are too tight after you’ve walked in them for a couple of hours.

    If you’re shopping online, make sure that the store has a decent returns policy. You need to at least try shoes on and walk around for a couple of minutes in them before committing to keeping them.

  • Consider Arch Support

  • The arch of your foot usually needs a lot of support if you’re going to be on your feet for a long time. However, the size and shape of the foot arch vary wildly from person to person. This means that what works for one colleague will not always work for you. 

    If you find that you’re experiencing pain in your feet and ankles even with well-fitting shoes, it might be worth going to a podiatrist to check out your feet and shoes. They can advise on insoles to help with support, as well as strengthening exercises to help your posture and walking gait.

    Tips For Enjoying Your Walking Work Life

    Getting the right shoes is a vital part of changing over to a treadmill desk. However, it’s not the only consideration.

  • Break Into The Change Gently

  • Too many people go out and get the new desk and the new shoes, and just jump straight into walking all day. This will most likely lead to some muscle and joint pain, and possibly even injury. 

    Your body isn’t used to being upright and moving all day. So, it’s important to build up the time spent at your treadmill desk slowly over a good period of time. Start with short stretches of walking while you work. How short it is will depend on your overall fitness levels at the beginning of your journey.

  • Get The Right Accessories

  • There are a lot of extras that you can get to help you make the transition. For one, your feet might need a little extra cushioning to begin with, so consider an anti-fatigue mat. These give you more support and are designed to help you stand for longer. 

    You can also get massage balls and foam rollers to help you relieve tension in your feet, legs and back as you start to stand and walk more throughout the day. They’re great for rolling under bare feet while you sit at your regular desk between standing sessions.

  • Keep It Clean

  • A treadmill can get quite dirty, quite quickly. Dirt and grime can build up on the moving band, which gets transferred to the mechanics within the machine and can increase friction, as well as wear and tear. One of the best ways to avoid as much of this as possible is to have a pair of shoes that are just for your office treadmill. They don’t leave the office or get used to walk anywhere other than on the treadmill.

    Alternatively, you can keep a little area next to your treadmill where you can clean your shoes before and after a walking session. A small mat with a cloth is perfect for wiping off your shoes before you step onto the treadmill.

    Grab Your Shoes and Get Walking

    With the right footwear you can change the way you walk at work for the better. A sedentary lifestyle will become a thing of the past and your health will benefit. 

    Having a treadmill desk helps you to stay active, and we’ve got a solution to suit everyone. All you need is a good pair of shoes!

    By Megan P. Howard

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