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  • LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill Desk TR1200-DT7 Power

    LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill Desk TR1200-DT7 Power

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    LifeSpan Treadmill Desk TR1200-DT7 including electronically height adjustable desk. Silent treadmill with black base and black, white or gray desktop 96.5-182.8 cm. Stay fit while working in the office and/or at home with a Treadmill Desk workplace from LifeSpan! Comfortably walking and working synchronouslyGone are the days of sitting around. Now you can walk while you're working, using the TR1200-DT7 Desk with Treadmill. The desktop has an integrated console which features the button 'Preset Speed'. With this button you can set and save your speed, so next time you use the treadmill you'll get the same speed level. This is very useful since you don't have to remember your speed level all the time. With a speed ranging from 0.6 to 6 km/h you've a high enough pace to really get moving, but it's also slow enough to be able to do your job. The motor is so quiet that special markings have been applied to inform you when the belt is moving. Therefore the treadmill won't get in the way of your concentration and you can easily use the phone, consult with colleagues or organise a meeting. With this desk treadmill you'll enjoy perfect ergonomic working conditionsThe desktop is very spacious and electronically adjustable in height. With the push of a button you can adjust the dekstop height from 69,9 to 128,3 cm and set the perfect working conditions. The armrests at the front offer optimal support to your arms and help your body to keep balanced. Multifunctional desk with treadmill to use at the office and at home Walking while working adds to your energy, boosts your productivity and creativity and it can save you a lot of time and money. You no longer have to go to the gym or fill your home and/or office with fitness equipment. The TR1200-DT7 Desk with treadmill can easily be integrated into your office or at home. The work trainer has a small footprint, length 174 x Width 96.5 x Height 121.9 cm so it's easy to place. It's multifunctional, because of the low minimum of 69.9 cm. At this low height you can place a bosu ball or a chair on the treadmill and change between standing and seated work. A bosu ball is suitable for balance training because your body is constantly busy keeping its balance. With this you train your balance, stability and core muscles. This strengthens your muscles and combats backaches and sore and painful joints. Heavy-duty desk with treadmill to achieve your daily required exercise  The desktop is available in four different sizes, 96.5 cm, 121.9 cm, 152.4 cm and 182.8 cm. You can therefore optimally adapt the desktop to your working conditions and store multiple items. Much weight doesn't scare the desktop anyway. It is loadable up to 100 kg so you can safely store heavy items or use it simultaneously with several other people.  The treadmill itself can also take a beating. It has a maximum user weight of no less than 158 kg. You can thus keep walking until you've reached your daily required exercise of 30 minutes. You can use the desktop console to check if you've exercised for 30 minutes and if you've already reached the daily required amount of 10.000 steps. The TR1200-DT7 Desk with treadmill is very safe to use  Thanks to the patented internal cabling, Intelli Guard (ensures the treadmill only runs when you are using it) and Safety Key (emergency stop, to stop the treadmill if necessary), the TR1200-DT7 Desk with treadmill is very safe to use. Use this multifunctional desk with treadmill to get more productive and creative, fitter and healthier and save yourself loads of time and money.  

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  • LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill Desk TR5000-DT5 Classic

    LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill Desk TR5000-DT5 Classic

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    LifeSpan Workplace TR5000-DT5 desk with Treadmill. The treadmill has 6 independent Compression Shocks to keep your daily walk at the office friendly to your joints and a whisper-quiet drive motor so you're not disturbed and won't disturb others while working. The perfect combination between work and exerciseWith the TR5000-DT5 Desk with treadmill you can effortlessly combine your busy work life with exercising. We all know exercising benefits us and should train a total of 2,5 hours (150 minutes) per week to stay fit and healthy. Too many people are unable to do so because before and after work they spend a substantial amount of time being stuck in traffic jams and at the office they spend most of their time sitting at a desk. By the time they get home they drop down on the couch completely exhausted. Going to the gym or get moving at all is too big a hurdle to overcome. Desk with treadmill for the office or at home There has to be a way around this and there is. The TR5000-DT5 Desk with treadmill. With this worktrainer walking and working simultaneous is easy and fun. The treadmill has a comfortable speed ranging from 0.6 to 6 km/h. This is ideal because you can keep reading your screen or paper and take notes while walking. You wish to consult with colleagues face to face or by phone? That's also possible thanks to the six independent compression shocks and the whisper-quit motor. The shock absorbers ensure the treadmill doesn't shake and make it run smoothly. The almost completely silent motor turns your (home) office into an oasis of peace and tranquility, in which you can hear each other fine. In fact the motor is so quiet, treadmill belt markings are integrated to help you and your coworkers identify when the belt is moving. This treadmill desk is designed to allow desk jockeys exhaustive and long-term exercising at their (home) office. Large desktop adjustable in height and comfortable armrests  Besides sufficient exercise good ergonomic working conditions are also very important. That's why the desktop is manually adjustable in height ranging from 85 to 131 cm. Because of this you can adjust the height of the desktop to your body height and assure yourself of a safe and ergonomic working posture. The desktop is equipped with padded armrests to rest your arms on and keep a perfect balance. It's very spacious so you won't have any trouble storing all your belongings, like multiple screens, laptops, notepads, notebooks, smartphones and cups. At the front of the desktop in between the armrests you'll find a console which you can use to set your ideal working conditions. With the button 'Preset Speed' you can set and save your desired speed. Next time you use the treadmill it will immediately start at the speed you've saved earlier. The console also keeps track of the distance you've covered, the amount of calories you've burned, your walking time and how many steps you've taking. This way achieving your daily required exercise is a piece of cake. High maximum user weight  Have you gained a few pounds while sitting at your desk? No problem. The TR5000-DT5 Desk with treadmill has a maximum user weight up to a stunning 181 kg. That's the maximum weight allowed in order use the treadmill safely. The desktop can be loaded up to 100 kg. With the TR5000-DT5 you'll knock those extra pounds off right away. Internal cabling, Intelli-Guard and Safety Key for optimum safety and comfort  A nice addition is the LifeSpan patent-pending internal cable routing. With this innovation, loose cables lying around everywhere endangering you are a thing of the past. Also nice and safe is the integrated IntelliKey-Guard. This system automatically pauses the walking belt when you step off. The Safety Key acts like an emergency brake and immediately turns off the treadmill if necessary. You can be sure your workplace is comfortable and safe and work and exercise the best you can.

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  • LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill Desk TR1200-DT5 Classic

    LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill Desk TR1200-DT5 Classic

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    Treadmill Desk TR1200-DT5 including manually height adjustable desk. Silent office treadmill with gray base and black, white or gray desktop 96.5 or 122 cm. Keep moving when working from home and/or at the office with an active workplace from LifeSpan! Keep being active by working and walking simultaneouslyWith this fine piece of equipment you get the daily exercise you need. It's a combination between a treadmill and a standing desk. This means you can walk while you work. Besides getting your much needed exercise it offers you a great number of benefits. It activates your brain and makes you come up with great ideas. It also stimulates your productivity so you'll get more work done. The TR1200-DT5 is fully tailored to your ideal working conditions It's time to start running on the TR1200-DT5. You can completely accommodate this treadmill desk to your ideal working conditions. The desk has an adjustable height ranging from 85 to 113 cm and is ergonomically appropriate to users measuring between 147 and 203 cm. The desktop is equipped with nice armrest to comfortable rest your arms while working. It comes in different colors so you can tailor it to your liking. Perfectly suited for at home or in a busy work environment The TR1200-DT5 is perfectly suitable to people who are easily distracted or have to work with multiple people in the same room. It has a whisper-quiet engine and shock absorbers to keep noise at a minimum. The shock absorbers also prevent the treadmill from vibrating so you can keep reading your screen or piece of paper. Because of this the treadmill is fit to be used at a busy office or at home. Walking comfortably and balanced  Walking while you work is also sensible if you're having trouble keeping your balance and want to improve your stability and coordination skills. Because you're walking, working, reading, typing, writing and consulting all at once you effectively train your balance, stability and ability to coordinate. The TR1200-DT5 Treadmill desk comes with a long and wide, Length 127 x Width 50.80 cm, running surface. Regardless of your height and stride length, you have plenty of space to walk comfortably and balanced. Indispensable at the office and at home The treadmill desk can be used by people with various heights weighing up to 158 kg. The strong 2 HP Continuous Duty motor ensures a long and intensive running time. With the included console you can count your steps and burnt calories and measure your workout time, distance and speed. This helps you to improve your physical ability and slim down effectively. The internal cabling saves you from tripping over wires that would otherwise be spread out on the floor. The TR1200-DT5 Treadmill desk is indispensable both at the office and at home.

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  • LifeSpan Workplace Bureau Loopband - under desk treadmill TR1200-DT3-Product_1

    LifeSpan Fitness Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR5000-DT3 GlowUp

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    LifeSpan Workplace whisper-quiet Treadmill TR5000-DT3-BT for under your desk with monitor for working at home or at the office. Does not vibrate so that you can continue to read the screen of your tablet and laptop. The treadmill to use at the office and at home With the TR5000-DT3 Treadmill for under your desk you make sure you get enough exercise during a long day working at the office or at home. You can place this treadmill under a standing desk or a normal (high) desk and start walking while you work. The TR5000-DT3 is perfectly suited to use at the office or at home, due to it's whisper-quit motor and its small footprint. You can place it anywhere you like and you won't disturb your colleagues or family members while walking on the treadmill. Walking comfortably while working  The treadmill has a maximum user weight up to 181 kg and is designed for long lasting and heavy duty. With this treadmill you will certainly meet your daily exercise needs. To stay healthy you need to take 10.000 steps a day. While walking you can use the enclosed console to count your steps with so it's very easy to reach the minimum number of required steps. The TR5000-DT3 has a long and wide running surface so you can walk comfortably and without having the risk of stepping off the treadmill. Because you don't have to focus on your gait, you can fully concentrate on your work. Walking and working simultaneously saves time and seriously benefits your health A major advantage of walking and working simultaneously is that it saves you a lot of time. You save the hours you would otherwise spend on exercising and you're able to take time out to enjoy life's little pleasures. In addition to saving yourself a lot of time walking on this treadmill offers you many health benefits. It reduces and prevents physical complaints, improves your mental capacity and makes you more creative and productive so you get more work done. It wil also makes you feel more vibrant than you ever did before, helps you to stay in perfect shape and concentrate on your work and it reduces the risk of disease, dementia and Alzheimer's. Last but not least it stimulates your brain and smartens you up. Anyway there are plenty of reasons to start using this wonderful treadmill. Work effectively while you walk  Walking slowly and working at the same time go very well together. The TR5000-DT3 Treadmill for under your desk doesn't vibrate, so you have a perfect view of your desktop, laptop or tablet. You can also easily make notes. Because the motor is nearly silent you can also call and consult with your colleagues. Walking and working at once makes you quite the multitasker. It takes some time to master it, but in the end you won't even realize you're walking and working concomitantly. Be sure to step on the TR5000-DT3 today, your body and mind will be grateful to you.

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  • Last stock! LifeSpan Workplace Bureau Loopband - under desk treadmill TR1200-DT3-Product_1

    LifeSpan Fitness Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR1200-DT3 GlowUp

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    LifeSpan TR1200-DT3-BT, Under Desk Treadmill. Silent treadmill for under your desk with a monitor. Place the office treadmill under your own desk. Stay fit while working in the office and/or working from home with LifeSpan. Exercising while you're working for a better physical and mental health With the TR1200-DT3 Treadmill for under your desk you can walk while you work. Just place the treadmill under a standing desk or your normal (high) desk and start walking. Whisper-quiet 2 HP Continuous duty motor and shock absorbers to work and walk in peace We know we have to exercise to stay healthy. Unfortunately due to long working hours at the office we hardly ever get around to it. With the TR1200-DT3 Treadmill for under your desk you can combine working and exercising in the most efficient way by placing the treadmill underneath your desk. Won't walking and working simultaneously affect your work? Not at all. The treadmill is equipped with a whisper-quit 2 HP Continuous Duty motor and therefore extremely quiet during use. It is designed to ensure the highest shock and vibrance resistance. You can get all your work done without any interruptions. The TR1200-DT3 is fully designed to make your working life as comfortable as possible. Get healthy with the TR1200-DT3 Treadmill for under your desk  The running surface of the TR1200-DT3 has a width of no less than 50.80 cm and is 160 cm in length. This allows you to keep walking comfortably and balanced, even at the maximum speed of 6 kmp/h, and keeps you fully focused on the job at hand. If the maximum speed of 6 kmp/h prevents you from getting any work done, you're also able to set the maximum speed of the treadmill to 3.2 kmp/h. Easy to use console with a pedometer to count your steps  The included console is very easy to use and equipped with large buttons to easily and quickly adjust your settings. It's got a pedometer to count your steps with, so you can keep a close eye on whether you've reached the minimum number of required steps of 10.000 on a daily base. This way using the TR1200-DT3 Treadmill for under your desk will make you a lot healthier. Walking has a positive impact on your day-to-day operation In addition to the many health benefits, physical activity also improves your day-to-day operation. It stimulates your productivity and creativity and bootst your stamina and energy levels. You'll work faster and more efficient than ever before. Physical activity also help in the development of new brain cells and it makes your mind function more quickly. It helps you to relax and offers a great working atmosphere and conditions, both at the office and at home. The TR1200-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill is the best-selling LifeSpan desktop treadmill. So do yourself a favor and start using it today. Working actively and healthy The TR1200-DT3 features a long and wide running surface and a low maximum speed for you to work comfortably. Active working prevents you from suffering physical complaints and keeps you fit and healthy. So it's about time you get out your lazy office chair! Small footprint and transport wheels The TR1200-DT3 has a small footprint and two front-mounted transport wheels so it can be easily and quickly moved. You can place the treadmill anywhere you like and also store it in a space-saving way when not in use

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  • LifeSpan Workplace C3-DT7 Desk Bike fietsbureau BLACK foto 1 kopiëren

    LifeSpan Fitness Bike Desk C3-DT7 Power

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    Desk Bike C3-DT7, Bicycle Desk including electronically height adjustable desk. Charcoal or gray base and  gray desktop 96.5-182.9 cm. Keep moving, training while working from home and/or at the office with an active workplace from LifeSpan! Get fitter and healthier with the Lifespan C3-DT7 Bicycle for under a deskDo you also want to become fitter and healthier? This is possible with the C3-DT7 Under Desk Bike. Working alternately to keep moving You can perfectly match the bicycle and the desk. Both the bicycle saddle (in 19 heights) and the desk (electric) are adjustable in height and therefore suitable for use by people who are between 152 and 203 cm tall. You can combine them, but you can also use them separately because they are not attached to each other. You can therefore also use the bicycle with your own desk or table and use the desk to alternate sitting and standing work by using a chair or balance trainer. This allows you to vary sufficiently and keep moving. Comfortable and ergonomic working with the C3-DT7 Under Desk Bike The sizes of the desktops are designed with different users in mind. One person only wants to use his laptop and a notepad and can do with a small desktop. The other wants to place several screens on it and a laptop and a tablet and a notepad and therefore needs more space. You can choose a desktop of 96.5 cm or 121.9 cm and this determine for yourself how much work space you need to do your work optimally. The desktop also makes your work very comfortable thanks to the armrests, which give your arms and the rest of your body a good ergonomic position and you stay balanced while standing or cycling. Virtually silent desk bike for undisturbed work  You must be able to understand each other well during work meetings, meetings or a telephone conversation. The C3-DT7 Bicycle for under a desk is virtually silent while cycling, so you can use it any time of the day without disturbing yourself and others. If you are all going to cycle on this desk bike during a work meeting or a meeting, it will be more productive, because cycling ensures that more blood and oxygen goes to your brain and you can think better and faster, are more creative, more alert and sharper and comes up with more and better ideas. The C3-DT7 Under Desk Bike is therefore useful in all work situations.

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  • LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill Desk TR5000-DT7 Power

    LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill Desk TR5000-DT7 Power

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    LifeSpan TR5000-DT7 treadmill with electronically height adjustable desk. Quiet treadmill with gray or charcoal base and gray desk from 96.5 to 182.8 cm. Stay in shape while working in the office and / or at home with the LifeSpan Treadmill Desk!Work better and more efficiently with this treadmill deskTo stay healthy, it is important to alternate between sedentary work and moving work. It ensures better blood circulation in your body and your brain, which receives more oxygen. It increases your focus and improves your performance. Research has shown that from sitting to standing and walking, your brain finds 2.5 times more new ideas than when you are just sitting. So, working in motion is very good for your creativity and productivity. Because you are on the move, your heart pumps about 10 times more blood through your body than when you are sitting, and you burn up to 145 calories per hour as you work out while standing and moving. Sitting for a long time makes you drowsy. By standing and walking, you become more energetic and less tired. And another benefit of standing and moving work is that you are more likely to live longer, the risk of diabetes and heart disease being significantly reduced. Perfect combination of sitting, standing and moving workWith this desk with treadmill, you can alternate seated work and standing and moving work. Due to the low position that you can electrically adjust the desk to, 69.9cm, you can place a chair or a yoga ball on the treadmill and turn it into a seated workplace. A yoga ball is a balance trainer that helps your body stay in balance. For this, you use your back and core muscles, which makes them flexible and stronger. Because you sit dynamically, your body does not have the same posture all the time and you avoid back pain and joint pain. It's also healthier than staying completely still. The maximum height of the desk is 128 cm. So you can set a perfect working posture while sitting and standing. Treadmill desk for frequent and intensive useThe TR5000-DT7 Desk with Treadmill is perfect for the office and home. It has a powerful but low noise engine and has a maximum user weight of up to 181 kg. Thanks to the six compression shocks, walking on the treadmill puts less strain on your joints. The office treadmill is therefore perfectly suited for frequent and intensive use by office and home workers. The size of the desk is adjustable and varies between 96,5 to 182,8 cm, so that you can easily store multiple screens, laptops, tablets, cups, plates, etc. You will always find a desktop computer that meets your work (or home) requirements. A more energetic, productive, creative and healthier youThe desk is equipped with comfortable armrests and a console on which you can immediately adjust your speed and track the distance you've walked, the number of calories you've burned, the duration of your walk and the number of steps you have taken. This way you can check if you are healthy enough. For the best possible health results, you should exercise 30 minutes a day, 2.5 times a week, and take 10,000 steps a day. By working effectively with the TR5000-DT7, you will definitely get there. As a worker (from home) with this office with treadmill you are more energetic, more productive, more creative and healthier. As a boss it will help your staff get healthier and happier which is more productive and allows work to become faster and better.

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